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The new detection method uses the initial script’s version, if set. Abhilfe schafft das Plugin Remove Google Fonts References, das Google Fonts in 99% aller Fälle entfernen kann. Of course But first calm down and read this comprehensive guide on how to configure OMGF. Tom Dupuis started OMM in 2011. Overall performance improvements and reduced code footprint. * Auto detect now works better than ever. Introduced a queueing system for font-styles search, preload and remove for easier management. You can’t control some external resources and scripts, which makes them impossible to compress, minify, or optimize. Hope the new update will fix the bug as well. Comma-separated search now works better (supports ‘,’ as well as ‘, ‘). Improved error-handling. Improved overall error handling for Auto Detect and downloading using cURL. Fixed bug where a few strings couldn’t be translated. Added filter so Auto Remove can be disabled by other plugins (OMGF Pro, in this case.). OMGF will now show a notice in the admin area, if the optimization never ran, to increase UX. XSS hardening in stylesheet generation form. Dazu klickst du auf deiner eigenen Website auf die rechte Maustaste und dann auch Element untersuchen. Code clean-up in Generate-script. Installation eines zusätzlichen Plugins, Google Maps, reCAPTCHA und einigen anderen Google-Diensten. In measurements on PINGDOM and GTMETRIX, a page without this plugin has 1-2 queries less and is 0.5 to 0.8 seconds faster. Bugfix: if Auto Remove was enabled, but no stylesheet was yet generated, this would break some themes’ stylesheet. If Manual is selected, the URL can be specified which should be scanned for Google Fonts. Added ‘Also optimize fonts for logged in users?’ option. Fixed bug that would throw excessive notices if PHP logging is enabled. © 2020 Online Media Masters | Privacy Policy | Affiliate Disclaimer  | Built by Revealize, 1. Font Preloading is temporarily removed and will be re-introduced (in a different form, along with new features) in a later release. Correct support for Legacy IE browsers (EOT). Here we named our classes roboto_font and roboto_bold_font. Locally Hosting Google Fonts shouldn’t be so Difficult. Is your font listed as an open source font, or is it a premium font? Therefore, I'm giving it a "temporary zero" star review, Google Fonts über deinen eigenen Server hat jedoch auch einige Nachteile, auf die ich auch kurz eingehen möchte: Wenn du mich fragst, lässt sich das berechtigte Interesse (nach Art. Added error handling to DownloadFonts-script. Am besten sortierst Du die ganzen Anfragen mit einem Klick auf Host und suchst dann nach Pros and Cons of each Optimization Mode are outlined upon selection. Use Fewer Google Fonts – keep your Google Fonts to a minimum (less fonts = less requests). Finn ist der Gründer von Blogmojo. Gave some settings more accurate descriptions. Auto Detect is now compatible with Newspaper theme. OMGF can now rewrite the URI from where fonts are served using the ‘Serve webfonts from…’ setting. To do this, add this to your style.css file (after the above code): font-family: “Roboto”, “Arial”, sans-serif; Now create a test page and place the following code in the Text Editor…,


Known bug: ‘Apply’ button isn’t clickable when sticky. Added option to use relative URLs in the generated stylesheet. Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe (und du deine Website lädt wieder ein paar Millisekunden schneller)! Google Webfonts lokal einbinden [Urgent] Errors in some translation strings. GoDaddy: do I really need to write this? If you are already configured a cache plugin like WP Rocket or WP Fastest Cache, you may start noticing external resources like fonts affecting grades + load times. Anschließend musst du diesen noch konfigurieren. Maintaining three plugins besides my daily 9-to-5 job is a handful, so no. Where to place the CSS code is subjective but you can use an external stylesheet or the WordPress’ wp_enqueue_style function in functions.php, or at the start of your style.css file (or custom.css if you have one). Hosting Google fonts locally to boost speed is one thing. No new features or bugfixes. Dazu kopierst du den CSS-Code, den du in Schritt 3 im Text-Editor zwischengespeichert hast, in die style.css-Datei deines Child-Themes. Aber da Google Fonts auf bestimmt jeder zweiten Website eingebunden sind, ist es durchaus möglich, dass Google Nutzeraktivitäten dadurch im Netz nachverfolgen kann. Added compatibility for (more efficient) chained requests to Google Fonts (separated by a pipe (|)) to the Auto-detect feature. Anyways, it has worked for me and all I have is good things to say about it. Automatically replace registered/enqueued Google Fonts in wp_head() with local copies. Dann abonniere unseren kostenlosen Newsletter mit exklusiven Tipps und Angeboten rund um's Bloggen, SEO und Online-Business. 1. This is the CSS code that will connect your fonts with your existing CSS and make them ready to use. Enhanced search and auto-detect: search results of one, are now appended to the result of the other. One of the most common external resources are Google Fonts. performance. Throw clear error if any of the new tables don’t exist. To get around this, you should configure each site separately. For anything else, please follow the steps in this how-to. Check your GTmetrix Waterfall to get a benchmark of your fonts, then retest it after optimizing. – Combine all Google Fonts (made by your theme and/or plugins) requests into one file,

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. Works. When a webpage is first loaded, it reroutes these requests to its own Download API and copies the fonts over to your server. Several tweaks and optimizations in overall performance. Updated Welcome-panel with Fast FW Press-services. In manchen Fällen werden Google Fonts auch freiwillig oder unfreiwillig über Plugins oder externen Code eingebunden. Further improvements for downloading of analytics.js. Fixed issue where OMGF wouldn’t detect fonts in weight 400 (and 400 italic). Complete overhaul of code. Was das Design betrifft, ist das allerdings nicht immer sinnvoll. Etwa 2 bis 5 E-Mails im Monat. And. Auf der rechten Seite kann man sehen, welche Schriftstärken und Zeichenkodierungen genau verwendet werden: Bei manchen Themes kann man in den Theme-Optionen einstellen, dass Google Fonts lokal geladen werden sollen (oder kann sich andere Schritte dieser Anleitung sparen). I write tutorials on WordPress speed optimization and SEO. 6 Speed-Tests), 29 wichtige SEO-Tipps für 2020, die du sofort umsetzen solltest, Google-Suchoperatoren: Die komplette Liste mit 46 Operatoren (inkl. ), Google-Updates 2020 bis 2003: Die komplette Liste mit 60+ Updates, Webhosting-Vergleich 2020: 15 Hoster im ausführlichen Test (inkl. Das könnte dich ebenfalls interessieren... ⚡ [NEU] Mein SEO-Kurs "Keyword Mastery" ist da! This allows your cache plugin to compress all resources related to your custom font(s). Replace with your own website (and HTTPS if using SSL). Google will automatically download all font weights, so the selection of font weights is not required at this step, and is instead required in step 3. Optimized AJAX-requests for download-counter. Thanks for creating and offering this plugin to the community for free. CAOS, OMGF Pro, etc.) Wenn du Google Fonts standardmäßig eingebunden hast, das heißt über Google-Server, werden mitunter Daten wie die IP-Adresse, Client-Daten (benutzter Browser, Betriebssystem) oder Referrer (die verweisende Seite) von Google gespeichert. For obvious reasons, OMGF only has access to open source fonts. — Lifehacker. Fixed bug where sometimes stylesheet would still be enqueued, even though the file didn’t exist. Und das schon seit über 10 Jahren. Modified preload feature to comply with Mozilla’s regulations for the crossorigin attribute. Dazu löschst du zunächst den Cache deines Caching-Plugins und von Autoptimize sowie die Dateien in deinem Browser-Cache. Added several reminder notices to improve UX and reduce the level of complexity. If you already have a custom font, it may not appear correctly and require debugging or editing existing font-family properties and replacing them with this one instead. Also, duplicate search queries are now filtered, so they will not return duplicate subset results. Fixed bug which broke preload. Improved search by adding support for comma-separated lists. Some settings were moved to a new tab: Basic Settings. Be Selective With Font Weights – the number of weights also affect load times.If you only need the bold version, uncheck the other weights so Google Fonts only load those … B. Arial) zu ersetzen. Take a full backup of your site (or at least the files you’re editing) before making changes. OMGF now remembers which fonts you use, to make it easier to edit your stylesheet. Fixed syntax error (unexpected ‘)’ on line 147). I'm aware it is temporary, as the author explained, but my sites can't be "temporary" unusable. When the fonts are downloaded and the stylesheet is generated, it rewrites every URL (pointing to or to the locally hosted variant. Added experimental option for preload resource hint. Increased compatibility with caching plugins, which would cause static pages to be served and block OMGF from pointing requests to its Download API. Das sieht dann so aus: Solltest du mehrere verschiedene Schriftarten, Schriftstärken und/oder Zeichkodierungen benutzen, musst du die einzelnen Code-Abschnitte untereinander einfügen: Jetzt musst du nur noch dafür sorgen, dass keine Verbindung mehr zu Google-Servern hergestellt wird. After installing the plugin, choose your Optimization Mode: Manual (default) or Automatic. A complete overview of all detected fonts, grouped by stylesheet. Replaced download counter for progress-bar. Everything in the free version, plus: Damit du Google Fonts lokal einbinden kannst, ist es zunächst notwendig herauszufinden, welche Google Fonts überhaupt auf deiner Website verwendet werden. Please keep in mind that, although I try to make the configuration of this plugin as easy as possible, the concept of locally hosting a file or optimizing Google Fonts for Pagespeed Insights or GT Metrix has proven to be confusing for some people. Nun sollte sich auf der rechten Seite oder unten die Konsole geöffnet haben. Unbelievable, worked over 3 years in good way for me and now slowed down your site. Added ‘Downloaded’ indicator in ‘Generate Stylesheet’ tab. Yes, it does. Auf vielen meiner Websites, darunter auch Blogmojo, habe ich mich dazu entschieden, Google Fonts durch System-Schriftarten (insbesondere die Apple-Schriftart San Francisco finde ich sehr schick!)

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