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Eastern Way, Cannock, #TakeCharge, These two guys are the best. Unfortunately, doing so is going to present a number of negative side effects. Do You Need to Wear a Glove to Play Golf? – but it is really the small stuff that can take you to a new level. Staffordshire, WS11 7FD, For the actual grip, make a hook with your index finger and lightly grip the club. Learn how your comment data is processed. I believe first and foremost that the club should be held in the fingers of both hands and although there are specific pressure points all fingers are exerting some pressure. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you need to use a relaxed grip if you are going to hit powerful shots. The Golf Grip Pressure and Pressure Points, Golf Grip Pressure and Grip Pressure Points. "Gripping the club too tight can cause thin, weak shots that slice. I would just like to add that I was suffering with the same Problem of my wrists not cocking properly on my backswing and some of it was down to my grip pressure too high but I also changed the Tension in my arms. On the surface, it probably doesn’t seem like grip pressure is particularly important in the grand scheme of your game. Place your open dominant hand and try out a swing for the Feel. The forefinger and thumb of the right hand should feel relaxed. The issue here is the release. With the right hand, apply most of the pressure through the ring and middle finger. Love it you guys rock!!! © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Tom Watson: How To Improve Your Golf Grip, Simple steps for getting your hands on right, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. There are so many methods on how to ease grip pressure whether it be the great Sam Sneads analogy of holding a bird so it doesn’t escape but isn’t harmed or whether you use a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hardest and looking for a 4 or 5, all I would say is give yourself some feedback and assess your own grip pressure. Keep up the good work …, Hello Peter, your absolutely right! Focus on Impact Position, Understanding Swingweight and Its Role in Golf Clubs, What to Expect When You Sign Up for Golf Lessons, Eyes Wide Shut: Why Pro Golfers Sometimes Putt Without Looking at the Ball, How to Hold the Putter: Common Putting Grips and Their Pros and Cons, Need New Putting Approach? Get to work on this point as soon as possible and you will be able to take your game in the right direction. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, On Scale of 1-10, Make Your Golf Grip Pressure a 4 or 5, More Ways to Visualize Correct Golf Grip Pressure, The Golf Grip: How to Properly Take Hold of the Club, A Step-by-Step Guide to a Great Golf Setup, Low Trajectory on Iron Shots? Hello Alex it would definitely be a good idea to get your grip more in the fingers, as it will help you control the club a lot more. The vast majority of amateur golfers hold onto the club too tightly. Possible the most explosive sports discipline in the world, when you see these super powerful athletes flying down the track you can see in slow motion how relaxed their faces are. i often try and grip with a very relaxed grip i.e. Your ability to control and create wrist set in the back swing and hold in the down swing will be enhanced and this coupled with getting your lower body starting the down swing more will improve all areas of your ball striking and consistency. Tom Watson is a Golf Digest Teaching Professional. OK. We're not really sure what a spotted owl's egg feels like, either, or how much pressure would be harmful to one. Back to waggling. Not good at all. Hi Piers, Thanks for the tip on grip pressure. A good…, Yes definitely Kevin when we go to hit the ball harder our arms usually tense up and we lose that feel and weight of the club and the ability to sequence the timing in our down swing properly. Keep up the good work. The only cure for this crisis of confidence is experience. Pick up a golf club and experiment with how hard you hold the club. Great job guys. Holding on to the grip too tightly is going to take away some of your club head speed, meaning you won’t hit the ball as far as the end. All rights reserved. Modern day science is amazing, we have 2D video which analyses the players style of swing, 3D biomechanics which is like the MRI of a golf swing telling you whether it works or not, force plates which can tell you to the entire weight distribution and transfer in the golf swing, and Trackman which can tell every conceivable piece of data that you would never see with the human eye. You will have trouble chipping the ball the right distance, and your speed control on the greens will suffer as well. different web browser. Pick up a golf club and experi…, Hello Hans, thank you for your comment, when you hold the club it is important that you have full control of the club head and to do this you need to be able to feel it. I'm guessing it will. If you go tot he “Swing Faults” section in our Video Vaults click on the “over the top” swing fault and there are lots of ways to fix this fault in there. This is the advice on golf grip pressure provided by Lamanna: Lamanna reminds readers of Sam Snead's famous quote about grip pressure: "Hold the club as if you had a little baby bird in your hand," Snead said. If you go tot he “Swing Faults” section in our Video Vaults click on the “over the top” swing fault and there are lots of ways to fix this fault in there. how do i best practice (as i do not have a foam 3ft upright to angle in to me as you guys have showed) coming from the inside and most importantly know when i am getting it right? Before long, you will be hitting full iron shots, and eventually, you can take the step of hitting drivers on the range. Squeeze the post of the SwingPilot with thumb and index finger. It is so easy to tense up as the round goes on. When your grip is too tight, it stiffens muscles from hand to shoulder, which also affects every part of your body and tightens your movement, taking away fluidity. Poor quality grips will cause movement of the club and subsequently make you grip too tightly to gain control. Enter your email address to receive weekly updates from Golficity. the harder you try to relax the harder it is to relax. Hi Martin. Your golf swing may become too mechanical if you hold on with a tight grip. Yes your grip pressure will definitely help lag. But what happens when you hold on too tightly? #TakeCharge, hello, I am a starting golfer and have had a lot of movies to you. I already did a lot of drills this week to train my hips to fire first. FRIED EGG: How to Escape a Plugged Lie in the Bunker, A Great Move To Get To Your Lead Side // Riley’s Swing Breakdown, KILLER PUTTING LESSON at Baltusrol | Learning How to Read the Greens, you want to hold on to the club tight enough to maintain control, and no tighter, You won’t be able to release the club head freely through impact when you use a tight grip, start in the short game area by hitting some chip and pitch shots, BREAKING: TaylorMade Golf Partners with Arccos Golf. One of the biggest differences I see in golfers going from the driving range to the first tee is a change in grip pressure. COMBO: College Gameday Broadcasting From The Masters. This sounds like a very grand imaginative story but I see this scenario several times a week and the catalyst is the grip pressure. So even in one of the most powerful explosive sports in the world there is an element of calm. INSANE VIDEO: We Hired an FPV DRONE PILOT to Film Our Golf Shots! Often people will hold the golf club too hard, this can lead to a knock on effect of swing faults and result in tension throughout. But nothing could be further from the truth. Grip pressure is part of Feel and individual preference. Maintain the Feel of the connection between your subdominant hand and the club. Play a couple of solo rounds at the start so you can focus on your grip without worrying too much about your score. You need to allow the wrists to set in the back swing and be free. It is important to understand what can go wrong when you miss the mark with your grip pressure. The vast majority of amateur golfers hold onto the club too tightly. Hold the golf club with the pressure it takes to hold a tube of toothpaste firmly but without squeezing out any toothpaste. Keep up the good work and stay social. Yet another one of my failings highlighted. So what is the ideal grip pressure? The golf swing is a forceful movement: If you don't have a good hold on the club, it could go flying out of your hands. But birds are delicate creatures, so you also have to hold one gently enough not to harm it. 41 – “Winter Is Coming!”. Your email address will not be published. I already did a lot of drills this week to train my hips to fire first. If you currently hold onto the club too tightly, it will be difficult to make the necessary change if you start with the driver. This is understandable, of course. Golf Podcast 346: Inside the Fitting Lab at Five Iron Golf, Inside the Leather Ep. Thank you. TRICK SHOT: Trick Or Treat; Can You Make This Shot? Download the free Golficity App to get all the best Golficity content in one place, including the latest podcasts, videos, trending stories, and more. Think about it this way – you want to hold on to the club tight enough to maintain control, and no tighter. You will need to experiment and balance out tightness and looseness for optimum Feel and control, and discover the pressure that works best for you. #TakeCharge, I’ll definitely take a look at my grip pressure today, since I’m struggling with starting the downswing with the lower body. ps. This then results in the down swing be started by the upper body resulting in an outside in swing path, this results in the dreaded SLICE. ... You should grip it with the pressure of holding a spotted owl's egg.". Following is a list of a few problems you may encounter when you squeeze the grip during the swing. Helps to activate the correct group of muscles for the swing. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. You won’t be able to release the club head freely through impact when you use a tight grip, and as a result, the energy passed from the club to the ball is going to be reduced. You should feel the club being supported by the last three fingers of your left hand (above, left). Equipment is also very important here. Our listeners love us, and we're sure you will too! Choose Your Newsletters Podcast Updates. Once you trust your lighter grip on chip and pitch shots, gradually make your way into some half swings with your wedges. As long as you can safely control the club, you are in good shape. Grip pressure should stay consistent throughout the whole swing and you should pay particular attention to the top of your backswing where a very common mistake is loosening your grip pressure and losing control of the club. In addition to the baby-bird analogy, the other best-known way of visualizing the correct grip pressure is the toothpaste analogy. The Pull (or Pulled Shot) in Golf and What Causes It, Sam Snead Quotes: A Sampling of the Golfer's Best Sayings, 5 Key Swing Checks When You Need to Fix Your Golf Slice, 17 Quick and Easy Tips for Beginning Golfers and High-Handicappers, proper placement of the hands on the handle.

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