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We currently plan to 6 divisions, with 8 teams in each division: Elementary (Grades 1-4) […] Dedicated to Stopping Intoxicated Boating. 2021 Annual Wiffle Ball Tournament Come join us on a date to be determined in August 2021 at JoAnn Eckmann Park in Libertyville for our next Wiffle Ball Tournament! Best Halloween Costume Award – This award will be given to the player or team with the best Halloween costume(s). You can register as a free agent and we will put you on a team for $20 per player. Be a home run hitter! How to Play Wiffle Ball. of Libertyville Morrison & Morrison, Dudley & Lake Michael & Debbie Greenhill Slammers Baseball Mel & Sheila Smith, AAIM Arpino Orthodontics Bill & Joan Abington Burnett Dane Funeral Home Burns Family Dentistry David Del Re, Attorney At Law John & Stephanie Lipp Christopher & Paula Markos Mia Bella Yarn & Accessories Eileen Morrison Mary Ellen & Tom Murphy O'Donnell Law Firm, Ltd. Taxman Family Foundation, Timothy Aukerman MB Babcock Sod & Dorothy Bailey Terence & Debra Brady Shauna Burens Ken & Jenny Chalifoux Kelley Collins Ray & Kathleen Collins John Crandell Brooke Dawes Brett DeRousse Alison Donnelly Frank Furlan Andrea Haan Mark Hamideh Steve Hartnig Jill Marie Henze Cathy Johns Erin Koehlhoeffer Rich & Marsha Kolb Maggie & Jeff Krynski Izabella Messina Kristy Morrison Don & Suzy Newcomb James & Dana Pinderski Robert Saltzstein Tony Sampson Kim & Dan Setterstrom Amy Seymour Sylvia Siwinski Kathryn Short Perry Smith Amy Snow Jackie Sullivan Cory Thompson Hon. Runners can also be forced or tagged out. A foul tip on strike 3 that hits the strike board will be strike 3. 4 balls for a walk, 3 strikes for an out. This event is a one day wiffle ball tournament. Runner to first base will be out if the ball is returned to the pitcher, but only if the pitcher has at least one foot within the pitching circle before the runner reaches first base. stream If you’re a High School athlete, we have a division for you! Tournament MVP award – This award will go to the best player in the tournament. Adult Teams $100 (3 to 5 players). Hensley, 61, comes into the tournament with a lot of wiffle ball experience. Foul balls going outside the playing field into an adjacent field are not playable. If a team member must drop out of the game, the next time through the batting order you simply skip that person’s at bat with no penalty. ©2015 Cabell Huntington Hospital Foundation. �M0H�0��-kl��+?T����t���;���w� ��L G���b�C�@�ކ!��/�z�iĞ[��p#��f�����L���xB^;�� �����|��]� 'O�-@�\Nr�c4�0��ݻ N�(N.C���TGx.�7���S������ 7(�֓�������*�P�UPn�@#B���`q�:W���Z����E�ex]�?w�pZ� �:��#��f���}�ٳ. 5 0 obj Register – Kids and Youth Divisions. This means running the bases, “pitcher’s hand out,” and even “pegs.” The objective is to have fun, while raising money for a great cause. Foul balls not in an adjacent field may be played while in the air. Free substitution for fielding positions is allowed between innings. If you like kickball or dodgeball, this is just as fun. PcK;�:2���ZK!�%�? w���MUq�t�^�6��3(D|vLƵH�2�0"��Y7���jb^�'�)�? The winner of the derby takes home $100! Dare to dress crazy and play! United Wiffle®Ball is a collection of individuals and organizations formed for the express purposes of continuing the fast pitch national championship tradition, weaving that championship into the fabric of the greater Wiffle®Ball community, and encouraging year-round play. If you’re a serious baseball or softball player, come give this a shot. Come out to win. Come out to relive your glory days. Wiffle Ball is played with a bat, ball, strike zone (made into a rectangular shape), cones and sometimes even fences for home runs. The Y-noT Project Wiffle Ball Tournament will be played the way we played when we were kids. Pitchers must pitch from the back of the pitching circle (at least one foot must be touching the back of the circle). Regulation yellow bats only. Check out the recent article in The Ringer for more information on our style of wiffle. This is a tutorial on how to hit a home run and have a good batting stance in wiffleball Teams can be coed. For 2020 only, there are further amendments to the Rules in order to reduce the chances of players coming in close… There is a $10 additional donation to participate in the derby. Register – Adult Division All team members must hit. 12. The entry fee for teams for Saturday's Wiffle ball tournament is $100, and the home run derby is available for $1 per two hits, with two age groups available: 13 and younger; 14 and older. �pW`jf�Z$��'k�XkE�ҍ"b����s8#�]l\Kh���u'��;y^�0�O��_ѿ]�r�_��2jf��Y�YۧAђ���3΍�=��Z{6Ãu��G�ޒ�����jC�cw����ė�_Z��L�ۀ�D���3g11眽��9�ȴp���� T�k �h�p���y��7G8�ى�v8��7���+�K���{™��bV3¼�E�%��K��/��{��yN����f8�f��"ס�h�M�߹�= x��OȁLNFEWR-��D4��?\PGf(�D�Rȏ�(yD����C�e��a��=����5q���Fu���s|�����4�D�cf��Բ�+%��,�A��#˲f@YWó�9���h|S���n� ��N@�D��|I�颵q�x>����_�a׮��U�m�rKx�Ү�V�-4#i����Q���eA����1՗%�� �1�8=�h�GM~K�I��1��x�爇lL=d�'D���}•�C��/���+�h��bs�x'��<8�A������2Bc}����"���j��~A3Y�=�� N}H�D#���:����PԪ��g��p���`�F����kl�"w�}��wG��A�Ff ����B��bPBА��wPS=��S^.�5ArWɦj��d���6a2�ٌ�����[k�Ƃt��G��O����u��5��ە�=j^��řWv���A^��4x#���?�хJ�*��.� �X�߷9�)�[��M�][��t��D��A:n8������x�e-cZ�#딸�q�0��qj� c����5�Fa� .

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