adjustable current limiting circuit

[Circuit Schematic Source: Designed by FreeCircuitDiagram.Com]. This voltage drop (VD1) will be getting higher when the current limiter is triggered. This is exactly identical to its NPN counterpart with its functions, except the polarities which are configured to produce a positive drive for the shutdown pin connected across the collector of the BJT. Anticipating your usual prompt response. The maximum voltage can be handled by this circuit is 60 volt, but at that maximum voltage you can only safely set the current limit at 1.9A in the extreme condition, when the load is shorted to ground. Thank you Mr.Werner for your queries, however I am not a microprocessor or Arduino expert, therefore addressing a microprocessor based design can be difficult for me. Will this circuit provide continuous current at or below the set current limit threshold? Update (some questions from our reader) In this example I am dropping 5A to 2A. Still, I will try to investigate it, and if i find a suitable readymade design online will surely let you know. <>stream How is the input ground and the output ground connected in this circuit? Free electronic circuit design and schematic diagram. This goes to a three phase inverter which provides 3 x 220V (living in Germany). Depending on the delta of solar power produced and power consumed I need a electronic circuit in between the DC power supply and the battery which delivers constant voltage but adjustable (controlled by a microprocessor controlled unit) current (0A- 120A). At this condition, when the current limit is set above 5A then there would be a certain value of VD1 (about 1.7V) and VD2 (2.5V). %���� Where should i connect the “to load positive” to? Hello sirAlso one thing am bothered with is for the PNP version the power supply positive will be from Inverter output so won't this melt our resistor. Another voltage drop is introduced at R1, let’s call it VD2, adding more voltage drop which is proportional to the drawn current (no matter the limiter is triggered or not). Unlike current limiter that uses only a resistor, this current limiting circuit doesn’t drop the voltage, or at least keep the voltage drop … 2 0 obj For my new project I am looking for a circuit for my application. Here is the circuit’s schematic diagram: The resistor R1 is there to sense the current. I really appreciate you. Was not able to upload that. The resistor current sensor circuit utilizes just a single BJT and a few resistors. If the solar system is delivering more power than I can consume in my house, the battery shall be charged. I am an electronic engineer (dipIETE ), hobbyist, inventor, schematic/PCB designer, manufacturer. I do have a solar system installed on my roof which is able to deliver 13,2 kW peak. Because of the power dissipation capability of 2N3055 transistor, at the worst case that the load is shorted to ground (zero resistance), if you limit the current to 8.4 A then the circuit can handle maximum source voltage of 14V, while limiting the current at 4.2A can handle up to 27V source voltage.

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