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My brother died on Tripad Nakshatra.The family members will be ok up to 1st week of November as per Doctors. The casket is occasionally transported to the cremation site by vehicle, but is commonly carried by foot. There are rituals to do, again according to the instructions of a priest, and the main and most important thing to do on that day is to organize a feast.

Carrying Body by Foot. Like Buddhists, Hindus believe in a complex system of spiritual rebirth known as reincarnation. Once death occurred funeral rituals are carried beginning with cremation or burial consecutive to that many rituals are performed.

People feed 50, 100, 500 or 1000 people, according to their social stand and financial position. However, it is becoming more and more acceptable to submerge the ashes in rivers that are geographically close to the deceased. Meaning ‘tilānjali is being offered unto you’ while mentioning the gotra (Lineage according to Vedic science) and the name of the deceased.

The fourth day is calculated from the day of death occurred and not to be confused about the time or day of cremation. If the deceased is a man, the wife places the wedding pendant around his neck and the coffin is then closed.

No gifts or flowers should be brought to the funeral, although flowers may be sent or brought ahead of time.

If they are hospitalized and death is imminent, ideally they are brought home. There is a 10-day period after the death, during which the immediate family follows Hindu mourning customs. For an optimal experience and to access all the free planning tools: Saving favorite articles is a Premium feature. No, tradition is to take asthis (bone) and rakh (ashes) from shamshan ghat (cremation ground) to holy river direct, never to home. Soon after cremating the deceased body, the ashes are collected on the fourth day followed by scattering the same on the holy water body like rivers and oceans. Perhaps those words are spotted as a sign of condolence but not recommended for Hindus to cite. On the contrary, Hindu mythology features stories in which parts of the human body are used for the benefit of other humans and society as a whole. Traditionally, the family does not visit any temples, public festivals, or others’ homes during this two-week period. The water is changed every day. To continue, register as a Premium Member or login and visit your User Dashboard to upgrade your Basic Membership. If it’s apparent that death is coming soon, there are a few preparations to be completed if possible. To continue, register as a Premium Member or login and visit your User Dashboard to upgrade to a Premium Membership. That said, it is very normal and acceptable to express grief at the passing of a loved one. It wasn’t safe for community to take his body back home from hospital. They believe the soul of the departed is still conscious of any emotions on their behalf.

Coming back to the fact of the question, sons are ideal and perfect to perform funeral rituals. In most sects, only men are present at the cremation. It would completely ruin them! What is the relevance of butter in the coffin. To proceed, register for a Premium membership or login and upgrade to a Premium Membership. The body is redressed and placed in a coffin. Arms should be covered and open toe shoes are appropriate.

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