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Virtually all WordPress sites I work on require ACF. Have you taken the WordPress 2020 Survey yet? If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Added filter to allow specifying to append or prepend new relationship (can supercede overwrite setting), added actions after updates to related posts to allow 3rd party integrations, Corrected bug in 1.3.0 that prevented all fields from updating correctly, added filter to allow disabling bidirectional relationships on fields by field key, changed from plugins_loaded to after_setup_theme for checking if ACF >= 5 is installed to allow for ACF being installed in themes, replace php array_walk() w/array_map() to correct issue with str/int conversion of IDs, corrected serialization of post IDs as strings instead of integers to allow correct ACF meta_key value searching of serialized ID values useing. How is the user to know which is which when selecting from the Post Object options?2This is really a bad example, but it illustrates my point. Feature: Support Post Object Bulk and Quick Edit (thanks to @m0n0mind) Fix: Column for Post object with multiple values not displaying Fix: ACF Field Location rules applied incorrectly This is really a bad example, but it illustrates my point. Echo something conditionally on the single page of specific Custom Post Type Taxonomy Split Menu Around the Logo in Genesis Sample How to remove ‘Menu’ text in Genesis mobile navigation : If selected, the select list will begin with a null value titled “- Select -” Now that we have functioning code, we could format the custom data differently, like using a dash instead of brackets or parentheses, or the post title could be eliminated completely, if the ACF value means more to editors. Welcome to the Advanced Custom Fields community forum. You could also turn this in to a simple plugin with some settings, like I have. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. I’ll be making the plugin available soon. With the ACF filter, we can easily suffix post data to each selection in the “Post Object” field type. In the admin area on my pages I have assigned a post object “gallery_select” to pull through a list of the galleries (field name “gallery”) belonging to the custom post type. Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS. No ACF's displayed in quick edit either. Now save this template the start editing it with Elementor. Toggle QuickEdit and Bulk Edit to enable Editing in the List table view. This plugin is awesome and should be made core ACF. Thanks WordPress, Genesis Framework and Storefront customization tutorials, Filed Under: Free Content, WordPress Tagged With: ACF, Post Object, Your email address will not be published. Once enabled and configured, each post listed in the Wrap the field in a “Repeater”, and internal linking between various posts, pages, and custom post types becomes quick and easy. So in the sap_colors sub-field above I want to capture the red,blue and green values into an array and have that array reflect any further additions or deletions. Thanks so much. How would I remove an option from the dropdown if it was EXPIRED? In this case, the proper way to handle one product with multiple vendors is to change from a one-to-one relationship to a one-to-many relationship. In particular, we’ll be using the $title argument to add our extra text to each post title and the $post object for our appended text. Although I loathe the “do it with a plugin”-first mentality, ACF is a mu-plugin1Must-Use Plugin. Awesome change – exactly what I needed. You can get this via get_sub_field_object() function and you have to run it in a have_rows loop… The second is run after all posts are updated and passes an array of post IDs. Field: Post Object – Merged “Allow Custom” & “Save Custom Value as New Post” settings; Field: Post Object – Fixed the “Save as New Post” setting when allowing “Multiple Values” Field: Post Object – Added instructions & code examples to alter the New Post arguments programmatically When you add a post to a relationship or post object field and the same field name appears on the post added to the relationship then the relationship field on the related post will be updated to include a relationship to the post being edited. This plugin is also on GitHub Filter from Taxonomy: You can filter the choices even more by selecting specific taxonomies / categories 3. Is this a post object field with the 'multiple' option enabled? ! Checkout the schedule for today’s presentations:‍ Set a reminder for @elliotcondon talk on rapid block type development - Thursday morning 9:00am Looking to avoid plugin bloat and utilizing ACF beyond page and post formatting and taxonomy. If you do use the code above or have suggestions on how to improve or extend it, please let me know! Home › Forums › ACF PRO › Get gallery from post object. After updating our code, the posts dropdown now includes a SKU after the post title. Disclosure: Some of the links in this site are affiliate links. sanitize_post_field() September 10, 2018 # Our suffix filter works great, and we could stop here. If you're dealing with large data sets, this plugin can save massive amounts of query time and speed up your site. Right now, it displays today’s date if the field doesn’t exist. Which of the existing values should be removed, the first one added or the last. Using that code, you could include the custom field you’ve appended to each result. The plugin follows ACFs location rule logic as far as possible. It grants the user a ton of content flexibility when setup properly, but it also offers me, the developer, ways to easily alter its function without editing the plugin itself.

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