officer and the laughing girl

The German painter Max Liebermann wrote that "the mists that rise from the water and shroud the world in a translucent veil give that country its extraordinarily picturesque quality ... everything is bathed in light and air." In addition, globes and cartographic artifacts have often been displayed simply because of their own intrinsic beauty. This hat was probably from New Netherlands, which was then under the Dutch West India Company's control. However, he always filtered his borrowings through his own personality and artistic vision, producing works of surprising uniqueness. 23, France and England form an alliance against Spain. download high-resolution image from WikiMedia, historic timeline of the year(s) Vermeer created this painting, Jacob van Ruisdael paints Jewish Cemetery. It is hard to believe that Vermeer was not inspired by Van Honthorst's canvas. Dutch mapmakers of the time were usually combining more skills: they were surveyors, cartographers, painters of landscapes and engravers. She resembles Vermeer's wife, Catharina Bolnes, who is believed to have posed for many of his paintings. However, one might speculate that the blue areas were once glazed with a transparent yellow giving then a "correct" green tone of the land masses. May 29, Charles II, who had fled to France, is restored to the English throne after the Puritan Commonwealth. In this work, we can almost feel a spark of uncertainty which crackles between the soldier and the seated young girl. Both Vermeer and his wife sign the document. Guercino continues to paint and teach until to the time of his death in 1666, amassing a notable fortune. The young girl holds what appears to be a Berkemeyer, a type of drinking glass which consists of a wide, cylindrical stem and a funnel-shaped bowl. Nor can we believe that he obtained this mastery otherwise than by constantly dwelling in the same neighborhood, most likely in Guelders or on the Dutch Westphalian border, where day after day he could study the branching and foliage of trees and underwood embowering cottages and mills, under every variety of light, in every shade of transparency, in all changes produced by the seasons. Each of these elements occur in some of his other paintings, although this painting differs slightly with the man also sitting at the table. c. 1656 Jacob van Ruisdael moves to Amsterdam. Its actual appearance would probably have been similar to that seen in Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, where the same map is depicted with a muted, ocher tonality. Mar. Hudde promotes Cartesian geometry and philosophy in Holland; his discoveries (they will be called "Hudde's rules") will presage the use of algorithms to solve problems of calculus (see Newton, 1666). Vasari, whose Vite (Lives) of the Italian painters exerted a lasting influence on the theory of European art, saw the representational skills as a means which always served a main social function—the evocation of a sacred or edifying story, in other words: dramatic narrative. Not a single copy from the first state has survived. He furthered this effect by exaggerating the differences in scale between the figures and by dressing the soldier in deep red, a color associated with passion and power. Jan van der Weff (d. 1772) is born. Christiaan Huygens of Holland uses a 2-inch telescope lens and discovers that the Martian day is nearly the same as an Earth day. This so-called Spanish chair presents two finials with lion heads with rings through the muzzles. The color of the apron, which is evident in various representations of maids by Vermeer and in countless other Dutch genre interior painting, was suited to hide stains. first published in 1550, Although Netherlandish painting is universally admired today, in the past, it had detractors. By 1660 the brim had become so wide that the corners were turned up forming the tricorner. Vermeer frequently juxtaposes contrasting forms, colors and textures of the motifs to invigorate the picture's narrative. Berkemeyer glasses were originally manufactured in Germany, where they continue to be manufactured today. Richard Cromwell succeeds his father as English Lord Protector. perspective of the window frame to draw the viewer into the scene and to activate the space between the figures. Gérard de Lairesse's manual for painters illustrates how the artist might suggest the social position of his sitter by the way in which they hold their glasses. Initially, these less than heroic military men were portrayed in realistic settings such as barns or environments which recall the spaces in which soldiers were garrisoned. Tänze, Lieder und Fantasien der Renaissance Pieter de Hooch, who directly influences Vermeer joins the guild of Saint Luke in Delft, two years after his arrival from Haarlem. "The carefully integrated relationship between the figures and the map in this sunlit interior expresses not only an unmistakable pride in the land but also the communion between the people who live there and enjoy the fruits of peace. 26, Dutch West Indies Co. denies Peter Stuyvesant's desire to exclude Jews from New Amsterdam. Jan van Mieris (d.1690) is born. Slowly scroll your mouse over the painting to a point of particular interest. Her expression is so positively charged that even the officer's reticence is effectively dissimulated. The Royal Collection, The Windsor Castle. Robert Boyle announces in New Experiments Physico-Mechanical Touching the Spring of Air that removing the air in a vacuum chamber extinguishes a flame and kills small animals, indicating that combustion and respiration are similar processes. The upper part of the jacket in Vermeer's rendition was initially covered by a large white collar. What significance does the map of the Netherlands have? Vermeer and his wife bury a child in the Old Church. Many who for the first time see Vermeer's paintings from life are surprised that they are much cooler in tone that those of his colleagues, a fact which is rarely apparent in reproductions.

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