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The group wanted Ignatius for their leader, but he declined, stating that given his earlier life experiences, he was not worthy. Ignatius of Loyola died on the 31 July 1556. In 1541, he was invited to go to the East Indies by John III of Portugal. [citation needed], Ignatius obtained a master's degree from the University of Paris at the age of forty-three. When Ignatius of Loyola was sixteen years old, he started working for the treasurer of Castile, Juan Velazquez. Jean Lacouture, Antonio Manrique de Lara, 2nd Duke of Nájera, schools and educational institutions worldwide, "Saint Ignatius of Loyola's Vision of Christ and God the Father at La Storta". After two weeks he was asked to leave because of unrest in the Holy Land. [7], The religious work which most particularly struck him was the De Vita Christi of Ludolph of Saxony. It created a centralized organization for the order,[35][36] and stressed absolute self-denial and obedience to the Pope and to superiors in the Church hierarchy, using the motto perinde ac cadaver – "as if a dead body",[37] i.e. [23] In March 1522, he visited the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat. [citation needed], Statue of Saint Ignatius of Loyola at Gesù Church, Rome, Ignatius died in Rome on 31 July 1556, as a result of the Roman Fever, a severe case of malaria that recurred in Rome, Italy, at different points in history. The present day St. Ignace still bears his name. At one point, Íñigo was preaching on the street when three of these devout women began to experience ecstatic states. Esteeming Ignatius and the Jesuits, when Vega was appointed Viceroy of Sicily, he brought Jesuits with him. [15], While recovering from surgery, Íñigo underwent a spiritual conversion which led to his experiencing a call to religious life. Ignatius is remembered as a talented spiritual director. After claiming to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus he went to the shrine of Our Lady at Montserrat in Aragon and became a hermit living in a cave near Mantua in 1522. He remained there from 3 to 23 September but he was sent back to Europe by the Franciscans. Traub, S.J., George and Mooney, Ph.D., Debra. [citation needed], As a boy Íñigo became a page in the service of a relative, Juan Velázquez de Cuéllar, treasurer (contador mayor) of the kingdom of Castile. "[32], Later, they were joined by Francis Borgia, a member of the House of Borgia, who was the main aide of Emperor Charles V, and other nobles. Ignatius has to this day a powerful and respectable legacy. There, he carefully examined his past sins, confessed, gave his fine clothes to the poor he met, wore a "garment of sack-cloth", then hung his sword and dagger at the Virgin's altar during an overnight vigil at the shrine. Ignatius was beatified by Pope Paul V on 27 July 1609, and canonized by Pope Gregory XV on 12 March 1622. Doctors told him that he would last a month, but he began to improve in June 1521. An Approach to Good Choices; Spiritual Direction; Discernment of Spirits; Vocations; Ignatian Voices. In 1523 he made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with the intention of finding converts. [citation needed], "On the morning of the 15th of August, 1534, in the chapel of church of Saint Peter, at Montmartre, Loyola and his six companions, of whom only one was a priest, met and took upon themselves the solemn vows of their lifelong work. He went to Goa, Travancore, Malacca, Molucca Isles, Sri Lanka and Japan. Loyola had become convinced that he could not do his work within an existing order, hence his determination to start his own. [14][page needed] According to another he was "a fancy dresser, an expert dancer, a womanizer, sensitive to insult, and a rough punkish swordsman who used his privileged status to escape prosecution for violent crimes committed with his priest brother at carnival time. He gained a reputation as an able soldier and dualist and was put in command of troops. [citation needed], As a young man Íñigo had a great love for military exercises as well as a tremendous desire for fame. By the time Ignatius of Loyola died in 1556, the Jesuits had 35 schools and over 1,000 members. Ac2692.y/29.(16). [33], Ignatius sent his companions as missionaries around Europe to create schools, colleges, and seminaries. [19] This book would influence his whole life, inspiring him to devote himself to God and follow the example of Francis of Assisi and other great monks. Ignatius of Loyola (born Iñigo López de Oñaz y Loyola; Basque: Ignazio Loiolakoa; Spanish: Ignacio de Loyola; Latin: Ignatius de Loyola; c. 23 October 1491 – 31 July 1556), venerated as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, was a Spanish Basque Catholic priest and theologian, who co-founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and became its first Superior General at Paris in 1541. [citation needed], In 1949 he was the subject of a Spanish biographical film The Captain from Loyola in which he was played by Rafael Durán. October 23, His diplomacy and leadership qualities earned him the title "servant of the court", which made him very useful to the Duke. [10], Íñigo was the youngest of thirteen children. … His intellectual activities were brought to the attention of The Inquisition who accused him of preaching without formal training in theology, but afterward, they left him alone. During his time of studying Loyola collected eight followers who shared his beliefs. This suspicious activity had taken place while Íñigo was preaching without a degree in theology. Ignatius Loyola was born in 1491 into a wealthy noble family. St. Ignatius Loyola was born in 1491, one of 13 children of a family of minor nobility in northern Spain. In May 1521, he was wounded at the Battle of Pamplona while fighting against France. He was educated as a knight. He spent his time in rags confessing and scourging himself whilst helping the sick. He was baptized Íñigo, after St. Enecus (Innicus) (Basque: Eneko; Spanish: Íñigo) Abbot of Oña,[7] a Basque medieval, affectionate name meaning "My little one". Ignatius is also a foremost patron saint of soldiers. [citation needed], In 2016, he was the subject of a Filipino film Ignacio de Loyola in which he was played by Andreas Muñoz. A Jesuit college was opened at Messina, which proved a success, and its rules and methods were afterwards copied in other colleges. [23] He thought that his plan was confirmed by a vision of the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus he experienced one night, which resulted in much consolation to him. In later life he was often called "Master Ignatius" because of this. Nine of these units were in Europe, one was in Brazil and the other was in the Far East. This autobiography ("Autobiografía de San Ignacio de Loyola" in Wikisource in Spanish) is a valuable key for understanding his Spiritual Exercises. [18] This is how Íñigo came to read a series of religious texts on the life of Jesus and on the lives of the saints, since the "romances of chivalry" he loved to read were not available to him in the castle. Of the institutions dedicated to Saint Ignatius, one of the most famous is the Basilica of St Ignatius Loyola, built next to the house where he was born in Azpeitia, the Basque Country, Spain. The Jesuits were one of the major spearheads of the Counter-Reformation. Xavier was from an aristocratic family yet he found himself on a filthy ship devastated by fever. It was around this time he became known as Ignatius, a variation of Inigo. [6], Íñigo López de Loyola (more fully, de Oñaz y Loyola; sometimes erroneously called de Recalde)[7] was born in the municipality of Azpeitia at the castle of Loyola in today's Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain. Loyola ensured that the Jesuit movement was highly disciplined and that all followers knew by heart his ‘Spiritual Exercises’ and ‘Constitution’. By the time of Loyola’s death in 1556, there were an estimated 1,000 Jesuits organised into eleven units. They began to attract other members. In early 1522 Ignatius of Loyola entered Santa Maria de Montserrat, a Benedictine monastery. Ignatius was chosen as the first Superior General of the order and invested with the title of Father General by the Jesuits. Ignatius of Loyola then decided to further his education and returned to Barcelona where he studied under Master Jeronimo Ardevol where he did his primary education. Despite this, Gerrard was one of the few men to escape from this fortress. Ignatius of Loyola is the patron saint of the Society of Jesus, soldiers, education, and educators. Rather than leave for the relative safety of Europe, he remained in England to continue with his work. [17] Another who set the highest standards for the Jesuits was Francis Xavier. Ignatius was beatified in 1609, and then canonized, receiving the title of Saint on 12 March 1622. “I will follow like a puppy dog if I can only find a way to salvation.” Loyola threw himself at the mercy of God. The work done by Ignatius Loyola was seen as an important counter to Martin Luther and John Calvin. Ignatius of Loyola (born Iñigo López de Oñaz y Loyola; Basque: Ignazio Loiolakoa; Spanish: Ignacio de Loyola; Latin: Ignatius de Loyola; c.  23 October 1491[2] – 31 July 1556), venerated as Saint Ignatius of Loyola, was a Spanish Basque Catholic priest and theologian, who co-founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) and became its first Superior General at Paris in 1541. "[15] Upon encountering a Moor who denied the divinity of Jesus, he challenged him to a duel to the death, and ran him through with his sword.

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