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This positioning will obviously change depending on the content of the custom marker but it is an easy fix within the script. After creating a project you need to go to Maps JavaScript and enable it. Note: You can use standard and custom marker icons from the Google Earth/Maps Icons collection. An example set of files is available here for download. Given the wealth of knowledge available on the Google Maps Javascript API it came as a surprise in our experience at Humaan that it was difficult to find information regarding one very important feature – Custom HTML Map Markers. Google Maps v3 Custom HTML Map Marker.

This itself isn’t going to do anything, so we need to add an event listener to listen to that information window. You can further optimize this by adding all the marker properties to an array.

From the credentials tab, you can create an API key. An Overlay, as described by the documentation, is an object on the map that is tied to latitude and longitude coordinates. I just changed my code from. Therefore the solution is to not use a Marker object. You can find all of this from our homepage at — show some love by giving our publications a follow and subscribing to our YouTube channel! Here is the demo from Google I was linked to.

No, they’re ... Last month, a tweet by Yesenia Perez-Cruz, Senior Designer at Vox Media, caught my eye.

Let's move on add a pop-up with some information or some content, So for that what we are going to do is go under the marker and create a variable called infomation and set that to google.maps.InfoWindow which going to take in an object with the content we want. Now everything is set. For the best experience, please enable JavaScript. The HTML title, (which is provided by the title parameter of Maps Marker), can’t help. At least, we think so. Many of the problems I face, Google has examples for in their documentation.

And yet, when the business case for UX is stronger than ever, many brands still default to popups for pushing their marketing messages.

Let's make something great together. Luckily this is a very simple process and follows the same standard pattern for initialising any Google Map. A demo including this class is accessible here.

I am sure the limited resources presently available for this feature would be plaguing plenty of designers and developers. After finding this it was rather easy to replace my normal map markers with the custom ones.

The really useful aspect of Overlays is that their Javascript prototype object can be easily extended to create a custom HTML map marker. Many of the problems I face, Google has examples for in their documentation.

29 July 2013 I’m currently building a small rails app that will display where all of the breweries located in Portland Oregon are. In our example we have the option of passing a ‘marker_id’ variable within our ‘args’ object and then applying it to the HTML element. Let’s see how we can do that. Please see the example below with the original marker still visible. This tutorial teaches you how to change the icon of a Google maps marker. Keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram.

A demo including this class is accessible here. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.

Start a

It is beneficial to know the basics of creating markers when using this tutorial. To add custom markers you need to create a variable and set it togoogle.maps.Markers() and give the position as an object to put the marker. Inside initMap we have to set a variable called map and set to a new Google Map object.

After two or so hours of searching for a way to make custom HTML map markers, I finally found an example in a forum.


What we’ll have to do is put function initMap in our JavaScript file.

It is the same for passing the content information for these markers. Maybe you have seen custom markers on the map on some tour & travels websites. The crux of the method takes place once the element is created.

Here is a basic example.

Before we get started you need to have a Google API key, So to do that we have to go to Google API Console and create a project (This project you create isn't just for Google Maps.

They show their all … Luckily with a couple of modifications it is very easy to pass parameters to your custom marker. How we can add a custom marker on google map using JavaScript & CSS? To offset the left position we reduce it by half of the width which is 10 pixels.

It allows me to do things like CSS hover states and styling, as well as have better event listeners for buttons/links inside of the info windows.

It can be scaled, rotated, dragged and even replaced with custom images. The function stores these values in the class scope. Once or twice a month. This allows them to be easily accessible and readily manipulated by Javascript or CSS. Now notice that it has a parameter called callback that's set to an initMap . You can change the passing properties and have different custom icons for each marker as well. This will be helpful once you start styling the elements or when you run Javascript methods that target the elements. Have something in mind? This is where the magic happens and the custom HTML is created for insertion into the map. Unfortunately the Google Map Javascript API’s marker object is limited in this regard. But when you add custom icons for some markers it is not optimal to left the default marker icons as it is. // Check if the overlay was on the map and needs to be removed. Like this post? Why? The lines following it basically specify the attributes of the element such as class name and styles. It supports a lot of APIs). Just a few months ago, we launched a site with this particle effect, and wanted to share how we went about creating it. For development purpose, you can add the map without an API key by adding js?v=3.exp, Now if you save it and reload, you won’t see anything on the website. This will. This is helpful for being able to select markers from outside of the Google Map script’s scope.

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