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First to catch our eyes are these fantastic open-backed set from Beyerdynamics Professional line which features Dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers.

Pros: + High end audiophile home headphones. Here at beyerdynamic Heilbronn, we have a passion for audio technology with outstanding sound quality – and it shows. The series was set up to provide high-end listening in a more comfortable package as, studio quality headphones are notoriously on the tighter side to keep them in place whilst you work. They have a coiled wire, which is far more durable in the long run as they tangle less, making them ideal for studio use as they will be constantly put on and taken off again. + Rugged design. Once you have your style chosen it is a matter of weighing up value for money, the quality of audio really is only affected by your budget. + Bluetooth capabilities. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium Edition 250 Ohm, 5. In addition to open and closed headphones and powerful headphone amplifiers, in the beyerdynamic shop you’ll also find innovative conference systems and the right microphone for your application.

The DT880 P's are a premium upgraded set of the original 880 Edition set, a highly popular choice among customers today despite being available for the best part of two decades, their semi-open diffuse-field design provides a best of both worlds ambiance which is direct, naturally more harmonious and still relatively spacious. Pros: + High-end. When I put them on, the first thing I notice is the clarity of the entire tonal spectrum. Anyone who has ever put on a pair of beyerdynamic headphones and listened to music or played their favorite video game with one of our headsets will attest to the fact.

They are modern Bluetooth headphones compatible with the majority of Android/iOS devices. Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Generation Audiophile Stereo Headphones, 8. Pros: + Swivel ear-cups and carry-case for compact storing. The open back circumaural design allows for much better spatial reference and more critical listening. Which ampliefier or interface should I consider to buy to get the best sound out of … They feature a padded headband and replaceable soft pads for longer listening sessions and come with a leatherette carry-bag. Active Noise Cancelling​​​​​​​Bluetooth®CustomisableSound Personalization, Broadcast & CameraLive on Stage​​​​​​​Presentation / Speech, Wireless MicrophonesWireless Conference SystemInstalled Sound MicrophonesTour Guide SystemInterpreter SystemsSpeakerphone, Event CentresGuided ToursHouses of WorshipJusticeLocal Authorities, Assistive Listening SystemInstalled MicrophonesInterpreter Systems, Wireless Conference Systems​​​​​​​Wireless Microphones, 56 Central AveFarmingdale, NY 11735Phone: 631-293-3200. What are the differences between MMX 300 (2nd gen.) and Custom Game? A closed back pair of headphones feature ear cups which are sealed around the back directing the audio solely to your ear canals, the audio is deemed slightly synthetic sounding as the elimination of ambient background noise, makes processing the audio seem less natural sounding to your brain. They perform superbly under rigorous high output layered audio. Why We Liked It - They are in a league of their own, there aren't any Bluetooth listening devices which can outperform the audio quality experienced with these guys. So, whether you have the cash to spare or a more restrictive allowance you should find companies as esteemed as Beyerdynamic have got you covered. + Bundle buy. High-quality headphones, microphones, and conference systems made in Germany. They feature very indulgently, next-generation, hollow fiber velour pads providing the epitome of comfort. If suddenly there is plenty of it, invest it into your passions. For further instructions, please follow this. Why We Liked It - They provide the same studio level quality as the more expensive sets, differing only externally, all electronics and circuitry are identical to the 990 Pro pair. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.Consetetur sadipscing elitr. They efficiently produce broad cross-spectrum sound with crisp highs, detailed mids, and rich lows. The models we have looked at today span across a price range of $150-$500 with the exception of the 2nd gen audiophile set (at around $750), the which we think is a fairly reasonable cross-section of Beyerdynamics more accessibly priced models that offer the highest levels of respective quality. They provide the same high performance, with the drivers effortlessly handling the workflow. + Analytical level audio. + Closed back option. They have a low attenuation of noise as they are semi-open in design with a rich ambiance and nominal pressure levels. The App gives users the ability to create preferred equalization settings and save them essentially allowing you to sculpt a uniquely personal sound identity. Today we are sifting through the 10 best Beyerdynamic headphones in 2020 for an up to date comparison of what they've got in their inventory. They harbor Dynamic Tesla driven speakers which cope effectively with high output audio and feature a gold plated stereo jack for added signal fidelity. + High-quality audio. + Bass reflex port. The 990 PE set is one of the most infamous models they feature the cutting-edge high-performance Neodymium Tesla drivers which have a superior capacity for dealing with high-output audio. The pads are once again velour which is breathable and prevents your ears from getting hot. High-quality headphones, microphones, and conference systems made in Germany.Here at beyerdynamic Heilbronn, we have a passion for audio technology with outstanding sound quality – and it shows. Gaming Headphones TYGR 300 R and​​​​​​​FOX Professional USB Studio Microphonemore >. They are very comfortable to wear, featuring contoured, padded leather ear-pads. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. The touch-pad sensitivity can also be set via the App so your headphones literally can respond to you as an individual. Why We Liked It - They are premium quality, probably a little better than most people need for home listening but they are certainly a set which will satisfy the audiophiles out there. It is full-spectrum, naturally vibrant and the semi-open cups create a real sense of immersion. None more notably than the flagship models of Beyerdynamics Premium, Professional, and Audiophile sets. The cutting edge Tesla drivers work extremely well at high output creating high-resolution audio with great fidelity. + Dynamic Tesla drivers. Though for some open-backed headphone are too airy or soft, the bass less impactive. Studio reference headphones which are optimized and enhanced for more critical listening and designed to handle higher outputs, bigger spectrum workloads and of course to handle more general wear and tear as they are at the end of the day a work-horse. They feature the same Dynamic Tesla driven array in each swivel-mounted ear cup. Find out about our Product Rating process and policies, Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Headphones, View The Best Beyerdynamic Headphones Below, 2. They are comprised of premium parts quality materials and they are beautifully manufactured.

In addition to open and closed headphones and powerful headphone amplifiers, in the beyerdynamic shop you’ll also find innovative conference systems and the right microphone for your application. Decide your preferred listening style and mull it over along with your sound requirement this should help you to narrow down whether you need open or closed back headphones (or indeed semi-open). They are safer for those out and about to keep an awareness of their surroundings, but the music you are listening to is somewhat audible to others which can be a disadvantage in the eyes of some. High-quality headphones, microphones, and conference systems made in Germany. Despite being a wired set of headphones (one dedicated wire for each ear-cup) they feature a built-in, 3-button, Apple compatible remote for easy user control. In case you are not fully satisfied and wish to return the ordered items, just follow our instructions for a quick and easy return of your items. They fiercely compete with their direct long-running competition Sure, and have over the years produced a plethora of popular models. Here at beyerdynamic Heilbronn, we have a passion for audio technology with outstanding sound quality – and it shows. They feature a 3-layer compound membrane, and they are contact-pressure optimized for maximum comfort. With our dealer search you will quickly find a dealer in your area. Beyerdynamic T51i Portable Headphone Silver/Black, 9. + Semi-open backs. Closed-back designfor noisier environments, Open-back design for the most natural spatial sound reproduction possible.

As one of the oldest audio companies still in business, you can bet they know a thing or two at Beyerdynamic about sound.

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