bombay cat breeders los angeles

Other Breeds: Bombay, Latest news from NABB is available via our. I took the risk and committed to the kitten when he was only two weeks old, meaning I had to put my trust in Anthony to “raise” him. Telephone: (949) 650-8746 We also serve as officers of The Bombay Enthusiasts of America breed club, and we are members of The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders breed club. Email: COLOR: Black Website: NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500.00 USD, is required to hold a Website: Website: Telephone: 770-714-8148  Additional Info: CFA Burmese in all four colors. Looked at many breeders and I'm so glad we went with these guys! We have Sable, Champagne, Blue and Platinum, plus Black and Sable Bombay kittens. When my “baby” came home the transition was effortless. We are a TICA and CFA registered Cattery based in Los Angeles. Email: Additional Info: Champion and grand champion lines, small cattery no cages. Email Address: Name: Stephanie Nelson Home raised, lap loving bundles of furr. Kittens or Adults placed are to be in indoor cats only and must not be declawed. Website: Email Address:  Kittens that are shipped Internationally, are transported from Telephone: 218-280-0761 Adults occasionally available. email: Email Address: Name: Jennifer Herr My kitten was healthy, ate heartily, used his litter box without any mishaps, and most important was the sweetest and most trusting cat I have ever had. Name: Wendy Bennett Bombay Cat price is currently quite low, ranging from $400 to $700 per kitten. He is now seven years old. All of our kittens and adults come with a health guarantee and written contract. Telephone: 918-775-6772 Complete health guarantee. Location: Huntsville, Alabama Finding a Bombay cat breeder in California can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you. I have a copy of my kitten’s health record which confirms my kitten received health exams, vaccinations and neutering. Raised with lots of love and attention. Breeding for health temperament and personality. All lovingly raised and well socialized in our home. We're the #1 Bengal Breeder and Only Toyger Breeder in Los Angeles. The first day home he fell asleep purring on top of my chest. Get updates in your inbox whenver we get new pet listings that match what you are searching for. We partner with other breeders to provide healthy and diverse genetics and work together for the best interest of the breed. BEAUTIFUL, Marble pattern Girl, AVAILABLE NOW as a wonderful pet. Location: Twin Cities, MN Location: Chico, Northern California Written sales contract and Health guarantee.

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