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MLC MasterKey Super and Pension Fundamentals, MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio, Computer and Internet browser requirements, MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals, MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio. MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Gr Wholesale Fund Report | Report generated 10 Sep 2020 | Read the Analyst Research Report. ���B� ��� 0��� c`!ˉX���������;w�����E������=�w����b�wMkNN�������B� ��� 0��� c`!ˉX������2����Ǐj���?���+IX��d��������!^���� �� c`!�X0����n���$EM�=��s�����߹sgzz��S��ݻe�wR�t.�|~YUUEg��t;�`'�X0���,'b��Ii��V�m�LMM�Jgo���Φ�&~�;��~�}}}������0��/,,ܷo_�>@��x v��� c`!�X�r"V�=??���:�����Q�LVV��h'eN픕��I�gdd8p�Zزe�:��v�N�1�`,YN�0�̂������8�P�~hh���:�y��t��?

endobj _{�5��rEj~~�t�! MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio The portfolio aims to provide a return higher than its benchmark (before fees and tax) over five-year periods, while managing risk. You should consider the product disclosure statement before making a decision about a product. Each has a different allocation of growth and defensive assets, which are expected to deliver different levels of …


For more information about fees and costs, please see the Product Disclosure Statement and Investment Menu. MLC Limited uses the MLC brand under licence. Growth of $10,000. MLC Horizon The MLC Horizon portfolios are a range of actively managed portfolios designed to deliver returns above their benchmarks, while managing risk. Performance. z$#9��7�kK��îtg0.�����Q��݅�^y���������?r^���eMS�2Ѷ��\�o� Performance as at 31/08/2020. � ;��B�1�`����I�~�L��3�{W��,ϽJ� t�n��}\K�`'�X0�1���G�\��G���%���/��K��s��*Ea��Vv� �n]���3�N�1�`,cd!_7 ����b���;R�GgFܗ����)�!�y�%+;t�n��}\K�`'�X0�1������b~���Xm:;�}�&C>����85 �[����@�v��ǵ�v��� c`!�Q�����|E���l��}��?�afDjzʪN�@�[�>����`,Ƅ��C�[:���_���۞{�WR�g��@�[�>����`,��X��'�k/��]�����q����Et{L�n��}\K�`'�X0� �wK��i`,ǀ��W��=�ՀŪ�z�ۭk�R`� 0��� c�����C���;U��m���3��d��]A@�[�>����`,����g��;z�1dzr�83\!DRTn��fb��GGG[ZZ�^�:44�[app������i||\sh~~�UVV�>}��ri���ן={v�@��x v��� c`!����g�Q�[�ϙ�u�~ǂ.���D���.++KOO�����ߟ������>,+ddd�D��d�#G�Payy�Ν;���i ��߲eK{{��݀n� ���B�1Z��W��g�Q���MO�. The portfolio uses gearing and current gearing levels are available in the fund snapshot.
MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth.

Relative Fund Performance vs {{ fund.benchmark.peers.peerCount }} peers using {{ }} as their benchmark. ^ Only funds and investment products included in the Morningstar Australia database are available for fee and performance comparison. We've created useful tools and resources to help you reach your retirement goals. IMPORTANT: This information is general financial product advice only and you should consider the relevant product disclosure statement (PDS) or seek professional advice before making any investment decision. Should you decide to change investments, please read all relevant disclosure documents including the Product Disclosure Statements and if required, you may consider speaking to a financial professional for further guidance. All indications of performance returns are historical and cannot be relied upon as an indicator for future performance. ^^ 557 Buy recommendations published by Intelligent Investor between 1 June 2001 and 30 June 2019 were independently verified by EY, as per the Recommendations Report; adjusted for franking, excludes admin and brokerage costs. The portfolio is broadly diversified across growth asset classes and investment managers from around the world. * InvestSMART's capped Management Fee (capped at $451p.a.) Asset class.

501 (referred to in this PDS as the MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio) (Trust). You can use the portfolio for your whole portfolio or add it to other investments. Product disclosure statements for financial products offered through InvestSMART can be downloaded from this website or obtained by contacting 1300 880 160. Build your investment portfolio with MLC MasterKey Investment Service Fundamentals. The Product Guide is a … Only funds with > three year returns were included in any fee comparison, and were compared to Morningstar's nominated benchmark. Take a look at the latest performance information, asset allocation, fund commentary and the fund’s investment managers for super investors. Build a better retirement with MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals. Find out more at Eureka Report Performance figures are shown in Australian dollar (AUD). MLC Limited is a part of the Nippon Life Insurance Group and not part of the NAB Group of Companies. ������H��Qڡƒ�(��d{��u �#�R�u4��}���Ç���X��@�CCC�w�¼����F*���#�/'��`�g���mڬk,`'�X0���,'b��Io���裏4������:s���\WW��Ç���[4p�\eee999YYYǏ�R?�v�N�1�`,YN�P��WgS2����*WVV����������rR�}}}�� Whilst every care has been taken in producing these numbers, InvestSMART does not guarantee the accuracy of the figures produced in the table. Find the advice that's right for you. � ;��B�1�`��2V����� T���X��;_q����3���"�ۭk�R`� 0��� c�����ye

Snapshot of the fund for super or pension investors. Data and content is provided for personal use only. AMI Equity - Global 0 - 12 m 12 - 24 m 24 - 36 m 36 - 48 m 48 - 60 m -0.9: 4.8: 19.5: 15.2: 5.4: 4.6: 5.4: 20.0: 10.1: 0.6: Performance Criteria. Fees are calculated by Morningstar as the average over 10 years.

Financial Year Total Returns. We won’t be supporting this version of your browser. �ʓ�R|�8��� t�u��Z The peer calculation is inclusive of admin and management fees; excludes brokerage and no withdrawals have been made. Index: RBA Bank accepted Bills 90 Days.

�����Ȭ��ؔ]�R1ԃ�˧��� ��Bf%�蟧�Y�zj�%�0H/խ98*�o�%�Y{���>�DY��u�%����1�N]B3T~�ک�L��f*����e�r�|Y�E=N����_�����8՘Ӥ�շ�6�\�a�6-=��[zJ\�e����ǿp����o�ҥE����@6cƌ3f̘1��_Ƅv x����Kq��S��f�,�)���� M��冢F���,*Q�S�L��J�)h�ۨ"��Q��ٍ�ynߛ����n��Ͻ�m��tx -��]��ڜ�{�g��D�3q��]�iQ�q��m�M�v� K�e���2lYm{h`_;�&l|�{4�e�n�jۂ��ډu�4N�_�ȵ��w���c������/������=oq��>�IҎ���X�{۠Ԯ�uS�� �/��-�#��G��ڑ !��� Refer to our Computer and Internet browser requirements. For free general advice call 132 652 or find an adviser. National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937, AFSL 230686. Global shares. 9�v2�L��^}3�����mvK��%i:����1�X�|�j�ͼ�V����I�)I�,~A����x$��& a�����wVW�\�������nG��,��T��RK��\�x�O�v�ﴬ.��9�Ŕ�ֈ�W�:��#�b� ����\.�x�����W-�����k���I�s�Jz�C� �l�p�C����@m��N Find out more at InvestSMART {{ modelPortfolio.mer * 100 | number:2 }}, {{ fund.benchmark.peers.mer * 100 | number:2 }}, Average of peers ({{ fund.benchmark.peers.peerCount }}), Market index (RBA Bank accepted Bills 90 Days), Copyright © 1999-2020 InvestSMART Financial Services Pty Ltd. All rights reserved | Australian Financial Services Licensee: AFSL # 226435 | ABN 70 089 038 531 |, {{ fund.benchmark.peers.peerCount }} peers, Intelligent Investor Australian Growth Fund (formerly the Small Companies Fund), MLC MasterKey Superannuation (Gold Star) Horizon 7 - Accelerated Growth, MLC MasterKey Superannuation (Gold Star) Horizon 7 - Accelerated Growth - Managed fund profile. 4 0 obj

Fund data sourced from Morningstar. Fee data may not include all costs being charged such as platform and adviser fees. �Z����3�2[)�B�y��7Ǣ*�RE^Z��]y�Bxك�������7�8����n���� ;�ej These managers invest in many companies and securities in Australia and overseas. 50-85. The portfolio invests in growth assets and may have minimal exposure to defensive assets through its alternative investments. Access forms to manage your insurance cover. endstream

MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio The portfolio aims to provide a return higher than its benchmark (before fees and tax) over five-year periods, while managing risk. <>stream You'll always know where your money is invested because we actively manage the allocations to these assets within defined ranges, in accordance with our changing view of potential risks and opportunities in investment markets.

Build a diversified portfolio to match your needs with our range of low cost investment options. Fund: MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Gr. �~ðX/�����|"H^$ȗ+���D����8!�f5������:yp��w[�m��1Ty��0У�k#���Y����gД9aA/�:�v Brochures and fund snapshot
Brokerage costs are not included in this calculation.

Jun-18 Jun-19 Jun-20 Aug-20; Fund: 15.48:

InvestSMART cannot determine whether or not franking has been included, nor if dividends have been reinvested.

The portfolio invests in growth assets and may have minimal exposure to defensive assets through its alternative investments.

For investments outside super, visit MLC's Fund Profile Tool. Please download one of our supported browsers. MLC Wholesale Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio. <>stream Underperform the industry standard benchmarks.

does not include fees charged within any ETF held in this portfolio, estimated to be approximately 0.18% (indirect cost ratio). 31 Aug 2020. Out of the 5,494 Australian funds researched with a 10 year track record, 81% underperform the industry standard benchmarks by an average of 2.12%, with average fees of 1.79%^. Get the latest news and views on retirement, superannuation and investments here. It also contains a number of references to important information in the MLC Investment Trusts Product Guide (Product Guide) marked with an symbol. # Performance figures are after management and admin fees excl. The peer comparison figures have been sourced from Morningstar data and is therefore limited to the funds and investment products included in their database. x�콏_T�z��W���'�ߴ���ޛ�iCC�9�\���jO�[nMij��7r�pB��{i�z�ш����j�����zQ/*1� qt�g� �g�ϚgϚ={�l����y���מ��^�f�a��Z�Y��� `e1:::���)�3? 'jG%Z��'�����*+�8i����(c�{!_�î�y6�1mE�ڵ��j� endobj Talk to us on 132 652 between 8am and 6pm AEST/AEDT, Monday to Friday. Performance and commentary The portfolio aims to provide a return higher than its benchmark (before fees and tax) over five-year periods, while managing risk. MLC MasterKey Superannuation (Gold Star) Horizon 7 - Accelerated Growth.

5 0 obj x���}LUe�����*x��[��d�Ԗe/6�tnQ�"ua�td�Qy��LVQiZ]�h���VЭ�V���ըe!ި9��=A9�d�~�y���≶�݀���s��=���c � � ���^N����c'���q�0���#n��;!v�E��2ڮ�|�9l�d�\x?#��'�B^�.O]]]c��x::;;&��X�*'�Tot��:ţԆ�&}ː��

This communication is provided by MLC Investments Limited (ABN 30 002 641 661, AFSL 230705) (MLC) in its capacity as Operator of MLC MasterKey Investment Service and MLC MasterKey ... MLC Horizon 7 Accelerated Growth Portfolio * Benchmark asset allocation and ranges. A tax event may be realised as a result of switching investments.

?�[A6B+++O�>�r�4oq����g���� Xvl߾}S.]��uz{{u+�F�9���Q^^�s����|�C���YYY---v0 ����Ձ|��G���$��޽�u���H��8���.����KR�$�kjjd�UUUEEE����4 �1ǏWO�{���T2>>�[�����J�_\\�w�^���vuS ����ӓ��^RR�.ܽ{����C�B��t��锕 ޯ������d; Q�vAA����AY833����o߾��!v�iii�BY�������e^^^yy9�ܽ{�N4��� XRDO���ٳgI�?~\]H� Your actual return would be reduced by the cost of buying and selling the fund, and inflation.

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