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John Patrick Daly (born April 28, 1966) is an American professional golfer on the PGA Tour.. Daly is known primarily for his driving distance off the tee (earning him the nickname "Long John"), his non-country club appearance and attitude, his exceptionally long backswing, the inconsistency of his play (with some exceptional performances and some controversial incidents), and his personal life. They’ll never go backwards with technology to shorten the game. I just play on saturdays, no training, and take around 15 classes with a pro per year.

This is another point that feels 'backward' to many golfers. What you haven’t mentioned here is that the TV footage that shows the Pros hitting it so far also gives the impression that they hole putts for fun, one look at the stats and you see they don’t, not even close. Golfers can separate themselves more from each other in their ability to score lower by hitting the ball farther. The average par 5 will be in the 625 ball park all the way to 800 to make it a 3 shot hole.

10 years from know 350 will be the norm and probably max out there because anything farther than that and you can’t play golf consistently. The thing is. position: fixed;

Why it's a problem for amateurs: Emulating the length of Daly's backswing requires hinging the wrists far more than any teacher would recommend. Otherwise, this is a sound golf swing and it shouldn't be surprising that it has led to so much success at the game's highest level. At all. Who else does it: No modern golfer matches Daly's backswing length, but Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Carlos Franco are among those who regularly pass parallel.

While it isn't necessarily going to be easy to build a long backswing, there is good news on this point – your long backswing should help you to develop a better tempo around the rest of the course. You will quickly notice that, other than the long backswing, there isn't much that separates Daly from any other player on the PGA Tour. One of the things that John Daly doesn't get enough credit for is the excellent tempo that is present in his swing.

display:none; Golf is challenging because of how complicated the swing can become, so boiling it down to its basic components is always a good idea. If you are going to try to employ a long backswing in your own game, it is essential that you have the rest of your fundamentals in order. When I hit the ball my speed is under 100mph! Note: the smash factor is typically in the mid 130s…, 3 months ago, I bought SC200+ to use with super speed. One of the biggest keys to allowing your hands and wrists to work freely in the swing is to maintain a light grip pressure throughout your swinging motion. Mark Broadie’s revolutionary strokes gained analysis, and his book Every Shot Counts clearly shows distance can be king. A lot of 7 irons are totally different lofts now.

But I want to see them do it properly. The Trackman was clearly wrong, unless you’re a potential long drive world champion . This also places a tremendous amount of wear on the human body. All this using practise swing mode in my garage. (irons 1/2 in longer than standard). Went in for a club fitting this week and hit about 30 balls with a 7 iron.

But not only do you learn about swing speed training, we also unlock the vaults for you and provide bonus access to ALL the content we’ve produced since our 2007 launch! You can create your own gale force wind by swinging so fast, but if you can’t consistently strike the ball in the sweet spot, you are going to be all over the place (not to mention you will be hitting shorter). The same m6 7iron is similar in loft to a 5 iron from a few years ago. However, going from 90mph with your driver to 110mph is probably not going to happen unless you are willing to go to some extremes. PXG 0811 X GEN2 Driver Review: Did PXG Release a Value Driver? You know the story from here. This is especially important for players with a long backswing – hit as many balls on the range as needed to find your tempo, and no more. Sure, he has been able to use it to great effect, but amateur golfers attempting to follow his lead are likely to find themselves rather disappointed in the end. Good golf for everyone!

This website is for everyday golfers, and my goal is to help filter out all of the noise out there and get you thinking realistically about your game.

So how is he able to make such a long backswing? I say again, “A 0-5 handicapper hitting a 7-iron 140 yds?? /* ----------------------------------------- */ I imagine that a lot of single digit male handicaps are because the golfer is playing a 6000 yard course on a regular basis. The potential of added distance is enough to convince many golfers to try a longer backswing, but unfortunately, most of those golfers are not going to have success with that strategy. Turn your body to the left while the club head lags behind your downward arm swing. 5 feet behind, in the target line, gives me about 10 mph more speed reported

Weekend golfers are simply not consistent enough with where the ball hits the face. When Shot Scope analyzed millions of drives from various handicap levels, they found that most players were driving the ball 230 yards and below. He was stunning and simply did not believe his swing speed with the driver was less than 80 mph and that his carry distance was 160s into low 170s… I call it “The reality Chamber”…. Swing Speed by Handicap Level. There’s a reason why it’s called “recreational” golf- it’s for fun! We took driver and 7-iron swing speeds (around 800,000 shots total) and separated them by handicap level. He simply stated that there are plenty of folks out there who can break 80 without hitting distances like the pros. I consistently hear golfers in their 50s and 60s (I am 57) say they “carry it” 250 or more… Even some of the slower swingers thing they are out there better than 200 yards.

I’m 52 and by no means a big swinger. I really don’t understand what you’ve done here… you’ve presented the evidence done by the man who had more information than anyone else who has looked into this, acknowledged its importance and then disregarded it. Also, by having the opportunity to hit shot after shot on the range, you can work yourself into a groove where you begin to hit beautiful looking shots with your long swing. I notice that the placement of the device affects the speed output. And because my home course is over 6600 yards total, I’m not sure if my driving length would be enough to go single hcp. A common factor that you can use for this part of the calculation is to subtract 5 percent of the drive average. As you work on your own game, remember the importance of tempo and dedicate at least part of each practice session to working on this piece of the puzzle. My carry distance with an i7 is about the same, but my driver carries only about 180 yards.

Keep trying!

If you are going to use a long backswing to good effect during your rounds, you will have to be disciplined enough to wait out the backswing before transitioning down toward the ball. It’s the only solution in the entire golf industry I entirely trust (I’ve tested the junk). If you were playing on a 7300-yard professional setup, then yes, I would tell you to start thinking about working on swinging the club much harder. I’m not against any golfer trying to figure out ways to hit the ball farther. Remember, you need to be able to see what you are trying to hit, and you will have a hard time getting a good look at the ball if your head is moving all around during the swing. I do not swing in the 90’s @B Says- While I agree that it is not true that 0-5 hdcp have an average swing of 95mph. I would think more like 145 or something like that. I was interested in finding out the relative swing speeds of golfers based on their handicap level, so I had my friends over at Swingbyte run an analysis. On the comment above from guy at Golftec- a swing speed of 75-78 with a 7 iron hit properly should not correlate with a distance of 173. Today I discovered a massive disappointment. That seems crazy low. Of the 159, about 100 claimed to drive 250-260 right down the pipe. There is no question that at the pro level, golf has evolved to a power game, and it all started with Tiger Woods rising to the top. It is important to remember that a warm up session before a round is different than a practice session. This point was mentioned briefly above, but it needs to be highlighted because of just how important it is to the swing as a whole. I have no doubt the pga tour set up will follow a 535 par 4 standard and 700 yard par 5 norm.

I always wonder how the other can hit 150m with their 7 iron.

Divide the ball speed by 1.5 to get the estimated swing speed for your drive.

Join more than 30,000 golfers and receive email updates when new articles post. Tom Wishon says golf club technology has been maxed out for a while now. That is for sure the low range. Most people would think of John Daly's golf swing as unique because of the incredibly long backswing that he uses.

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