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Itinerari,Arte,Tradizioni,Cultura, Scienza. For this reason ambassadors, artists, tradesmen, politicians, and any important person in Rome presented her with rich gifts, to gain her favour and be well introduced to Innocent X. In the local tradition, someone thinks that Francesco Cenci also tried to abuse sexually of his daughter. During the XVI° century, Beatrice Cenci was the daughter of a noble man Francesco Cenci. In Rome, there is a very famous building called, A bridge crosses the River Tiber and takes you to. When they reached the site of the execution, Lucrezia (who had already fainted) was beheaded with a sword. All TradeAffiliato AllTrade Business Srlsede legale Via dei Mamili 11, 00175 Roma P.iva 13475011006Numero REA: 1450956 Determinazione dirigenziale R.U. "I dare you to walk across the bridge in the dark," said my big sister on the 10th. Read more about the bridge and il Castel Sant'Angelo. The people of Rome were not at all happy. Rome, 1599. After years of abuse, Beatrice decided to contact the Pope by a letter  to tell him her story, hoping to get out of this unfortunate situation, but it was not in the least heard. The Ghost Of Beatrice Cenci In Rome, there is a very famous building called il Castel Sant' Angelo . When the bells mark the stroke of midnight a woman figure walking silently along the bridge, holding a human head, and after facing the Tiber, disapparing mysteriously into nothingness. of September last year. The HistoryBeatrice Cenci belonged to a powerful and aristocratic family of the late Renaissance in Rome forced to suffer, as a child, the father's violence. Exasperated by his attitude, the four Cenci had no better choice than to try and get rid of Francesco, and all together they organized a plot. Together with them lived also Beatrice's elder brother Giacomo, Francesco's second wife Lucrezia Petroni, and Bernardo, the young boy born after the man's second marriage. Beatrice Cenci Euroclub Schools.pdf. It is said that on the 11th of September her headless ghost stalks the Castel Sant’Angelo Bridge…, Reblogged this on Legend of Rome and commented: Beatrice Cenci, daughter of a noble Roman family, was beheaded September 11, 1599, at the age of 22. One day in 1598 to the father was stuck a nail in the skull and one in the throat and was thrown out of a window, to simulate an accident. I've started collecting pictures of the city ghosts in Frankfurt, Germany - but 've recognize that there are so many more wonderful ghosties outside! In the night between 10 and 11 September, a legend says that the ghost of Beatrice Cenci appears, from 1577, date of his death, on the bridge leading to Castel San'Angelo. left by the ghosts of holy personages on garments, prayer books, banknotes, mostly dating to the 18th-19th centuries, have even been collected in the smallest and weirdest gallery in the world, called Museum of the Purgatory Souls, housed in a single room by the Sacro Cuore del Suffragio church. In Rome, there is a very famous building called, A bridge crosses the River Tiber and takes you to the, The girl was from a noble and wealthy Roman family and her name was, It is believed that every year, on the nights of the 10th. They set off from the two prisons of Corte Savella (where the two women were held) and Tordinona (where the two brothers had been sent), both ill-famed and feared because of the inhumane treatment received by the convicts. Name (*) Last Name (*) Email (*) Telephone (*) Mobile Message (*) [dynamichidden product-name "CF7_get_post_var key='title'"][dynamichidden page-url "CF7_URL"]I agree with your 'Info Privacy' (you must agree to be able to send this message), Completa e invia questo modulo per richiedere maggiori informazioni, e ti ricontatteremo subito, Nome (*) Cognome (*) Email (*) Telefono (*) Cellulare Messaggio (*) cookiePolicyId: 144416, The Roman people, knowing the reasons of the murder, uprose against the tribunal’s decision, obtaining a short postponement of the execution. The Ghost Of Beatrice Cenci A Scary Story by Claudia. The haunting story of Beatrice Cenci (1577-1599), the young Roman noblewoman who murdered her abusive father before being beheaded on a bridge in Rome, still fascinates today. A killing so unfair that over the centuries Beatrice became a heroine and a symbol, celebrated by the likes of Cara The daughter of Count Francesco Cenci, Beatrice was seven years old when her mother Ersilia Santacroce died. When his dead body was found, Beatrice, her mother and her brother Giacomo were sentenced to death. This apparently worked well, not having Nero's evil presence been reported ever since. Create a free website or blog at It is believed that there were so many people on the bridge that some of them even fell into the river and drowned! In 1819 Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote a verse drama in five acts, I Cenci. This man was a very violent man both outside and inside his house September, the ghost of Beatrice -. Beatrice was the daughter of Francesco Cenci, an aristocrat who, due to his violent temper and immoral behaviour, had found himself in trouble with the papal justice more than once. When they reached the site of the execution, Lucrezia (who had already fainted) was beheaded with a sword. and 11th. The Church accused, tortured, tried, and condemned all three, executing them in public on September 11, 1599.3 Viewed within the context of … Even at home Francesco Cenci behaved as a brute. email:, © Copyright 2012 | Realizzato con passione da Rekuest Web Agency. Rome’s most famous ghost is that of a young lady who belonged to one of the powerful noble families of the late Renaissance. REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera, Official HCF Critic . One of the most famous ghosts in Rome is another young woman, Beatrice Cenci, whose story has inspired countless paintings, poems and plays. 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