matt kuchar swing tips

will determine quite a bit about your golf swing plane. To compare the two swings, run these videos until the shaft is parallel to the ground. Take Ben Hogan as a case study. We can only dream what golf would be like if you birdied or eagles every other hole. Crazy if he shoots another -9 63 in today's final round. Master your setup, and your swing plane will improve dramatically. I was asked to give my opinion on Matt's swing today, so I'll explain the difference between the PPGS and rotational swings like the ones many professionals use out on tour today. The key for flatter swing planes is to maintain their spine angle as much as possible to avoid altering the downswing plane, negatively affecting the shot. Brooklyn New York. Matt has a very unique swing. All that said, it's not the best training device if you really want to use a PPGS. Steve I purchased a set of custom clubs from doc in Houston a few years ago. *Matt Kuchar, 32, had 11 top-10 finishes last year, including his third win, and led the PGA Tour in money with $4,910,477. He arguably has the closest to “perfect” swing plane, where the club doesn’t deviate from the path at all. I could imagine what touring Pros go through as much as they play and practice. Keep up good work, Simple Golf Swing Rotation Drill For Consistency I have used the move and it works...but it is something for a "body" swing, and not an "arm" swing like the PPGS. Then have a look at the important angles relative to the target line. Like most things in golf, it PST. Noticed that he was under 50% fairways hit; Regardless of how the club swings back, keep the club on the same angle at address. Most Occasional Golfers will do better with a Kuchar-like swing than Couples-esque swing. In fact I think it has a lot of value as long as you don't let it trick you into rotating the palms past perpendicular to the ground on the takeaway. To me this body/arm distinction is very important, and helps to explain why you can't just take something from one swing style and assume it might work in another. Players who set up more upright will notice the club swing back while staying down the target line. Copyright 2020-present,, All Rights Reserved. I Find myself getting burned out or just showing up and going through the motions and playing crappy when this happens I will either not practice for a while or not play for a weekend or two. Out of all the fundamentals about the golf swing, the golf swing plane is easily…. This swing change COMPLETELY saved and revived his carrier, to the point that he became one of the best golfers in the World. Conversely, laying the shaft off and trying to re-route the club from the inside-out can make it difficult to square up the face, producing blocks, hooks, or those dreaded shots off the hosel. Matt Kuchar has a low, shallow takeaway and a flat backswing plane. Now THAT is a flat swing plane! Kuchar tweaked his set-up following Azinger’s advice and after only a few minutes, had rediscovered his bunker swing. Going back to our Stewart Cink/Matt Kuchar examples, you’ll notice they reach the top of the backswing in two completely different ways. What are your thoughts? The grip will determine quite a bit about your golf swing plane. Freddie Couples has a high, abrupt takeaway and an upright backswing plane. Your thoughts. Hey Mike. Most amateur golfers struggle with golf drills to stop coming over the top. Finally, if you are more upright and outside the target line than Freddie or flatter and more inside the target line than Matt on the backswing, you are probably not in a very good position. Both are probably hitting about a seven iron. Photo 2: At the top, Kuchar’s left arm is much more horizontal than the typical pro’s.

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