david and bathsheba lesson

It was flat and it was a good place to walk. During the springtime of the year the army of Israel went off to fight a battle with their enemies, the Ammonites. 1) Remember Aaron’s capitulation to the crowd in Exodus 32:1. Show some wedding photos and talk about the promises that we make at weddings. David sent for messengers and asked who the woman was. He sent Joab instead. 4) Faith heroes aren’t heroes because they didn’t sin, but because they didn’t let their sin define them. He fed the lamb and it drank from the poor man's cup and he treated it like a child. 2) David looked with lust upon another man’s wife and committed adultery with her. 1) He came home and gave a report. King David was not perfect either. 2. David asked Bathsheba’s husband to come home. Write "2 Samuel 10, 11.". David even tried to trick Uriah into going to see Bathsheba. Staple at top of folded papers, forming a book. Nathan confronted David about his sin. David had sinned. 5) Proverbs 23 warns of drinking alcohol. Check the Teaching Ideas page on this website for ideas that are adaptable to any lesson. One time he made a very big mistake. Why don't we know why David walked on his roof? David then sent Uriah back to the battle and arranged for him to be killed. The LORD God told David through Nathan that King David was just like the rich man. Nathan told David a story. So, David sinned, but David was truly sorry for what he had done and asked for the LORD to forgive him. 2) Proverbs 1:15 – “My son, do not walk in the way with them, Keep your foot from their path;”. So He sent the prophet Nathan to David. The Lord has told me to tell you that you are just as bad as that rich man. 1. David sinned, but David had to live with the consequences. Click here for “David’s Sin with Bathsheba” printables (Letter size-USA). 1) Proverbs 1 warns against being with those who are greedy of gain (10-19). Discuss how that we promise to stay faithful only to our mate. 2) But he would not go home to his wife because of his loyalty to his friends. That way everyone would see Bathsheba and her husband together and they would never guess that she and David had done anything wrong. But Uriah was a good man. David’s heart was such that he repented of his sin and asked the Lord to forgive him. David must have read the Book of Job where he wrote that Job had “made a covenant with his eyes” (Job 31:1) but he still looked at Bathsheba and didn’t turn away. On page 3, draw Uriah with a sword in his hand, fighting the Ammonites. David sent a message to his army general. PROPOSITION: In this lesson we look at some practical lessons from David’s sin with Bathsheba. The Lord forgave David of his sin. over children in the home or in the Bible class. He asked others to fulfill his sinful desires. Once they have answered tell everyone who agrees to stand up. 2. To everyone else, it just seemed like another casualty of war. Bathsheba then went on to conceive and bear a son, named Solomon, whom God later chose to be king after David (1st Chronicles 29:1; 1st Chronicles 28:5-7) out of all his 19 sons. David’s penitence is recorded in Psalm 51. David asked Bathsheba’s husband to come home. The roof of his palace was nice and cool. He wrote a letter to his army general. Copyright © 2020 New Boston Church of Christ. The servants asked David, "While the baby was sick, you fasted and cried, but when the baby died, you got up and ate bread?" Usually, King David went along with the army but this time he decided to stay home at his palace in Jerusalem. You took his wife away and you had him killed. David had a large family, lived in a magnificent palace, and held sole possession of power in Israel. Whatever the reason, it proved disastrous for David to skip the usual spring military expedition. 4) “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

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