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Famously claimed his maiden Major Championship title at the 2017 Masters Tournament, beating Justin Rose in a play-off at Augusta National. Don't get stupid and start thinking 'I need to birdie this hole'.

I was really enjoying the moment, so I didn't have time to feel nervous or doubt myself – I just told myself to keep doing the same thing I had been doing up until that point. The energy and the excitement that I felt – not only from making the putt, but from what the people showed me on that hole – was just amazing. You know the course is asking you to be very precise – and if you're not, you can make bogeys quite easily. I'm more of a fader.

But the most important thing was how I felt. Ser-gi-o! But after Justin made bogey on 17, I found myself standing on the 18th tee with a share of the lead.

But if you are precise, you can make a good amount of birdies.

I was hitting it quite far as well.

Sergio García Fernández, born 9 January 1980 in Spain, has won 35 international tournaments as a …

The good thing about it was that where I was able to drop the ball, I could advance it quite close to the green. Had a glittering amateur career, becoming the then-youngest player to make a European Tour cut in 1995 aged just 16, and winning the Amateur Championship in 1998.
It came out dead straight, right at the flag. On 15, I hit a GREAT drive.

But at the end of the day, I thought it was right edge, I hit it like I wanted, and it just didn't break the way I wanted it to. Golf is a sport of gentlemen. So I knew there were a lot of opportunities coming up and I just kept telling myself to stay calm, stay in the moment, and believe that I could do it.

Ser-gi-o!" But at the same time, just like on 15, to see the joy of the people, to see how happy they were, and to hear them chanting "Ser-gi-o! I knew from 13 onwards, if I kept playing well, a lot of good things could happen. On April 9, 2017, playing in his 74th Major Championship, Sergio Garcia finally got the monkey off his back and won the Masters on the first sudden-death play-off hole against Justin Rose.

If I hit a bad putt, I would've been more disappointed. Sergio Garcia won his first major in April; The Spaniard marries his wife Angela in the summer; The couple are expecting their first child next year

If you step up to the tee with the frame of mind to win with a par, your swing is not going to be as aggressive – I wanted to be aggressive.

Calm and comfortable – even when I missed a short birdie putt on two and missed birdie putts on eight and nine, I was fine.

I stood there looking at the tee shot just thinking 'this is perfect'. I remember both times, the ball moved an inch or two to the left. The way I was playing, I was still feeling really good–I won't lie, I'd have loved to have had a three or four- shot lead going into 10, but I knew we still had a lot of golf left. If I'd missed the flag, I probably would've had a six-foot putt, but it would've been a really fast, big breaker.

It's going to be Hispanic. I've been on that tee many, many times and there have definitely been times when I've been uncomfortable there. Even after I made the bogey on 10 I was still feeling fine. Stick to your routine. Usually, when you win, every part of your game is usually on.

I wanted to be confident. Being a little downhill and a little down breeze, it was a perfect hard 8-iron for me. I had to be patient and wait to make a move on the final six holes.

I didn't know it was going to bounce that close, but the line was perfect. Famously claimed his maiden Major Championship title at the 2017 Masters Tournament, beating Justin Rose in a play-off at Augusta National. It could've bounced into the fairway or into the creek, but mine bounced into the bush on the other side of the hazard. Unfortunately, for some reason – whether the hole was in a little different spot than where I practised or my ball was a little more right than where I practised it – the ball went straight, even a little right at the end. You need to hit a good shot here and be sure you make a three, at worse'.

The putt I had was probably about a five-footer down the hill. The most important thing for me about making the putt on 13 was that it got me back to feeling like I can make big putts. Because of that, I went into the play- off with a positive mindset. US PGA Championship, 1999 Woods beat Garcia to the 1999 title (Rui Vieira/PA) But I still had a chance of winning in the play-off... From the moment I got in the cart to head back to the 18th tee, I was thinking 'I need to birdie this first play-off hole.

I made a nice downhill right-to-left putt for birdie.

I'm not a crier, but I had a couple tears running down my cheeks in that moment. Make a good stroke. Your home for fun and interesting golf questions and facts.

Once he missed, I was thinking, 'OK, now we have a free go at it.

It hit it exactly how I wanted. There are other holes that you can birdie that are not going to get you into the kind of trouble you can find yourself in on 12! His first title on the European Tour came in his sixth start as a professional, in July 1999 at the Irish Open.

Not only was making par great, because it showed character and resilience but, at the same time, it gave me the energised feeling I needed to go into the final holes.

I actually had a similar putt during one of the practice rounds that I tested a couple of times.

If you’d like to contribute questions for our community we’ll give appropriate acknowledgement when published. Turned professional in 1999 after finishing low amateur at the Masters and won in his sixth professional start at the Irish Open. No matter what he does, I need to birdie it'. Firstly, I didn't hit that bad a drive, but it caught a tree – and when it hits a tree you never know where it's going to bounce.
But at Augusta, I had one of the best driving weeks of my life. The 2017 Masters Tournament was the 81st edition of the Masters Tournament and the first of golf's four major championships in 2017. So after I shot two- under in the third round and I was still tied for the lead, I was happy. Sergio Garcia Tournament Results Season: Select 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 … 845898). Very beautiful. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. On the green, I was thinking Rosey was going to make his putt. Subscribers receive special topic packs including the Ryder Cup, the British Open and more. Then I got to 11 – I didn't hit that a bad drive, I just pulled just a little and it took a big hop on the rm fairway into the pine straw. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you've done it.

I'd been playing great all week and was just really, really excited to get into Sunday, believing in my ability to go out there and do what I knew I could do. But with the way I felt that week and the way I'd been swinging all week, I felt very comfortable in that moment. García turned professional in 1999 after shooting the lowest amateur score in the 1999 Masters Tournament.

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