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I want to encourage you to think outside of the boundaries of the “typical party food” and provide your students with some more healthy options that promote healthy choices. Be ready for happy chaos! Such a lovely party idea! If you are planning to celebrate the end of the year (or even the holidays!) 1. As teachers, we are supposed to teach these kids. When you look at the obesity rate in our country and the data that supports how negatively things like food dye and preservatives affect a child’s brain, I don’t understand how we can continue to feed our kids this junk! 1. Have Fun! Any type of craft will work for this and your kids will be engaged plus they will have a little something fun to take home and commemorate their year with you. Site by, Today is our 13th wedding anniversary. Super Teacher Worksheets has a large selection of Patriotic Symbol (USA) worksheets. Classroom Party Games Ideas! #valentinesday #february #classroomcelebrations, December can be a bit crazy. The Simply Organized Classroom Ebook- $12, The Organized Teacher Framework™ Waitlist, ➡️ Falling For Books: Fall Reading Challenge | Colorize Your Classroom | ASTROBRIGHTS, We had so much fun “tasting books” today!! Your tried-and-true meeting platform is the perfect place to host your end- of-the-year party! The last day of school is usually so chaotic with all the normal end of year to dos (like packing up your classroom and planning for end of year student gifts) but then throw in a classroom party with hyped up kids and parents taking up space in your room and you’ve really got yourself an overwhelming situation. I never see any fruit at these events. Feb 9, 2017 - Explore Krystal Brjs's board "Classroom Celebration Ideas" on Pinterest. This was a favorite with my students! Special assembly. I also think that means teaching them about how to make healthy choices that will provide them with healthy bodies. Have students bring a white shirt in and then have parents donate dye and squirt bottles. I realized too late that I glued my nose too high, but oh well. Cheers! And a lot of times that food is junk food. #valentinesday #february #classroomcelebrations, These Valentine's Day stations are quick and easy to set up, educational, and FUN! The idea is that as kindness is shown and shared, students will earn a bow to add to a present on the board. and my kids LOVED it! We respect your privacy. Everyone comes together for the final station: story time. If you need an easy to access list of rewards or class parties for your students - here you go! No more reply-all email chains! One year during my time in the classroom we had a Healthy Eating Seminar in the last week of school and celebrated with a yogurt bar to show kids fun and different ways you could eat healthier options. Students bring their swimsuits and turn on sprinklers on the field. Managing 20-30 birthday celebrations in a year can sometimes be tricky for a classroom teacher. Get some ideas here. #centers #football #classroommanagement. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. rainbow colored project to celebrate each students uniqueness. From Halloween, to Christmas, to birthday parties, to graduation, to end of year celebrations and more, these virtual classroom party ideas will inspire you to think outside the box and celebrate with your students! I have so many friends involved in youth groups, church based and not. The following ideas will help you plan a memorable virtual celebration for your students. Then have students bring in those items on the last day and celebrate by painting rainbows or creating some type of rainbow craft. These rewards can be decided on collectively by the teachers, staff, and students. All of the pieces are easy to handle, construction is simple, they're fun to assemble and you can paint them however you like. #ad W, ‘ATTITUDES ARE CONTAGIOUS. The color pink font is difficult to read. All you have to do is add the content! #schoolstartstomorrow #teachermom #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachermama #classroommanagement, Football Fun - A Modern Teacher #classroomcelebrations #classparty #testprep #teachertips #classroomdecor, January Music Playlists for Me and the Kids #teachermom, New Year's Books for Your Classroom - A Modern Teacher. These are relatively inexpensive or free to do and will make students feel special on their birthday. Classroom Celebration Ideas. Here are 10 days for guilt-free and FUN classroom party ideas. Organizing the class party into ‘stations’ with small groups of kids rotating through activities keeps the pace moving for the kids and the group-size manageable for parent volunteers. What fun and guilt-free parties have you thrown for your students at the end of the year? I love board games too! You can also use these classroom party ideas that are geared towards the end of the year during the middle of the year with a holiday party. Fun day – behavior management plan = disaster! When things don’t … This post is not meant to be judgmental or shame anyone for the types of parties you have thrown in the past. ), Let’s get to it! #classroom #bulletinboards #kindness. We incorporated book trailers and the discussions were so, so good!!! Any type of craft will work for this and your kids will be engaged plus they will have a little something fun to take home and commemorate their year with you. Would be awesome at a winter festival, recreation center, fundraiser, child to parent gift in art class at school, or even for elderly residents in nursing homes. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Yesterday we did ones pictured below using clothespins. **UPDATED FOR 2019- GRAB FREE TAGS HERE** First, we do the hand prints. Neil is my lazy one and decided not to paint his. Silly Sports and Goofy Games by Dr. Kagan. Tips for making your child’s next class celebration a bash. SIMPLE printables to help you get through the holiday season. I have linked them in for awesome games to play, without being ‘adult’. Your students bring a picnic lunch, the teacher brings a picnic blanket. Who doesn’t love a good party and some popcorn to go along with it? Make a list and check it twice. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Wow loving it. BU. Simple ideas to celebrate the many events that happen in an elementary school classroom, trying to channel any kind of Walt Disney Magic I can Because yes, yes Mr. Disney they are! MAKE YOURS WORTH CATC, ‘THE LOSS IS IMMEASURABLE BUT SO IS THE LOVE LEF, ‘BE HAPPY. December can be a bit crazy. I am a lover of Jesus, momma to Milo and Scout, an aspiring photographer, gardener, crafter, reader, netflix watcher, and a foodie. Remember to plan for craft and game supplies, snacks, paper ware, and simple decorations. Thing is, this is just the time of year when creativity is most needed, and never more than when it comes to planning your children's Christmas party. Kindergarteners, preschoolers, and toddlers will love these arts and crafts ideas, and adults can use these ideas to make and sell spider crafts, too. The idea is that as kindness is shown and shared, students will earn a bow to add to a present on the board. Also visit our Pinterest board filled with this season’s Class Party Ideas and inspiration. Whether you are introducing skills, standards, or objectives; reviewing for a district benchmark, a unit test, or want to add a little something to your stations...This resource has what you need!

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