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After a while, Annie met John Palmer, the owner of the Rose Hall estate, which included a great house and a 7,000-acre sugar plantation with 2,000 slaves. What the secular education system failed to achieve, the religious system of education, hopefully, would finish.

Norwood Witter, and Its roof caved in, its windows gaping; a dramatic, and,

In Herbert Delisser's book White Witch of Rose Hall, the author, in the pursuance of the protection of his own integrity, was cautious to point out explicitly that the story is fictitious, which meant in Jamaican parlance that the story was made up. One time I was down to Jamaica to a place called Rose Hall Plantation …A lady named Annie Palmer who lived in that great house there …Well they tell a lot of tales about Annie They say she had three husbands one at a time I guess …On the Island of Jamaica quite a long long time ago At Rose Hall Plantation where the ocean breezes blow Lived a girl named Annie Palmer the mistress of the place And the slaves all lived in fear to see a frown on Annie's face Where's your husband Annie where's number two and three Are they sleeping neath the palms beside the Caribbean Sea At night I hear you ridin' and I hear your lovers call And still can feel your presence round the great house at Rose Hall hmm -The Ballad of Annie Palmer, Johnny Cash. However, according to officially enrolled slave returns, she had in June 1829 four slaves, Cymir aged 30, Sarah Smith aged 30, and Sarah's two children Alexander and Charles aged 6 and 8 respectively.1, In 1833 she is listed as being at Bellevue, St. James, with 8 slaves.2   Bellevue and Bonavista3 are both shown by the Jamaica Almanacks as belonging to the Bernard family, and may well have been both part of the same property, as both names mean "Beautiful View.". The Witter marriage settlement is detailed and referenced to Lib.151, fol.225, in a letter written by Leslie Alexander (who worked for many years in the Jamaica Records Office) and printed in The Daily Gleaner on 23 July 1895; this is accessible on-line.”, Scotts of Ireland, Jamaica, Dominica and Nova Scotia. 3For the names of the proprietors of Bonavista, see the following Almanacs:  1818, 1826, 1828, 1831, 1840.

A sitting room with an allegedly ‘haunted mirror’ inside the Rose Hall Great House.

The tour guides employed there have been trained to glibly narrate the story of Annie's prowess and how she was killed in a bedroom, with the bloodstain from her murder still leaving an impression on the mahogany floor of that room, the pattern of which persists until today. Rose Hall has been bought and is to be restored at a cost of some £300,000. Please subscribe with your email addressto be notified when new articles are posted. highway. Diane Daye Humphries, 16-Year-Old Murderess – Texa... Sandra Knowlton, 14-Year-Old Murderess – Maine, 1958. Then came the cruel Anna Palmer . finally John Palmer, a widower with whom Rosa lived happily until her own death How then, did this monstrous legend grow up? This tomb at Rose Hall, Jamaica is allegedly the one in which Annie Palmer is buried. And like the lyrics of Johnny Cash’s song says, visitors to the mansion can feel Annie’s presence around the Rose Hall Great House. It is rumored that they are buried under the three palm trees that sit in front of the luxury condominium hotels near Rose Hall. The real Annie Palmer married John Rose Palmer in 1820. None of this was either true or scientifically possible.

London sculptors of the 1700's. She also, on one occasion, had the head of her maid (whom she suspected of trying to poison her) hung above the corn house in Palmyra until it festered in the sun. and spent most of her life in Haiti. that the Palmyra Estate was set on fire alongside the Kensington Estate, However, they both died childless, and in 1818 the two estates were passed down to John Rose Palmer, his grandnephew. Annie’s marriage to John Palmer grew more and more estranged, until one day John caught her engaging in sexual relations with one of the male slaves. John Rose Palmer came to Jamaica from England to claim the estate, and on 28 March 1820 he married Anne Mary Patterson from Lucea, Hanover Parish. Near the end of the High Middle Ages, mechanical technology such as clocks and water mills, for example, were becoming quite advanced. The museum showcases the slave history of the estate and the legend of the White Witch of Rose Hall. St. James church to "Anne Palmer". The technical sophistication of the Middle Ages tends to be underestimated. Rosa was the first mistress at Rose Hall and had four husbands. Palmyra, part of the Rose Hall Estates, was connected to the Rose Hall mansion by way of a bridle track. John Rose Palmer died in November 1827. concluded that the story was fictionalized, modeled on the title character in a His personal possessions, including £350 worth of plates and some debts owing him totalled a mere £1,137.15. And who was the supposed criminal anyway? Annie was born in England in 1802 to an English mother and Irish father. claimed that the story started with an account by Rev. He stated 4. His spell supposedly weakened Annie and while in a vulnerable state he strangled her in one of the bedrooms in Rose Hall. It is still being taught in our schools, for example, that the Maroons are our heroes!! It was this court which was responsible for administering such properties by means of officially appointed receivers. In a Rose Hall Estate Journal quoted by Shore in his "In Old St. James" (1911) and now, alas! John Palmer, one of the former owners of Rose Hall, acquired the property from his great uncle, who owned and operated the mansion primarily as a sugar plantation.

is a grand old building, in which a first service was held on Christmas Day, The legend became complete and fact and fiction inextricably merged, with the publication in 1929 of the novel “The White Witch of Rose Hall” by Herbert G. de Lisser. Now the language spoken today by the Jamaican masses is A rare inscription discovered on an olive press at an ancient Roman bath complex is revealing secrets about rural life in late antiquity. However, Rose Hall's prominence dated back to a period long before Annie Palmer's arrival. The will of John Rose Palmer of the town of Pembroke, esq, dated 31/10/1818, was lodged in Jamaica 28/04/1857.

And how the economic system particularly has been rigged to perpetuate lack of strategic and sustainable ownership for the children of the economic underclass while structurally, through fertile land possession with economy of scale, on the alluvium plains, enriching the heirs and successors of the traditional ruling class and their assorted cabal at the expense of all else. Thought to be one of the country's most impressive plantation great houses, it had fallen into ruins by the 1960s, but was then restored. Through an unfortunate twist of fate, she lost both of her parents to yellow fever when she was about six years old. 1782, as a posted notice tells. But I could see enough of the ghost-filled wreck to appreciate Elizabeth Stang, 10-Year-Old Would Be Murderess – ... Grace Newell, 6-Year-Old Murderess – New York, 1897. To cut a long story short, the merchants, Messrs. Hibbert and Co., sold out their interests and the properties fell into the hands of the Court of Chancery. Rosa, the first mistress of Rose Hall, was of a different temperament from her successor Annie Palmer the “White Witch”, who took up residence 43 years after Rosa Palmer's death at Rose Hall in 1777. (Jasonbook99/ CC BY SA 3.0 ). a will which stated "my settlement in St. James called 'Bellevue' I leave to Mrs. Palmer for life. Top Image: Painting of a ghostly looking woman. countryfolk were so certain that the wraith of the White Witch used to appear in scholarship has shown the story to be untrue.

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