marine snipers overrun haditha video

Andre L. … Dec. 21, 2004: A suicide bomb attack at a mess tent in a base near Mosul kills 22 people, including 14 U.S. troops. while three masked men fire mortar shells from atop a dune, though it does not show what they hit. This has been happening since the beginning of time - it is just the nature of humans in combat" (think My Lai, Peter von Hagenbach (Romans 1400's), Genghis Khan, et al.). This is a hard lesson but it appears that there was no mutual support for this sniper OP. One Marine was seriously wounded; everyone else on board died. As soon as the Americans got out of their vehicles, the message said, the insurgents surrounded them and ordered them to surrender. The Marine Corps sniper community was shaken by the incident as well. Anonymous # 2, While I don't think the level of professionalism and humanity in combat we "demand" of our warriors is "too much to ask", I will agree that it is a heavy load, which is why it is up to mature unit leaders to exemplify ethical conduct at all times as opposed to paying it lip service in garrison. He was killed when his company came under attack by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades in western Iraq. Haditha is one of a string of cities along the Euphrates River that U.S. commanders believe forms the network that shuttles insurgents traveling through Syria into Baghdad and other parts of the Iraqi heartland. 2 much to ask of young men after seeing a friend blown to pieces, for sure! March 23, 2003: Eleven American troops killed in ambush of 507th Maintenance Company convoy in Nasiriya. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Shocking story, and very unusual for a team to get bumped like that. There was no way to verify the claim that the group had taken an American prisoner, and the posting did not contain any video or photographs. Silly, stupid or just downright weird cartoon thread. The video shows what appears to be a dead American serviceman, his shirtless body burned and mangled. Gen Carter Ham, a military spokesman, denied that any Marines were being held by insurgents, saying that all of them had been accounted for. Nov. 2, 2003: Chinook transport helicopter shot down by shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile near Fallujah, killing 16 American troops and wounding 26. Maybe...but I don't think idealism is such a bad thing. Covert OPs have to have mutually supporting positions on the ground. It is a long time ago now but 3 men from 3RRF were killed near Crossmaglen in South Armagh when placed in just such an isolated situation. The group claimed it had killed eight Americans altogether and that its fighters had beheaded some of the Americans who were still alive after the ambush. All Internet links/videos/pictures in here ONLY. It's a little bit smoky around the Bay Area today:... Iconic SF skyscraper sells for the first time ever. Aug. 3: Marine amphibious assault vehicle strikes a roadside bomb in western Iraq near the Syrian border, killing 14 Marines. All, It is easy to say that abiding by ROE's, LOAC, and being a good dude in general is too much to ask for our young Marines in situations where emotion and love drive hatred toward someone else. Deutsche Finance America and New York developer Michael Shvo teamed up to buy the building. Register a free account today to become a member! Also in Sunday’s news was that SSGT Frank Wuterich’s trial had finally started, for allegedly shooting civilians in Haditha. You are using an out of date browser. The snipers had been deployed to hunt down and shoot insurgents trying to plant roadside bombs like the one that exploded Wednesday. They had been ambushed and killed. Why are Steve Kerr, Doc Rivers, Gregg Popovich appearing in Lincoln Project ads? The heavy loss of life cast new attention on a longtime complaint of Marines: the lack of protection provided by their armored amphibious vehicles, or AAVs. Jessica Lynch and six others are captured. The insurgent group Ansar al-Sunnah Army claimed responsibility for the ambush that killed the American snipers Monday, and it said in an Internet posting Wednesday that it had captured one of the Marines alive. If all else fails a total pigheaded unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through. Sad story but not unusual in that snipers tend to be misused, which often put them at risk. I say, Kill them all!@!! 6 Marine Snipers Are Slain in Ambush in Western Iraq; The Americans said the six marines killed Monday afternoon had formed a pair of sniper teams that were working near Haditha, one of a string of cities along the Euphrates River believed to make up the main infiltration route for guerrillas entering Iraq and moving toward Baghdad. It is too much to ask of our warriors, which is why we demand it. The blast flipped the 25-ton troop carrier and caused it to burst into flames. We Are Not All Created Equal, Fitness and PT: The Problem with CrossFit, Fixing Intel and Marine Corps Intelligence, A Foreign Policy For Asia; "Soft Power" Gets It Done, Security Cooperation - Understanding Our Partners. Xenophon I think your analysis is spot on. "These are the crusaders," a caption on the video says. In 2005 the morning TV news reguarly blared “Marines killed in Anbar,” including that August day when a 6-man Marine sniper unit on the outskirts of Haditha was attacked by a large insurgent group and quickly overrun. Hopefully the AAR into the deaths of 6 snipers last year will be released. In talking about the attack on Wednesday, Ham said it was not clear whether the explosive was a mine, triggered on impact, or whether it was detonated remotely or by a timer. Then a voice can be heard chanting, "God is great!" This Bay Area County could move back to purple tier... SF stops Google-affiliated testing after results... Study: Severe COVID-19 cases may age brain by 10 years., Mail: "RM Chiefs Spark Fury By Offering £10,000 'Golden Hello' Payments To Former Commandos To Rejoin", Recruit application and assessment sticky 2020 - all related chat in here, Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment. An Iraqi civilian interpreter working with the Marines also was killed in the blast. 22. Most of the dead were from the same reserve unit, the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines, based in Brook Park, Ohio, near Cleveland. Later in the day, however, Ansar al-Sunnah Army posted a video that apparently depicted the attack on the snipers. Idealistic? The fact of life is that even as "steel sharpens steel", sometimes a rock gets thrown in there. After what they have done too us, they got what they deserved. MARINES' NIGHTMARE / Haditha, Iraq: Deadly blast brings toll this week to 20, Joshua Williams, facing camera, brother of Marine Cpl. Previous operations have been met with little resistance; the guerrillas have seemed to melt away, only to mount attacks later on. By Capt Katie Petronio Originally posted in the July 2012 issue of the Marine Corps Gazette . The presence of a firm base 800m away is no good unless it can provide the required degree of intimate support. Calif. projected a fall hospitalization surge. It would be nice to think that we as professional men at arms could use mediums like this blog to grow professionally through the insight and experiences of others. The attack comes after at least half a dozen American military offensives in Haditha and other parts of Anbar province to shut down the insurgent network. U.S. commanders did acknowledge that one of the Marines caught in Monday's ambush had become separated from the others and that his body was not found until later, about a mile from the scene of the ambush. Anonymous # 3, Your post speaks for itself. It is absolutely unforgivable to deploy a single position without the benefit of at least one covering position.

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