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how is it trying to actively destroy jobs in the UK? YSK KFC side bows are reusable microwave and dishwasher safe. Again, a lot of accusations but precious little evidence to back them up. Although the lawmaking is one of the most important parts of a country most of the Netherland's laws are not anymore made there but they come from Brussels. Great documentary it shows what we have left behind. The international banksters are looking for an army. firstly Kosovo was a civil war, and secondly Kosovo was still over a decade away from joining the EU. Brown, Montrail 'Money' Brown (, Free Solo (2018) | Documentary, Adventure, Sport | Alex Honnold, Tommy Caldwell, Jimmy Chin (, Seven Ages of Rock (2007) Stadium Rock | Documentary, Music (, The Game Changers (2018) | Documentary, Sports | James Wilks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrik Baboumian (, Daft Punk Unchained (2015) | Documentary, Music (, Sonic Highways ~ TV Mini-Series (2014) Chicago | Documentary, Music | Dave Grohl (, Seven Ages of Rock (2007) Heavy Metal | Documentary, Music (, Seven Ages of Rock (2007) Art Rock | Documentary, Music (, Seven Ages of Rock (2007) American Alternative Rock | Documentary, Music (, David Bowie: Starman (2016) | Documentary, Music (, R.E.M. Of course not, how idiotic, business will pay as little as possible for staff, if an Eastern European immigrant will accept less than a local then guess what happens??? How very odd that the one organisation forcing employers and corporations to be accountable for the way they operate business is being villified en masse by far right parties with links to major banks and hedge fund managers. are you that deluded that you think i'm only arguing with you because i've been paid to? A war is a war - civil or otherwise. If you work for a corporation you will see the benefits. or Judaism, or any other religion? Your complaints about Islam offering eternal paradise and brainwashing children also ring quite hollow when you take Christianity into account...why does christianity not earn your scorn? The richest people (business owners) are very happy to have open boarder immigration as Eastern Europe is v cheap. it´s about EU Union, not the whole Europe... The way i see it the UK has a very sweet deal with the EU, we quite literally have our cake and eat it at the same time, which is why i'm sceptical of claims that it's an attempt at an NWO or superstate...under all the bustle it's actually pretty toothless. You still have your languages, identity and nationhood. It advises the mothers how to have babies, how much energy they can spend, and the size of their strawberries. Every one of the 26 Countries that are members of the EU have lost their sovereignty, National determination, their National currency and National pride.....they have in fact, lost their identity. Why should anyone be stopped if they haven't broken any laws? Relatively balanced documentary. Why YSK: I honestly find these of superior quality to the normal plastic bowls I’ve found in stores. If right wing rhetoric is something you find distasteful then does it not concern you that the only people who campaign to leave the EU sit on the right wing themselves? Okay, you don't want to address your faulty logic and fallacious argument. It's not here to "improve our brain or make us to maschines". As things stand the few safeguards the poor and vulnerable have against corporate abuses come directly from the EU. That is why their military forces are always out strategized by the West and the European-cultured Israelis. Under EU rules, it is not possible. But my skepticism says, how can law-abiding, tax-paying, sportsmanlike people like the Brits possibly compete with Italians, Spanish, Greeks, and Portuguese who are more frequently scofflaws, if not actual cheats as encouraged by their cultures? When will the European Spring take place? not really...In Britain UKIP got 8% of the vote. What you're saying, it's rhetoric not fact. That's a textbook false dilemma, a fallacious form of argument. The EU is the best and most intelligent project ever created and the positive far outweigh the negative. fair enough...all things considering that's a pretty sensible attitude really. Now watch new documentaries without ever paying a subscription fee. When in fact, Europe is doing nothing more than parading around in "dirty and filthy drawers!". Just as the rules of football are universal across the globe. They'll invoke Abe Lincoln and shut that down. In fact the tories are doing just about everything they can to get rid of the concept of wages altogether. 80 to 90 percent of all Laws pertaining to the individual Counties are now made and enacted in Brussels. When I visited cousins on the farm in Ireland, who were filling out lots of forms for the EU, I asked if it was a good thing for them. I agree and it´s problematic that we can move money over borders if it fits our interests, when people from less fortunate places can´t easily do the same thing with their labor (That´s essentially whats enabling the exploitation of workers in the 3rd world). Unless you work for the EU then the EU is actively trying to destroy jobs in the UK. What evidence do you have for your global government claims?

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