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Do you have any questions, suggestions or want to find web out more about us and our other projects? Choose objectives that are challenging yet realistic. This is a great book for making you stop and think about why you are building that course - and what your customer is trying to get out of it - even the first few chapters had me pushing back and questioning a request for 'course ware' - which resulted in me proving that the 5 top problems in this case were not related to learning at all! To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Determine the role (if any!) Excellent reading material for those who 'create courses' on demand, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 7, 2019. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the field, the MAP-IT framework will help you create your own path to a healthy campus and a healthier Nation. This book breaks down how to create training that is engaging, applied, and directly makes an impact. Baseline data provide information you gather before you start a program or intervention. Provide each activity at the best time -- in the workflow, available on demand, spaced over time... Let people pull the information they need to complete the activity -- no more information dumps! When a group finishes its map, a presenter is chosen to present the map to the other group(s). You can use these basic formulas to calculate baseline, target, and achieved rates for your selected health outcomes. Then I read it. Participants are free to adapt, modify and add to the toolkit during the workshop. It is a method to visualise a process in space and time, in a low-tech, open and flexible manner. If there are more than 7 participants, they are devided between several tables. Adapted from Healthy People 2020, this framework, otherwise known as MAP-IT, can be used to plan and evaluate public health interventions to achieve Healthy Campus 2020 objectives.
MAP-IT Framework Source:, Brainstorm Potential Partners (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Organizing a Coalition (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Brainstorm Community Assets (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Prioritizing Issues (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Defining Terms: Vision, Goal, Objective, Strategy (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Potential Health Measures (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Setting Targets for Objectives (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Coalition Self-Assessment (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Communication Plan Template (Download Worksheet - Word Document), Measuring Progress (Download Worksheet - Word Document),
Navigator for Android is a brand new marine charts app from Imray. No two Healthy Campus initiatives are exactly alike, but most share a similar path to success: Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track. I immediately started putting it into action with immediate success!

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