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And glad to hear that it ranks well for once! Each spaceship, a circle, hosted its own ‘game’. This could have been a mistake or a disbelief in the idea of voting for the dead – “I’d rather vote for another living person, so I’m not the one to die finding out the rules”. We spent two episodes of the Dark Discussions Podcast on the film, one just reviewing the film, another interviewing actor Dan Lench (the sweater guy). Just a theory I thought the ending loosely opened up while watching it. Well done. w/o of you make the right choice and be rewarded by “heaven” or be selfish… and judged quickly, like the men and women who turned to racism and hate when “satan” aka the blonde hair dude with beard… and the old mr. Rogers guy whispered on their ears.

If she did, everyone should have died, or she should have survived as was intended. Come back to us man!

My conclusion is that the sick, elderly and weak are killed off during the initial panic and self-preservation stages. Considering the rules up until the end, why would the people be the survivors?

Sure, you have. That would be a fallacy, but no worse than the lie you told told to get you there in the first place. If you can’t let go of the view that beauty, truth and logic are objective and are what they because of what they are, then you can’t escape the claim that god is below them and is also limited by those rules. I don’t think it is possible for a pregnant woman to leave the circle with her baby alive. We are all ever becoming and the Truth is a mist that forms, reforms, shifts and runs away as we travel through Time on our short 70-80 years on Earth. Is it because she is pregnant that she should die? Which is pretty mind blowing. At the end of each round fifty winners are gathered up and dropped into the next WTA. Which is fine. He is light. Let’s see, we have Science Fiction – Check.

so the killed people are really the winners! Or the full reality will hit him later that he killed 49 people more or less. To me it didn’t matter who they picked in the end, but it matters how they got to the end. Going back to god and logic. And I’m not talking about the scenes where these topics are explicitly addressed, like the chat between the suspenders’ dork and the lesbian woman. How is this possible if the old guy who never spoke also never voted? You can do it!

I just had the most horrible thought. I feel like if the group at the end were all survivors (and if I were amongst them) I would react in horror at coming out and seeing the ships–not knowing if I would have to “play” again or not. maybe 20 passengers on a plane and suddenly several vanish into thin air. Overall I agree wholeheartedly with what seems to be the general consensus, this was a pretty basic film that prompts some very interesting discussions.

I would imagine in most cases if she died, the baby would fall off of a spot. “some of the worst, most egotistical people ever” I don’t agree there are a lot of kids, and young woman (probably all pregnant, though not visibly), so the majority of games were won because of the sacrifice of the other players.


Look at you Michael… getting new subscribers whilst commenting at the same time? Because Nietzsche was a ponderer of nihilism and morality, it is easy to understand why a person who believes in a god might misinterpret while reading his aphorisms. Bleak. I don’t think the rules were established by the machine but by the ppl themselves, coz they were not consistent and changed through the whole movie. I’m coming into this way late here, seeing as I just watched this movie for the first time but I was so fascinated that I had to give my two cents. Right?

Sure, it’s a million on the line and not a life, yet even so… no one hardly keeps their mouths shut there!

We presupose that they experiment (science), that they believe in moral (religion), and that they wanna teach us something.

What if I choose to short circuit the experiment some how? I know the movie wasn’t about the actual alien invasion and the aircraft itself, but I need more for it to seem more real or complete. i liked it, obviously the movies meant to be physocological in a way that reflects on our human existence, our need to survive and to what extent, then ultimately for what in the end if we all just die as a rule anyway?

Well, it could be anything – an effective way to reduce the population, a gambling game where they’re betting on who will survive, or an experiment to understand humans and their moral code.

But we also don’t know what kinds of circles each was, maybe some were all pregnant woman, or all children or all people that knew each other, there are more than 50 stereotypes in the world. eventually there will be civilization and it probably will look nothing like of ours today! Because it quotes what he said in the beginning of it all. Seems to make the most sense that they are coming off the ships. That could be a good lesson for those real asshole aliens.

Fair enough.

2) The survivors exit, then wake up in another room of 50, either with or without the knowledge of their previous games.

The acting was sparse. It’s the framework upon which all things were built and created. combine the lack of clear instructions with that countdown, and the thought of life/opportunity slipping thru your fingers… I can see many people going that route . Secondly, obviously I can’t know WHAT I would do, but my point was that that would be the only morally acceptable solution to the problem. One man gives a second vote for a pregnant woman, so Eric votes for him; this causes a tie and the man is killed in a run-off vote. I’ve always wanted to try the game show Survivor. With no offense, I think this movie is made to morally subject the minds of all the American watching the film, but it doesn’t work the same way for non-American, especially for those living in a society not as controlled by religion as the majority of the USA (I mean, the fetus counting as another life, really?). Which means that a cunning psychopath did not win every single game. I’d give you a hug. After the initial assessment of the fact that they can’t step out of their circles and that they are voting for people’s death, the group goes through a series of ideas. If anything is above logic, especially god, you can’t hold the view that logic is the whole truth. Definitely one of the most interesting movies ive seen in my opinion, it had my attention the whole time which isnt easy for me in regards to movies/tv etc. A small town or a commune typifies the “good of the whole” situation…where people work for the common good and are equally important to collective survival…the individual farmer or the “off the grid” survivalist are basically loners working to maintain their own existence (altho you could argue the farmer is part of the larger community too by providing product for others)… The circle to me is a symbol of our planet (a sphere you get off of by dying)…and the players and survivors represent the ups and downs throughout history and locations as population numbers expand and contract…at some point it is quit possible we are left with less than a full circle and what do we expect will happen to those surviving? The Bible isn’t proof cause you can’t prove the Bible. Very cleverly played. I sort of love movies like this though because more movies seem to have a full ending so kind of cool to come across movies that dont fully show the full picture but leave enough to make you imagine and wonder and question what happens etc. And that in any reality that he manifests (which is all of them because he is omnipresent) there too would be the precepts of logic and beauty. I like how it sort of parallels our interactions on the internet. Another man, whose son is gay, votes him dead.

You do good because god exists, he doesn’t because he doesn’t.

Okie… so that’s scary. Definitely don’t mind at all. And now we have to decide, who stays in the life raft, and who goes. And it works, because, what else are you going to do? I mean… this isn’t a real thing.

“Noah’s ark” – unrelated and varied local species collected together. In this Circle of humans, the fact that we watch a true blue narcissistic Gamer “win” his round is so very very telling. But alas. Given the majority are younger than 70, they go with that idea. Like, not even World War Z or Zombieland comes close.

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