fibreglass canoe restoration

Canoe Seat Replacement. The Ultimate Guide to Canoeing – Where to Go and What to Buy, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Message Board, Repairing Fiberglass, Kevlar, or Composite Canoes, Replacing Gunwales – from Old Town Canoe (pdf). There were areas of the canoe that had been previously repaired with fibreglass and Bondo. Repairing a Fiberglass Canoe: At the end of May last year I was online looking for jobs and wondering what I was going to do with my summer. After the inside of the canoe was painted the gunnels were cleaned and re-glued using expanding Gorilla glue – good stuff! The fiberglass had many large cracks and stress holes. knowledge to make high-quality cosmetic and structural fiberglass boat repairs. Patching minor cuts: Northwoods Canoe Company (ME) >, Wood-canvas Canoe Materials: After some fine sanding and trial fittings, the cut ends were sealed with a clear coat engine enamel. The canoe was purchased knowing it needed a lot of work, but Mike was up for the challenge! The recommendation from Western Canoe Kayak was to attach angle aluminum brackets to attach new seats and that’s exactly what we did. It’s an easy way to maintain the integrity of your canoe—some canoe experts call the gunwales the bones of your canoe, because they reinforce the shape of the whole boat. Thanks in advance. With two people in the canoe, it was fast and stable. The seat heights felt good, and there were no leaks! Come the spring I will just tape off all the wood and whatever else needs to be covered and put a new coat of paint on. that it takes is a little know-how and a little elbow grease! You'll want to clean up the damage, replace the damaged material and then restore the gelcoat that protects the finish. The new seats were purchased from Western Canoe Kayak in Abbotsford, British Columbia. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. The gunnels were removed from the canoe early on to examine the extent of damage and because they were coming unglued in several areas. Temperature, weather, and the thickness of the laminate all affect curing times. Replacing seats, applying 303 protectant for UV protection, oiling gunwales and even applying skid plates are all things you can do at home. A simple process of cleaning, sanding, washing, drying, wiping with paint thinner, applying fibreglass, then resin, letting cure and then repeating multiple times. A flat gray primer spray paint was used. I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get opinions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. On my Courier rebuild I just used off the shelf spray paint. Great job Linda! Just remember—a call or visit to the manufacturer’s web site is always a good place to start., Wait A Minute!I only hurt myself when I’m not working on canoes! SET UP WORKSPACE I would consider a 3mm thick strip of wood or plastic. Here’s the lowdown: canoe $100, new seats, brackets and hardware $150, all paint, paint roller and paint brush $100, Gorilla glue $10, eye bolts $10, sandpaper $20, sponge $10, round for orbital sander $20, fibreglass, resin, disposable brushes and disposable safety gear $80. Maybe can wedge into the slot when you fit the gunwale. Removing material in three areas revealed that there was an additional hole in the stern, one high up on the side and one in the middle of the hull. Pack out using fibreglass tape and resin, ideally you will find tape the same width as the depth of the rebate, but it won't to have a bit wider, or in fact to use several widths to taper the thickness out. The cedar core of a cedar strip canoe is strengthened by layers of epoxy. Very little finish work will be required. We’re still committed to providing you with the best service possible during COVID-19. After letting the paint set for two weeks and purchasing two Grey Owl canoe paddles from Western Canoe Kayak we took the canoe to Cultus Lake for a test drive. Remove the backer from the exterior surface. Gunwales contribute to the integrity of the canoe—Davidson calls them the bones of the canoe. Cut sufficient fiberglass fabric to fit the hole. This kept the mess, including the sanding dust, outside. This order of largest piece first, then progressively smaller pieces is how you are going to apply the new fabric. . I got this sweet old canoe for free off of Craigslist with no gunwales, no carry handles and really troubled looking wood plank seats. Alternatively if you can't find the right width in fibreglass you might find it in kevlar or carbon tape (will want to use epoxy or vinyester with those, fibreglass you can use either polyester or vinyester or epoxy, depending on what the boat is made from (if epoxy, you need to use epoxy). We will cover everything from fiberglass basics and tools to putting a blindingly glossy finish on your work. Seats were angled with a slight down-tilt towards the bow. Check inside the boat to make sure nothing is in the way, then make a circular or oval cut to remove the damaged area. 1. Jigs were made to determine the correct angles and widths of the seat frames. This damage can be simple “trailer rash” like For the ambitious, re-caning and re-webbing your seat are also options, but be prepared for the project to take longer than you expect—especially replacing the caning. Or check directly with the manufacturer of your canoe. will show you how! Mask the area below the hole. Tilt the sander so that only one side of the disk is touching the surface and the dust is thrown away from you. A 5” random orbit palm sander was used to clean up the holes in the canoe and for removing dried resin that dripped down during application. © 2020 Boat Owners Association of The United States. Don’t despair. When I put the first coat on I did scuff up the old with some 220 sandpaper, gently, and then applied the paint. dougd. Of course, gashes, nicks and scrapes rarely happen close to home, and many a paddler has made fine use of duct tape for on-the-water repairs. The entire investment was $500 ~ approximately one third the cost of a new fibreglass canoe. Oiling Wooden Gunwales – Tips from Mad River Canoe >, Replacing Wood Gunwales – Tips from Northwest Canoe >. Heat activated, it adheres to aluminum, Royalex, fiberglass, Kevlar and gelcoat canoes. Keeping them in good shape keeps your whole canoe in good shape. If the gunwales are already grey and peeling, or even cracked, Davidson would call them a” blue run” repair. Welcome to Nick Sahin Fiberglass LLC, where we have over 35 years of experience in fiberglass boat repair and fabrication. Stay tuned for an upcoming post showing how we restored a Huron wood canoe that we will be hanging from the ceiling in our log cabin next spring. The original fiberglass will have traces of mold release on the outer surface and wax surfactant on the inner surface. Then move to your right and start another ½ metre section. Just before preparing to head to bed I decided to log into Facebook. New gunnels are also available from Western Canoe Kayak. However, the repairability of fiberglass is one of its best characteristics. Have I done permanent damage to the gel coat? Even a Royalex canoe is very fixable. You got it: the most daunting repairs occur after your canoe flies off your car or gets pinned by any number of objects, like SUVs, trees and river rocks. Geographic listing of wood canoe experts and suppliers: Wooden Canoe Heritage Association (full list) >, Wood Canoe Repair Classes: To get the final laminate to cure, you simply seal it from the air, either with a plastic or by coating it with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) mold release. Cut the first layer of mat the full size of the ground depression, then cut subsequent pieces about an inch smaller. Laminating resin does not fully cure while exposed to air, which allows you to get a chemical bond between the multiple laminates you will be applying. The catalyst for both polyester and vinylester resin is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, or MEKP. You are going to bevel the edge of the hole with a 12-to-1 chamfer, so if you repair a 3-inch diameter hole through a 1/2-inch-thick hull from the outside, you end up with about 15 inches (diameter) of surface damage to refinish. Here in our little city we have a Buy and Sell Facebook page for fo… The number of laminates will be determined by the thickness of the hull; you will roughly need one layer for every 1/32 inch. The instructions on the can say ‘Not for use below waterline,’ which causes some confusion. Hope both of you enjoy many great moments on the water in the canoe. The canoe will be used frequently, so we expect it to get scratched. If the damage area is small and above the waterline, make the repair from inside the hull, if possible. Set up in a large enough area for easy access around the entire canoe. The sentences used kept me reading non-stop ’til the end. This is just what I was looking for! I will probably give it a try this off-season. From the keel in a ½ metre section roller horizontal rows and work successive rows down. All I think there are only gouges and no holes as I don’t see any holes from the inside. If you fail to remove the wax first, grinding will drag it into the bottom of the scratches and weaken the bond. I am trying to source vinyl gunwales fo Fibreglass canoe restoration - Song of the Paddle Forum Read through some common canoe repairs to assess whether you can take on a project yourself or want to consult with an expert: We’ve compiled some tips and links to get you started on some of the most common canoe repairs. Polyester resin usually requires 1 to 2 percent of hardener by volume (follow the manufacturer's instructions). During the lay-up process, because each layer is applied before the previous one fully cures, each application of resin links chemically with the previous one to form a solid structure--as though all the layers were saturated at once.

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