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-Base Is that not the case? -Fury Like the third, but I've seen folks literally smashing his shields in just a few shots.. -Strike Other scaffolds are grenade launcher with self-damage and ark beam which holds on the target by itself. -Strike It is also a possible rank-up reward for advancing to ​Hand​ with Vox Solaris. For everything else, the Pencha scaffold has the best damage per shot albeit at a slow rate of fire, but void damage overall does not perform well against level 60+ enemies. In one shot.

This means that all three parts (Prism, Scaffold, and Brace) are Tier 1at the Quills. Just two of those in the squad can bring down the shield in mere seconds. With maxed Void Strike you have 8 charges. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 4) * 0.3) * 1.33 * 3.5 = 66,334 2200 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.36) * 2.7 * 4 = 36,590, Raplak Prism Prisms determine the primary fire of the amp while the Scaffolds determine the secondary fire. 1000 * (1 + ( 1- 2.2) * 0.3 * 5.42 * 1 = 7,371 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As reported. Raplak - Shwaak - Granmu(1s) >Pencha - Sharaksun - Klebrik(2s) > Clapkra - Juttni - Lohrin (3s) ??? -Base (This is what the raplak is for). Whats is mean 111 211 333 whats 1 whats 2 whats 3 please tell me with names. -Strike

Anyone who has made all possible combinations or is more informed than me, could you give me any ideas, because I don't want to waste quill standing by finding it out myself. is good? Suggestion. First and foremost: Mote Amp: It's bad, get a better one ASAP. 2200 (1 + ( 1 - 4) * 0.36) * 2.07 * 4 = 37,889 It alters the Operator's Void Beam to fire a widespread jet of void fire, similar to a flamethrower.

There isn't an absolute agreed upon amp yet. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. On 11/29/2017 at 8:23 AM, Airwolfen said: 53 minutes ago, (Xbox One)R3d P01nt said: On 1/9/2018 at 10:03 AM, (PS4)baxic9 said: On 2/2/2018 at 1:01 PM, (PS4)Musicopia said. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.73 * 3.5 = 65,848, Shwaak Prism ?.?.?.

I crafted the first one and had skipped the second one in order to test the 3rd tier as fast as possible. -Base Even without crit cat buff its still hitting for 5-6k a piece. Primary is just here for the range. So that's pretty much my main setup now. If you actually go into the Madurai tree in game and level up the node, it tells you how many charges there are. I think this set up is the highest damage possible for teralysts shields. I say it's a good policy to have a sustained setup in pug groups, but if you're settled in with a solid team, then a burst setup should be more effective.

Sharksun Scaffold Finally, the Lohrin brace only increases the Granmu's burst output. The Lega Prism is an Amp component, available as a single-use blueprint from Little Duck. There are some videos on various Amp combinations around as well. The ​blueprint is sold by Little Duck for ‍ 3,000 standing and requires a rank of Hand to purchase. I saw a video of a guy who took out the shields in 6.5 seconds with tier 2 scaffold using a virtuous strike (20% for 60% crit chance on a critical) and using unairu wisp (focus 'talent') to boost his damage. -Base

I don't use alt fire in the fight, but the first craftable one (don't remember its name) felt the best out of three to me. The ​blueprint is sold by Little Duck for 3,000‍3,000 standing and requires a rank of Hand to purchase.

1000 * (1 + ( 1- 3.52) * 0.3 * 5.42 * 1 = 9,518 3500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.1) * 0.2) * 1.33 * 4.5 = 25,556 I recommend using Shwaak Prism and Juttni Brace to maximize your DPS in Teralyst fight. After many a deliberation, I've decided to name my two amps and Rakta dagger "Thats your opinion" "You do you" and "Each his own". 3500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.1) * 0.2) * 1.73 * 4.5 = 33,242, Granmu Prism For teralyst captures, 3/3/3 is objectively the best amp setup and I don't mean that in terms of "it's better because it's T3."

-Fury I did some math a bit ago on different options Vs. Teralyst by taking into account their avg DPS and Avg number of strikes per hit. -Strike The prism determines the main firing mode of the amp, the scaffold determines the alt-fire, and the brace changes certain stats on the amp such as energy pool or critical chance. The second number used is the scaffold, and the third is the brace. An AMP consists up of three unique parts.

You should try it. I was lagging so bad but with a recent update, I have been getting better FPS to check it out. Brace you can go 1 or 3, 3 (Klebrik) is for those who have unlocked the Zenurik energy passives, 1 (Juttni) is for newer people who haven't. With animation canceling the Granmu prism has the highest burst potential (if and when DE fixes or nerfs animation canceling, Schwaak prism will certainly be the best with its projectile bouncing for multiple hits).

233 - Similar to the first, but the secondary is a tether that's arguably pretty useful when it comes to Vomalyst extermination., Can reset any damage adaptation built up by. Thanks. Not quite there yet but at least for a general use amp I'm going for t2 prism, t3 scaffold, and t1 brace. This is with an Ash P. so no damage buff from anyone and then I just go in with a Zarr right now (still trying to find a primary I like) but I've been going back and forth with the Kulstar (good vomvalyst 1st hitter for groups), Pandero (built for crit to hit weak points), and the Euphona Prime (similar crit build). Just use Juttni Brace for the reduced charge delay, and NEVER use Klebrik Scaffold it's the shit scaffold with that hosing down beam shit. These parts can be mixed and matched to the user's liking if they so wish. I've used 111, 211, 333, and 233. T2 remains almost completely unaffected by the glitch. 9000 ( 1 + ( 1- 1.6) * 0.14) * 0.8 * 4.5 =35,122 Does not use ammo pickups; energy regenerates over time. -Strike This weapon deals exclusively Void damage. In fact, I'd recommend it over the 2.1.2 build. The budget Good Amp. Already crafted the first one and it is indeed better. I've done my fair share of hunts and have even had some members of my clan using the T2 prism against the Teralyst. But, I like it! I forgot to mention I also have both Zenurik waybounds unlocked, it can still be done without them you just have to watch the operators energy a little bit more carefully. Fixed the Lega Prism’s continuous fire being affected by framerate. Cons: Shraksun's short-ranged and self-damaging and you don't get to hide in void mode much like you can while charging Pencha (read attacks well and hide behind Volt's shield and you'll be just fine though), and Lohrin over Juttni without the waybounds doesn't do you any favors in uptime. Edit: I would not consider consider crafting a Tier 2 prism/scaffold as my current Amp is effective as I'll ever need. Sharksun is the best DPS against Teralyst however your long range options for taking out wisps are limited to Raplak and Granmu.

But of course the cost of Granmu is absurdly high with all the farming you'd have to do. -Fury Shraksun deals quite the DPS and multihits, its also able to oneshot Vomvalysts, since it has 2 instances of damage. I have yet to level that one up, so I didn't realize it said there are additional charges, and the wiki doesn't mention it in the description. While I miss being able to snipe Vomalysts with the 1st prism, I had to go pick up the core with my feet anyway. As soon as you come out of void mode the charges are set, so it is kind of tricky to get the hang of, because if you just pop invisible for a second and come out of it, you will have charges set, and they won't be the max damage multiplier possible.

To me, it reads as if you can only ever have 1 charge. The first number is the prism being used and the number used (1, 2, or 3) represents the tier being used.

I understand why you're recommending the T2 Brace and it is an amazing option for newer groups, but when you're super min/maxing for the 11-12 kill range, the T3 Brace will win out. 3.3.3. When it's fully leveled it says "On leaving Void Mode the next 8 attacks deal 12% additional damage for every second spent cloaked.".

Guys you think this will work good for hunting Theralyst 2/3/3? It also has best crits and quite a good DPS, usefull in those rare situations when I want to kill a single something as the Operator.

In my previous post I stated that the raplak is for clearing excess void strike buffs between limbs, because you have to build the multiplier back up between each one. I use a 2-3-2 and love it but then again I'm a Ghostbuster's fan and the klebrik is the closest we're gonna get to a proton pack. The Warframe community has come up with a clever shorthand system to quickly describe Amp combo builds comprised of three numbers. 2200 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.36) * 2.07 * 4 = 28,053 The only downside is it's range (which isn't as short as you'd think). Bit later on now since I last posted. The burstfire grenade from Granmu is a great tool for removing Teralyst shield.

333 - The coolboy everything T3 amp. Note: I have maxed out the Madurai way-bound passives, so I have 40 extra ammo and regenerate 60% faster; I'm sure this allows me to fire 3 more salvos before I have to sit it out for a bit, but this might make non-focus-masters a little turned off. These options can vary from single target beams to explosive AoE grenades. If you go back into void mode without attacking, it simply increases the one charge. -Base Primary fires a triple burst aoe shot. 233 - Similar to the first, but the secondary is a tether that's arguably pretty useful when it comes to Vomalyst extermination. I don't understand that 1.2.2 1.1.1 2.2.2. With Madurai Unbound perks and a good group you should never need to recharge your amp. T2 remains almost completely unaffected by the glitch. But let me tell ya the payoff is totally worth it. I'd still recommend the Klebrik scaffold for easily destroying kuva clouds and dispelling stalker resistances.

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