is international animal rescue legit

Should I also show people that you did post personal details on a blog that's.. “Leave it to the big boys”. However, you on the other hand have to alter and edit everything said, instead of showing the WHOLE conversation that lead up to certain points. The author of this 'Report' is clearly shown as. How big of 'Animal BUDDY' to refrain from considering any knock on effects towards our sentient friends. I can tell you this, Odin like Jon threaten Julia via skype/phone Conversation and in private messages. I clicked on the 'this link' words you underlined and put in bold, but nothing happened. Who IS JAY!? We believe john gave the audio to amber donoghue for her to alter, as she has experience in photoshop and audio due to her expertise in marketing for the bdc in sussex. If Julia chooses to answer questions about her and/or NTDM, that is on her. For instance, the 'No To Dog Meat' management, on Ms Brown's 2013 visit to S. Korea, chose to use donors money to purchase an elixir made from boiled dogs and have it sent back to the UK. What proof do you want to see Karen? They have stolen photos of volunteers and supporters and posted it on their Facebook pages with volatile statements of slander, defamation and libelous degree’s. Nautical Proverbs, Marla? She is an obsessional character assassin who fixates on a person and sets about to construct fantasies and vicious lies to ruin that person (or persons), presumably to fill her dull unemployed days. Her findings are further corrupted by her crazed lust for revenge. Could it be that you have no answer? I am also a Bi-Poliac. Also note that many of these pages have blocked countries from viewing it. It obviously never occurred to you that should I offer myself up for this and it works, then I will have contributed to helping others and animals alike. So come on now, tell me what is so very wrong with people believing in GOD, JESUS or GUIDES? Action Fraud and The EU transparency registrar list have denounced International Animal Rescue Foundation. and attempted to sabotage the rescue. How very extraordinary then that yet more blogs have appeared complaining that I am picking on her? Click to Read her complete History. REPUBLISHED RECORDINGS TO REFUTE ALLEGATIONS: A spurned Julia de Cadenet, CEO of 'No To Dog Meat’, begs CEO of 'IARF' to return to her, Please click the link to hear the recordings at 2014 John Williamson harassed the No To Dog Meat CEO Julia Cadenet with early morning/late night phone calls. Did you even discover that FHM simulates: Epilepsy, Meningitus, Coma, Stroke and Alzheimer's? Supporters have called the group "freedom fighters" and digital Robin Hoods while critics have described them as "a cyber lynch-mob" or "cyber terrorists". Eltham Postcode, While we are on the subject of an 'old woman' educating silly children; Mary the reason your online store is failing has nothing to do with us. This is the only page where I could see anything about where they obtain animals. Should I publisize the photo you stole of an elderly woman who supports NTDM? In other words, bow out gracefully. Wait for it... Called OPEXPOSENTDM? I spoke to the husband some people would have you believe she isn’t married to, and he informs me that she is doing well. Not including yours. In total I have rescued 7 dogs, 3 I kept 3 went to a no kill rescue. The more I read the more incredulous I become. What are you blathering about? Asking a question on a blog I co write in about suicide does not mean I am suicidal, far from it. HUH?? That NoTo Dog Meat claimed to be supporting an animal rescue in Wuhan, China, then refused to name it and deleted the posts about the shelter when questioned is just one example of their strange behaviour. (this is where Mary also posts her Cease And Desist ORDER). However they have continued. You and Amber are the ones who chose to walk through it, that's on you. Who went digging on the internet for a year straight trying to find any type of dirt they could find on me? the town was in mourning coz he was from a good family and dying so young was a shock for every one. Many members think outside the box and march to their own drum, which is what Mary does. Incidentally, why isn't Amber here defending herself? Alledgedly paid by certain people.. Karen READ correctly deary.,, The problem with liars is that even should they very occasionally tell the truth no-one will believe them. Are you saying it’s all males? Bradford Assay Discussion, She does not. Mary Robbins spreads defamation about private people relying on deceit to smear and attack. While sullying us every chance they get. Try to explain to the public why you continue to drag Mary and NTDM into everything. No? All of the ones that are directed at me only: 1 - I have got this right haven't I? It is clear in the tape recordings now in police possession that Jose did not want to return to the position despite many personal pleas and incentives being offered. You don't make sense. Linking to an old blog does what for you Karen. They were no threat to us and in truth wanted them to remain as a testament to how demented you have become. Still defending the con man, I see. I wish I could say that this venue is fun. I, like many others, have been pointed in the direction of the online so-called 'evidence' about IARF, and of a person named as Jon Williamson. I hope to obtain a decision before that date. You cant just type 'this link' and hope that will suffice. These people claim to be animal rights advocates and activists, yet I ask you what kind of Animal advocates and activists would stoop so low into sullying a legit charity and other advocates/activists? To be understood you need put in some work and you are simply to d**n lazy to do that. More will be coming soon, and no Karen I don't do the identities like you Percy Cuted. Real solutions demand creativity, hard work, and … The one thing to watch out for is a lot of their clothing is hand wash only (and the rest should be washed on the gentle cycle).

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