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I think the album would have benefited from being shortened from 14 to 10 songs, and having those 10 songs extended a bit. receiving the newsletter at any time by sending an e-mail to Q has always sprinkled a few songs into his albums with the purpose of soundtracking a summer day party, like the fun but unessential real estate flex “Floating.” But he’s at his best when he gets in touch with his L.A. roots and recruits the breezy melody of Ty Dolla $ign and the jackass charisma of YG (“You said I hit it raw, you lyin’/You said I ate them drawers, you lyin’”), he makes a bouncy track that should have Cali residents hitting their most refined “Bust Down” dance. On the infectious jewelry anthem “Water,” he raps, “Gun in my pants, the eagle gon' sound like the bass/ Fishtailing down the block / Gang tats is all I got / Fly crippin' never stop” before yielding the microphone to a show-stopping verse from Lil Baby. The recognition-seeking hunger found throughout his earlier releases is absent on CrasH Talk, a side effect of Q becoming secure with his position in hip-hop. I totally understand the bad reviews and I'd feel disappointed, as I do see some missteps for songs, but listening to this in the car with a crew of people felt extremely satisfying for what it is. CrasH Talk is a good album that feels like it just missed the potential to be great. However, that doesn’t mean this is a bad album by any means. With this socially conscious album, the Californian rapper uses analogue instruments to add up-tempo energy and show that his artistry is classic compared to the rest of the mainstream. I really enjoyed most of it, and there is a reason why this album is simple and light-hearted. Trash Talk don't need to move beyond hardcore's lockstep for new ground, because they are finding plenty of room within it. His braggadocio is most prevalent on ‘Water’, as he boasts about his ‘drip’ and how he’s like no other. Maybe it’s not unexpected: after working so hard for years ... so he did what many, many musicians eventually do: he went on autopilot. An album that isn't without moments as bleak and bleary as anything in Q's back catalog. The "thomasny18" list! He is in the midst of a less extreme Snoop Dogg-like transition: once a premier voice in gangsta rap and now a West Coast uncle beloved by all generations. Im at an absolute loss for words. Read our review. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CrasH Talk at *If you submitted your e-mail address and placed an order, we may use your e-mail address to inform you Dedications are made to both departed artists in the liners of CrasH Talk, an album that isn't without moments as bleak and bleary as anything in Q's back catalog. The company is committed to facilitating the accessibility and usability of its Web site for all people with Once CrasH Talk was completed, he withheld it, unprepared to enter a promotional cycle that would involve questions about late close friend Mac Miller, and then delayed its release a little longer in response to the murder of Nipsey Hussle. If, at any time, you have specific questions or concerns about the This view is often from a nuanced perspective, as he humanises it. There are some very solid songs on here, but there are also multiple skips (CHopstix is terrible). This accent adds flair to Q’s sound, differing him from much of contemporary rap. The album’s slower tempo won’t be for everyone: if you’re all thrills, no substance, then maybe this album is not for you. I keeping telling myself that this isnt really happening. He battled with drug addiction and other personal struggles, which he discusses in brief on this album. He gives an honest alternative to the media representation (and sometimes misrepresentation) of gang and black culture. And 6LACK’s crooning fits with the jazzy piano on “Drunk,” a song made for the late night, final drops from the wine bottle hours of a dinner party. Reviews Album Reviews ScHoolboy Q – ‘CrasH Talk’ review The arrival of this delayed album is a bittersweet relief; it's an introspective record that sees the … You have to respect ScHoolboy Q’s dedication to showing us a different outlook on life, and exploring many emotions. So literally everyone hates Dangerous except me? And so it’s with some bittersweet relief that we receive ‘CrasH Talk’. accessibility of any particular Web page on our website, please contact us at On the single ‘Crash’, he speaks explicitly to his daughter – but also to us black females – when he tells her to be proud of her natural selves since “the school system won’t teach that”. Schoolboy Q has been branded a hip-hop party animal, though now the party is less “weed and brews” and more wine and cheese. There are other good songs under 3:00 which is much too short. It finds Q and host of guests in a good place with nothing to prove. There's a whole lot of self-medication, loss of faith, denial, mistrust, and dejection. You can object to the use of your e-mail CrasH Talk is the L.A. rapper’s first album since 2016’s Blank Face LP, and as he’s currently in a good place with nothing to prove, it’s an upbeat entry into the music of his 30s. CrasH Talk has the reputation of being the black sheep of ScHoolboy Q’s discography, but I don’t think it deserves the criticism. CrasH Talk succeeds in showcasing the breadth of ScHoolboy Q’s comfort zone as a rapper; he feels equally at home on the Cardo-produced bangers, which all sound like the hyena anthem of a hip-hop remake of The Lion King, and creeping, mafioso beats that invite him to flex his storytelling chops, like album finale and standout “Attention.” Here, he casually runs through endorsements of his music by JAY-Z, Dr. Dre, and Nas before launching into a memory—a realization he had years ago, when he and his daughter were caught near a shootout while at the laundromat: “I can finally understand why my uncles was never sober / Deadbeat dad on the gas, that gas my motor / Either grab the mic, nigga, grab the same pistola.” Like Kendrick Lamar on “DUCKWORTH.,” Q points to a single inflection point on which his entire career hinges, and to the narrow line between rap glory and poverty or worse. Q’s collaborative missteps surprisingly come from the features that make the most sense. CrasH Talk sounds strangely dated and is a disappointingly safe effort from Q following Blank Face. Cmon now, Who the fuck added "experimental hip hop" on the tags. The L.A. rapper’s latest is comforting if not entirely exciting. Even the brusque track ‘Floating’ – which features 21 Savage – effectively utilises a three-note upscale used in ostinato on the piano. The fact that the best song on the album, “Numb Numb Juice,” is only 1:47 is a tragedy. For what it is — a lighthearted display of ScHoolboy Q having fun rapping over trap-like production — CrasH Talk is good. CrasH Talk feels like a chance to be reacquainted with a friend who has become something of a stranger. The only thing that's unique about it is that he’s never made an album like this. The L.A. rapper’s latest is comforting if not entirely exciting. The track ‘5200’ uses flute to add speed and fun; it’s sandwiched between two slow-tempo tracks. Isn’t his whole damn thing about cash grabs?!? regularly about similar products without prior explicit consent. I was in a dark place, and golf got me inspired again.” While he has described CrasH Talk as a dive into the chapter of his life when he found lasting success as a rapper and relocated from Los Angeles' South Central district to the suburbs, in truth he splits time revelling in the spoils of victory, dwelling on his lingering drug dependencies and depression, and telling decade-old stories from the height of his gangbanging days. Its high energy songs are great (Floating, Water), its got good features (Kid Cudi, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, YG) and you can tell Q is having a great time. ScHoolboy Q is accustomed to abortive studio sessions, but following Blank Face LP -- its grim sameness left him acutely unsatisfied -- he recorded and binned not one, not two, but three albums. It finds Q and host of guests in a good place with nothing to prove. Alternatively, you can object to For this reason I took CrasH Talk for what it is and that's a slap-heavy and enjoyable car-ride album. disabilities. CrasH Talk is an enjoyable album that is hurt just a little by its filler and simple lyricism and themes. Please Introspective – yes, but these are songs for the summer. ScHoolboy Q's 'CrasH Talk' is available to buy or stream. Anne-Louise: The hot button issue of Trash Talk is the current review of wages for people working in an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) — ADEs provide people with disability the opportunity to engage in supported employment. This is most notable on the track “Attention,” where his storytelling skills really shine and put the rest of the lyricism on the album to shame: “I can finally understand why my uncles was never sober / Deadbeat dad on the gas, that gas my motor.”. CrasH Talk might not have the mean-mugging raps of Blank Face LP or the weed-infused smoker anthems of Habits & Contradictions, but it’s comforting, like diving into the fifth or sixth season of your favorite network sitcom. Though CrasH Talk contains a few moments of brilliance, it is easily the flattest album in Q’s catalogue; it lacks the expansive, nostalgic haze and conceptual ambition of Q’s 2016 widescreen opus Blank Face LP, it fails to rekindle his penchant for carefree, drugged-out party raps that carried 2012’s Habits & Contradictions, and 2014’s Oxymoron quite simply made him into a star. as screen readers and screen magnifiers, and with users with disabilities who use these technologies. Uh so I wrote my thoughts for each track but I am gonna keep it short and say this was boring and bland beyond compare. When April 2019 came, he was finally ready to release and was in a much happier mindset. In rap, few things are feared like turning 30 years old, but Q is 32 and embracing his Saturn Return—he hits the golf course daily and deserves rap’s father of the year trophy. “Nigga gotta hit the golf course to get a piece of mind”—this is more or less the thesis of ScHoolboy Q’s fifth studio album CrasH Talk. It’s not that ScHoolboy needs a hit to survive but CrasH Talk provides less insight to his life than Habits & Contradictions, less creative experimentation than Blank Face LP and even fewer distinct hits than Oxymoron. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for CrasH Talk - ScHoolboy Q on AllMusic - 2019 - ScHoolboy Q is accustomed to abortive studio… So, it makes sense why he probably wanted to put forth a less profound (possibly depressing) version of the album. But unfortunately everything is not okay. ScHoolboy Q has a conscious view on gang life, evidenced in his stories of his life as a Crip and a black man. With his acclaimed ‘Blank Face LP’ having climbed to Number One on the US R&B and hip-hop charts, his fan yearns for another album. Q can still be an incredibly impactful writer when he wants to be, but he picks his moments. Q postponed the album due to the death of Mac Miller and struggled through this time. The youths are already feeling “Water.” It could become an internet juggernaut. All are victims of it, and all are guilty it. He scrapped other versions of the album for the one that was released. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Despite its brisk pace (a half hour shorter than Blank Face), CrasH Talk sags noticeably in its middle section. The luminous but vacuous “Lies” serves as the album’s obligatory California radio bop, and “Drunk” and “Black Folk” barely register a pulse even as Q tackles weightier issues. On “Tales,” his vivid imagery remains sharp, rejuvenated by gritty drums and menacing piano: “Before Instagram, we gram first the month/Before the gates on our block, we in the front/Before I called you my friend, we shot the ones.” And on “Black Folk,” Q lets us know that despite the fact that he’s become rap’s boozy but wise older relative, he continues to battle his inner demons. Watch Queue Queue. Working with a retained accessibility consultant, it is planning to implement over time the Introspective – yes, but these are songs for the summer. CrasH Talk is the L.A. rapper’s first album since 2016’s Blank Face LP, and as he’s currently in a good place with nothing to prove, it’s an upbeat entry into the music of his 30s.

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