australian flag history

An escalating crisis in Europe, triggered by the assassination in Sarajevo of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Serbian-backed Yugoslavists, culminates in Germany, allied to Austria-Hungary, declaring war on Russia, France and Belgium. 1953 – 2 December The success of HMAS Sydney is an international news event and establishes the fighting reputation of the Royal Australian Navy. The scene is subsequently depicted on a popular postcard which is sold to raise funds for wounded soldiers. Even a quick look will show that the Australian Red Ensign has a place of pride on this document. A Bonar Law with a ship and the flags of Australia and New Zealand behind them, (note the Australian flag is depicted as an Australian Red Ensign) Hon. 2000 – 11 April 1901 – 3 September (now Australian National Flag Day) The review of Review for Australiasia, a Melbourne journal, had initiated an Australian flag competition in 1900, a unique event at the time. [2] The winning design was based on the traditional British Red Ensign and featured the Southern Cross and Commonwealth Star. The Australian flag covers the grave of “Breaker” Morant, Pretoria, South African Republic (Transvaal). Weak from malnutrition and malaria he was considering of giving himself up when he met Ioannis Kallinikos from the village of Livanatas, who sheltered him for the next year and a half. Acquired in London on 12 November 1918, the day after the Armistice was signed, by 1378 Corporal Arthur William Skyring, of 4 Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company, AIF. The crown is surrounded by a green wreath and two scrolls, one at the top and one at the bottom. It was raised over the gates of the prison, the day of formal liberation in September 1945.”. Work on the bag took several months to complete. Turner was killed by Greek communist insurgents, during the civil war which broke out in Greece following the withdrawal of the Axis forces, on 17 December 1944 while in a truck on his way to Athens airport to be repatriated to Australia. King Edward VII approves the design for the official Australian flag (Blue Ensign) and the Australian Red Ensign for Australia’s merchant ships and private pleasure craft. Our opponents in this debate like to rewrite history and pretend that our current national flag - the blue Australian ensign - has been our national flag forever and that people have "fought and died" for it. The Red Ensign was chosen as the cover of this 1917 book. The Commonwealth Government of Australia announces a Federal Flag design competition. Sergeant Derrick led a South This precious flag from Darwin is now on permanent display at the Australian War Memorial. Australian Flag 1901 – Defaced British Red Ensign. The King approved slightly altered designs in 1903, and the Union Jack was to remain the senior flag to both designs. This AIF "match-safe" or match box protector from WW1 clearly shows the use of the Red Ensign was common, far more common than the use of the Blue Ensign. Watson then applied to Billy Hughes, who was again Attorney General, for another flag, and this red ensign is the one that Hughes sent to him, together with the words, ′I would like to say that it is my earnest prayer that you will be spared to carry it triumphantly throughout this present conflict. The best indication of what the soldiers themselves thought is in the ensigns that are on display at the Australian War Memorial and the RAAF Museum. Watson claimed that it was the was the first Australian flag to fly in France during the First World War, however the NSW Volunteer Ambulance Unit may also have carried one in France in 1914. On November 7th 1920 the remains of an Australian soldier and a French soldier were buried in the Amiens Cathedral. For many anti-flag changers, the real history of the Australian flag is terribly inconvenient for their argument. Opening of Federal Parliament at Canberra, 9 May 1927. He returned to Australia on 30 January 1918. Behind the flags is a sun with the words ′LIBERTY & PEACE′ written near the top. Australian Army Military Order, No 58/08, directs all military establishments (Stations) to fly the blue Australian flag. This 1908 souvenir of the visit of the American "Great White Fleet" to Australia shows the Red Ensign (with the original 6 point Federation Star). After almost 40 years of discussion, debates and a referendum, it is official Australia will become a federation. The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Sir William Deane, proclaims 3 September as “Australian National Flag Day” to commemorate the day in 1901 on which the Australian National Flag was first flown. The Australian flag is used for the first time in an act of war when it’s flown over Queenscliff Army Fort, Victoria The fort opened fire to prevent the German steamer, Pfalz, from leaving port.

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