duke biomedical engineering

“Because the classroom is usually filled with the noise of other teams collaborating and testing their prototypes, it’s often hard to hear teammates on the other side of the table, especially since we can’t read lips while wearing masks,” said Korn. Our program is flexible—to match your interests. Duke Engineering’s signature First-Year Design course finds ways to provide real-world engineering experiences during a difficult semester, EGR 101 may look a little different in a pandemic, but first-year students are still learning a lot about fundamental engineering skills. Excellent computer facilities and services are available, along with unrestricted access to the Duke University library system, including the Medical Center Library, the Bostock Library, and the Math-Physics Library. Of the 61 students who graduated with a Master’s in bio engineering from Duke in 2019, 56% were men and 44% were women. Students learned key steps of the engineering design process, and most teams completed a functional prototype. We prepare our undergraduates to advance to industry, graduate work or professional school: Click to see deadlines and application instructions: We expect that, a few years after graduation, graduates of our program will be on track to become leaders in corporate, professional, and academic communities. Areas of specialization include: biochemical engineering, bioanalytic chemistry, biofluid mechanics, biomedical materials, biomedical modeling, biosensors, biotechnology, cell and tissue engineering, computational systems biology and synthetic biology, DNA-based therapeutics, data acquisition and processing, drug delivery, electrophysiology, ultrasound imaging and instrumentation, orthopaedic biomechanics, molecular surface engineering, neuronal circuits of the brain, physiologic transport and flow, protein engineering, radionuclide imaging, women's reproductive health, soft tissue mechanics, genomics, and optical coherence tomography. The displayed options may include sponsored or recommended results, not necessarily based on your preferences. “I’ve never had an engineering class before, so I’m thankful they decided to do it in person. ), BME 590(265) BME Aspects of Blasts & Ballistics (Note: the course number is temporary. Durham, NC 27708-0281 Duke University, Departments of Biomedical Engineering seeks to hire a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the field of stem cell biology, tissue engineering, and disease modeling. It will be replaced by a permanent number. I can’t imagine prototyping without having in-class experience working with wires and various pieces of equipment.”.

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