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Report an outage: Call 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376) or *HYDRO (*49376) on your mobile or report it online. . Our branches in Hendersonville, Laurinburg, Pierson and Wilson branches are closed for the remainder of 4/19/19 due… https://t.co/L0cgu8xba4, Due to inclement weather and power outages at the Levin JCC, we will close the building at 12 noon today. #ChargeYourDevices Yo… https://t.co/nZQv00RLgZ, Getting some reading done with this light during an extended rainy day power outage, all thanks to being Influenced… https://t.co/6vMouJcOcF. To help our members track and monitor those outages, we have created an outage map system. Power outage at our usual voting location Power outages. PowerOutage.US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united states. RT @CarrboroPD: **POWER OUTAGES** Duke Power is performing a system update throughout the Town of Carrboro. He's in good company with the power outage. RT @chapelhillgov: #CHTraffic: Power outages downtown this morning, including traffic signals out at #HillsboroughSt & #RosemarySt and Hill…, #CHTraffic: Power outages downtown this morning, including traffic signals out at #HillsboroughSt & #RosemarySt and… https://t.co/K65jTSsTgl, @EvanMarkfield @bretstrelow Weeklong power outage due to ice storm > pandemic, [Duke IT Status] Resolved: OIT has monitored the service and can confirm that the power outage has been resolved.… https://t.co/ekxzEzhvOH, [Duke IT Status] Identified: Duke Energy has confirmed a power outage in downtown Durham. Car riders will be dismissed at 12:30pm. There are a disturbing amount of people around here who do not know what to do at a traffic light in a power outage. Power can be restored for non-payment during these off times when the customer meets specified criteria. Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC. Home. PowerOutage.US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united states. Most Recent Report Date: Oct 17, 2020. @UnionSaltBae Lol same - and ice packs. Stay connected! . I need propane and a baby swim suit. #CarrboroSafe, 05-31-19 ***TRAFFIC ALERT*** West Poplar between Davie and Blackwood is closed due to a traffic crash. possible. https://t.co/xGwEqasv81, Venezuela: 'country has stopped' as blackout drags into second day https://t.co/Xionz74ykK, I now have quite a few battery banks, the rest are bigger than this little guy! We man the telephones 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. https://t.co/kRKsQIIfUK, @lo_lifer if you’ve had a power outage recently and haven’t set up static IPs within your home network it’s possibl… https://t.co/wOi84oDQAs. We do experience power outage not often but a few times a y… https://t.co/rZZukBPKbD, @pdavidmullinsjr @connie_rodeconn It happened in Durham, NC in 2016 (power outage as people tried to vote early mor… https://t.co/BI7t298APb, Fallen tree = massive power outage. To view our outage map, go to https://outage.union-power… Energy & Innovation Our Power Path of Electricity Energy Tips Outages & Safety Outage Map Report an Outage Electrical Safety Storm & Hurricane Safety Winter Weather Safety  |  Y’all said the power outage ends at 9:45 ... why is the power still out ? We ask that if you see our crews and contractors out in the field, please respect social distancing measures … (Via @MLBONFOX) If you see downed lines or experience a… https://t.co/mOVVE1CKuA, Traffic light power outages are fun it’s like mad max but in real life, What should you do during a power outage? Buses arrive at sch… https://t.co/fUyGQMOlan, Power outage means #cribbage by candlelight?️ Pearson…, Traffic lights are out at Fayetteville Street and Cook Road right in front of Hillside High School in Durham. Shannon Rd location only . Outage Map. Slow moving storms bring downpours, flooding woes and power outages to the Triangle Power outage data is reported automatically from these utilities approximately every 30 minutes. @pimp__jesus Just to avoid misinformation here, we are responding. Report power outage in other North Carolina cities. We are working to rest…. Our team will be work…, Hi. Remember to report outages… https://t.co/SdJN7jecs2, @Paul_Greet @dawnerichards Still normal weather here. [email protected] pls invest this excess profit…, RT @JayyAdams03: Sooo lockdown, school search, power outage, now a fire at the parking deck ?? Plus, climate change is causing extreme weather wh… https://t.co/IubHyO1Fu7, ITAIPU was crucial to Paraguay's recent ability to out-maneuver the power outage that engulfed Argentina & Uruguay… https://t.co/xaDwxO1m8O, Yet another coal ash pollution problem in N.C. Come on @Dukeenergy, let move away from coal. Sign up for text alerts! https://t.co/9wlzZ9E8js, ALERT! Outage Map Quick Tips. @CityofDurhamNC Any idea of what to expect with the power outage? https://t.co/20sZWWPQKb, 2,000 homes in Carrboro are without power currently according to Duke Energy Carolinas. I'm too busy working to go wander around and look for the root cause, unfortunately. Buses arrive at school to pick u…, Due to a power outage, Rashkis ES is dismissing early. In honor of my brother going through a power outage on campus, let’s remember the best barbee moment of 2017.

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