crystal river nuclear plant

In addition, the NRC needed to understand the extent of the damage to ensure the containment was properly restored before the reactor restarted. The containment at Crystal River 3 was a 3-D post-tensioned concrete cylinder with a steel liner. Photo courtesy NRC. State regulators unanimously approved a deal Tuesday to allow Duke Energy Florida to decommission its Crystal River nuclear plant ahead of schedule without extra protections for customers. The process involves removing, packing, and shipping radioactive materials to a disposal facility. But the Office of Public Counsel, which advocates for utility consumers, previously voiced concerns that if the contractor didn’t finish the job or needed more money, customers would be left to foot a higher bill. As of 2016: In 2017, CR3 contributed $400,000 in property taxes to Citrus County. It operated until 2009, when it was scheduled for a … %%EOF The NRC team reported that the Crystal River 3 containment experienced concrete delamination about a year after the tendons had been initially tightened. But those plans changed drastically when the process of cutting an opening in the concrete containment wall for the steam generator replacement inflicted extensive damage to the concrete. Duke Energy owns and operates regulated and nonregulated power plants in North America. These tendons functioned like reinforcing bands—workers tightened, or tensioned, them to give the concrete wall additional strength against the internal pressure that could occur during an accident. which was originally commissioned in 1977. It operated until 2009, when it was UCS welcomes comments that foster civil conversation and debate. Daytona company plays ball with the Tampa Bay Rays. Containment concrete delamination also occurred during construction at the Turkey Point nuclear plant in Florida in June 1970 and at the Unit 2 reactor at the Kaiga nuclear plant in India in May 1994. They continued cooling the reactor water down over the next few hours and entered Refueling mode at 4:51 pm that afternoon. The 0.475-inch thick steel liner formed the inner surface of the containment wall. The team determined that the containment was damaged after the reactor entered the Refueling mode. 0000000016 00000 n Posts that are commercial, self-promotional, obscene, rude, or disruptive will be removed. Learn more about CR3. 0 The complex is also home to the new Citrus Combined Cycle Station, two operating coal-fired units and two retired coal-fired units. But the equipment hatch was also too small for the replacement steam generators to enter intact. Had the NRC not done so or delated doing so, the agency would not have clearly understood the cause of the concrete degradation in order to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of repairs. The Crystal River Nuclear Plant (CR3) was an 860-megawatt pressurized water reactor located at the Crystal River Energy Complex. Controlled Unclassified Information Program (CUI). The former would have placed an undue economic burden on the owner; the latter would have placed an undue risk burden on workers and the public. Duke passes final decommissioning hurdleDuke Energy has passed its final hurdle on the way to decommissioning its retired Crystal River Nuclear Plant. FAQs. Additional information is available on Duke Energy’s website. Read Frequently Asked Questions. About 5:00 am on October 2, the concrete cutting and removal work was halted because an obstruction in the debris chute caused water to spill. to permanently retire the plant in 2013. But the NRC recognized that the damage might have generic implications as other owners cut through containments for steam generator and reactor vessel head replacements. When you visit Clarion Events (and our family of websites), we use cookies to process your personal data in order to customize content and improve your site experience, provide social media features, analyze our traffic, and personalize advertising. Cracks were not evident on the inner or outer surfaces of the dome, but workers reported a “springiness” when walking across the dome’s delamination region.

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