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However, he is also a bit naive and gullible. One hundred years before Prince Adam was born, Wun-Dar, a warrior from deep in the savage underground city of Tundaria, rescued a young woman who turned out to be the Goddess of Eternia. Two Bad is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s series and Brian Drummond and Mark Gibbon in the 2002 series. He has power to control dragon-like creatures called Dragosaurs. Trap Jaw will appear in the upcoming live-action He-Man movie. After being banished, Kleffton was found by Skeletor who used his blacksmith skills to forge weapons. In the 2002 cartoon, he is the younger brother of King Ceratus and betrayed his kind when he sided with Skeletor. Zodac was voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1983 series and Christopher Judge in the 2002 series. | Ram Man is a stocky warrior with poor verbal skills whose chief method of attack/defense involves using his head as a battering ram. However, he is ousted from Adam's path by Clamp Champ, giving Adam the time to change into He-Man and subsequently defeat him. Skeletor is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the 1980s series (recycling the voice he used for Ming the Merciless in Filmation's previous series Flash Gordon), Campbell Lane in the 1990s series, Brian Dobson voice-matching Tim Curry in the 2002 series, and Mark Hamill in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Her ship crash-landed on Eternia. [1] The toy version is done in blue with red hair and orange torso armor with the backstory that he is a robot duplicate that did not work out. Stridor is Fisto's heroic armored war horse and faithful companion. Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. In the 1980s live action movie, he is portrayed by Jon Cypher. Dekker was created for the 2002 cartoon series and was eventually made into an action figure in the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline which revealed his full history. I feel a bit guilty, reading some of the other reviews posted, but I liked MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! Saurod is performed by Pons Maar in the 1987 live-action film. [20] Ram Man was voted by as the fourth most Crazy Masters of the Universe Figures. The other Snake Men would often try to get Kobra Khan to prove himself to be a true Snake-Man by eating a human. Meanwhile, Julie Winston, who grieves the loss of her parents in a plane crash, and her boyfriend Kevin Corrigan find and activate the key, believing it is a foreign musical instrument. He is a skilled fighter and often comes to the rescue of Skeletor and his fellow Evil Warriors, using his griffins as their most frequent means of transportation. In the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline where he was also called "Ninja Warrior," Ninjor came from another world when he was summoned by Skeletor to help defeat the Heroic Warriors until there was nobody else to help He-Man. Designed by Geoff Johns and sculpted by the Four Horsemen, Sir Laser-Lot was created exclusively for the Classics toyline. Webstor is a blue-skinned creature with the abilities of a spider. He concocts his evil schemes more subtly than most villains and often entices children, and at times, naive Masters of the Universe like Mekaneck, into aiding his plots. His bio states that he was created by Moss Man and went rogue. In the 2002 series, however, King Randor undergoes a major redesign and rewrite. [19], Ram Man was voted No.12 in The 12 Coolest Masters of the Universe Action Features by Topless Robot. Man-E-Faces is a multi-faced Heroic Warrior, with the ability to change his faces from a human face to a monster face to a robot face. Faker is an evil duplicate of He-Man, created by Skeletor. [1] Twistoid was voted by as the seventh most Crazy Masters of the Universe Figures. This figure is based on "Savage He-Man", an extremely rare action figure of unknown origins, which is a brown-haired repaint of the original 1982 He-Man. A planned episode of She-Ra was to include Snout Spout's kind called Hosers, but it was scrapped. When Delora got badly injured after recovering the Egg of Avion and the Emerald Staff of Avion from Skeletor, Stratos and Hawke used its powers which healed her and granted the Avionians the power of flight. Saurod also tried to steal the Cosmic Key from Gwildor to go back in time to prevent the dilution of his species. Fandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind. He is killed and his body absorbed by Hordak one million years before the birth of Adam of the House of Miro. He-Man & Skeletor battle for control of Castle Grayskull in this fan film based on the popular 80's cartoon/toy... Masters of the Universe! A Masters of the Universe Classics action figure of him was released in 2013. In several episodes of this series she came much closer to suspecting the dual identity of Prince Adam and He-Man than she ever did in the 1980s series. Prahvus was an evil grey-skinned warlord with horns and blue tattoo-like markings. In the 2014 DC Comics ongoing series continuity, Sy-Klone was of the Gar race. The Masters of the Universe Classics toyline states that the Snake Men were created from the DNA splicing of three cold-blooded alien races and were bred by the Unnamed One. I feel a bit guilty, reading some of the other reviews posted, but I liked MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! Cast Dolph Lundgren He-Man Frank Langella Skeletor Meg Foster Evillyn Billy Barty Gwildor Courteney Cox Julie Winston Chelsea Field Teela James Tolkan Detective Lubic Christina Pickles Sorceress of Castle Greyskull Robert Duncan McNeill Kevin Corrigan Jon Cypher Duncan, Man-at-Arms Pons Maar Saurod Anthony de Longis Blade Robert Towers Karg Barry Livingston [22] He has the power of flight and energy projection, and is the leader of a race of birdpeople who inhabit the airborne city of Avion, high in the Mystic Mountains. Deprived of his powers and affected by the magic of the Council of Elders, he becomes a hunched and wizened peasant. Mer-Man is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the 1980s series, Scott McNeil in the 2002 series, and Kevin Conroy in Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The comic ends with Skeletor carrying the unconscious Trap Jaw back to Snake Mountain where he will become one of his minions. Jitsu is voiced by Lou Scheimer in the 1980s cartoon. 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