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into DIY, you’ll have the Premium Audio System and Alpha One BMW Speakers installed and This is a major difference in sound quality. The radio function remains unchanged; however, the new audio system now allows storage of 24 radio stations instead of the previous six. In terms of other aspects of the speakers' design, we have purposefully chosen specifications that are well suited to use with either a factory BMW amp or our own Premium Audio System. Please login to be notified when is back in stock.

Copyright © 2020 Bowers & Wilkins. Our amplifier is designed to perform best with the BMW OEM HiFi speakers or our Alpha One kit. Tout ce qui se cache derrière les motos BMW. Simply remove the stock speakers and pop in the new Alpha One Speakers in the same way. The speakers are powered by the head unit. The sound improvement is very good and the bass now is strong and so much clear! Every BMW passenger and driver alike should feel like they are experiencing the most accurate reproduction of the original recording. The radio function remains unchanged; however, the new audio system now allows storage of 24 radio stations instead of the previous six. Available as a premium option with the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System redefines what’s possible for audio sound quality.

We've made history with our Premium Audio Amplifier, and now we’ve completed the set with the Alpha One BMW Speaker Upgrade. The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System features studio-level technologies such as Diamond Dome tweeters. since the amplifier and speakers themselves are truly plug and play.

BMW has three different levels of original-equipment sound system: Base Stereo. Finely tuned to deliver rich sound and a precise reproduction of bass/treble — your audio will be more powerful, accurate and natural - a perfect match for the rev of your BMW engine. Nine playlists can be administered for USB/MP3 players and iPods. Even our Premium Audio System is tuned at less than its full power output to prevent overloading the speakers. Mode", State-of-the-art SMD technology for a more compact design and maximum reliability, Six-layer printed circuit boards in multilayer technology for the best possible From the natural noises filtering in from the outside of the car to the soundtracks that you love to hear while driving, it’s an extra layer of sensation that makes the journey not only immersive but also much more enjoyable. BMW and Bowers & Wilkins joined forces to create an audio system in the elegant and dynamic 5 Series that delivers an incredibly realistic, immersive audio experience. Sound is a huge part of the BMW experience. The true benefit of our Premium Audio System isn’t just the increased power, but the improvement it can make to the quality of the sound, thanks to the 64-bit DSP and high signal-to-noise ratio. Thank you for signing up to be notified about !

Our first big hit revolutionized the game of audio upgrades in BMW’s with the world's first fully plug and play amplifier upgrade: the Premium Audio System. their audio expertise and our love for BMW’s, we’ve created a mini sound studio that fits ", "Highly recommend BimmerTech products and especially the car sound system and the Alpha One speakers have pure quality sound. If you don't have the opportunity to hear the Alpha One speakers for yourself before buying, you can check out what our happy customers have to say about their phenomenal sound: 6 x Highlevel, 1 x Optical, 1 x Remote In. Upgrading from the BMW factory speakers to our Alpha One kit will make a huge difference to the quality of the sound in your vehicle. BMW’s first-ever luxury sports car features the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System in both the coupé and convertible for a remarkably immersive audio experience. This results in a far better sound than you’d get from a one-size-fits-all solution from another brand. All the services are top quality! Customize your sound in so many ways with high-end audio features such as Digital freely configurable via PC- Tool software (Windows), 56-bit DSP technology and 24-bit AD/DA converter from BurrBrown, Start/stop capable down to 6 volts supply voltage, The latest D/A converter-controlled P3S power supply technology with "ECO

Outre les fonctions affichées par le multi-contrôleur, la radio peut être contrôlée comme précédemment, à l'aide des boutons situés du côté gauche du panneau intérieur. 4C0ED641-0972-46BC-9333-0FD41377C9C4 Created with sketchtool.

The information screen displays the volume and the current track.

Sound is a huge part of the BMW experience. Un émetteur radio peut être choisi manuellement, à travers la fonction de mémorisation ou à travers la fonction facilitant la recherche pour la station émettrice ayant la meilleure réception (autostore). No wires to cut and no visual changes to your dash or cabin thanks to BimmerTech’s trademark Created by BMW and Bowers & Wilkins. If you’re in the market for an underseat subwoofer upgrade in your BMW, we’ve covered the main reasons why such an upgrade is a great idea and how you can do it yourself. La fonction radio reste inchangée ; cependant, le nouveau système audio permet un stockage de 24 stations radio au lieu de 6 précédemment. After selecting your model, you'll see the list of parts you will need to purchase to install your kit. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à la newsletter BMW Motorrad, Moto Aventure R 1250 GS - Edition 40 Years GS, Moto R 1250 GS Adventure - Edition 40 Years GS, Moto aventure F 850 GS - Edition 40 Years GS, Moto Adventure F 750 GS - Edition 40 Years GS, Moto adventure G 310 GS - Edition 40 Years GS, Nos insaisissables S 1000 RR et S 1000 XR. To make the most of your new speakers, however, you may want to add our Premium Audio System amplifier. Our most popular audio upgrade. We took frequency measurements during the development process, but the sound that really matters is the sound in situ in the car, where we did the bulk of the tuning work when developing our Alpha One kit.
By improving the signal-to-noise ratio, we made it possible to dramatically improve signal quality and double your system’s output. Neuf playlists peuvent être administrées pour les lecteurs USB/MP3 et les iPods. Sound. L'écran d'informations affiche la station émettrice actuelle. "I recently bought the BimmerTech [Premium Audio System] upgrade for my BMW F20 and it is absolutely fantastic. Here are 6 songs that the engineers at Bowers & Wilkins use to test their car audio systems, from treble and bass quality to the way they handle rhythm and dynamics. The Alpha One Speakers are individually matched with your BMW model. It’s critical to know which BMW audio system you’re starting with! power and signal transmission, Optical S/PDIF input 6 – 192 kHz with an integrated sample rate converter, USB-on-board for direct connection to a PC, Freely configurable 2-channel PreOut for the connection of additional amplifiers, Plug jack for optional cable remote control, functionality configurable via The BMW wordmark, BMW logo and Beyond the Ride are trademarks of BMW AG. The Alpha Ones will still be a noticeable improvement over the factory speakers. The install was easy and support was great. A digital signal processor (DSP) is exactly what the name suggests: signal processing done digitally. We have published specifications for our speakers on our website in the 'Specification' section to make it easy to understand what each speaker offers. With supreme production value, “Let Go” will give the system’s scale, spatial presentation and subwoofer power a good test drive. Le système audio comporte des interfaces pour les lecteurs MP3, les iPods ou les clés USB, ainsi que pour des équipements audio tels que les lecteurs CD. Au choix du pilote, les chansons peuvent également défiler aléatoirement. The speakers are powered by the head unit. PC software. The Premium Audio System and Alpha One BMW Speaker Upgrade were precisely designed to ideally suit each other’s specifications to give you unparalleled sound — while still making a dramatic difference as stand-alone upgrades. New … To achieve this, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System was created. Most BMWs have a 4” midrange speakers in the doors and subwoofers under the seat that are driven from the radio and underpowered.

The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System is the first of its kind: an audio system featuring advanced acoustic technologies, including Diamond Dome tweeters, never before seen in a car. X7.
Le système audio comporte des interfaces pour les lecteurs MP3, les iPods ou les clés USB, ainsi que pour des équipements audio tels que les lecteurs CD. ", "I bought the Alpha One speakers. The experienced DIYer can access and adjust it all using a laptop Les dispositifs externes peuvent être stockés dans un compartiment étanche, dans le panneau intérieur côté droit, où ils sont protégés contre les intempéries. Note: For more information on US availability by model year, click here.

There’s no need to cut any cables or install any other parts. X7 The luxurious and refined BMW X7 is available with the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, redefining in-car sound performance with studio-level technologies such as Diamond dome tweeters. Premium Sound systems will always have graphic equalizer settings in the head unit’s menu, as well as a “Logic 7 On/Off” or “Surround On/Off” option. BMW and Bowers & Wilkins both believed that the audio experience should not only match the elegant interiors, but should also transcend the moment. Grown in laboratory conditions, diamond tweeter domes are found in Bowers & Wilkins most advanced studio speakers – and in the BMW 5, 7 and 6 Series GT. BMW and Bowers & Wilkins joined forces to create an audio system in the elegant and dynamic 5 Series that delivers an incredibly realistic, immersive audio experience. While it kept gaining momentum, we were working hard to create direct drop in replacement upgrade speakers for late model BMW’s. Posted by 177.30.DIAGRAM.THIERRYLUANGRATH.FR on .

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