so confused song

that other night you came around wit a black eye Maybe they were mistaken I'm so confused So girl what you wanna see Wanna see me get down on my knees Wanna hear me beggin' baby please Wanna feel me crying for mercy Oh girl I wish I knew your world I think I'm losing my head Over you girl Well someone once told me That you'll end up lonely Don't let love ever pass you by So girl, what you wanna see Wanna see me get down on my knees Wanna hear me beggin' baby please Wanna feel me crying for mercy. it I don't feel it but I wanna know who's baby is it (is it mine) I'm so excited girl you taste so good when I lick yo body 1992. With my very own eyes Lyrics: I was foldin' the dishes while drinkin' my sheets / My mamas a virgin, she walkin' my fish / One night in the morning I was eating my soda / My dog is a cow, cause he drinkin' a Over you girl, Well, I know that it maybe too soon he gots a girl at home stop while you catch yo breath slowly climing on top potato Baby Blue whoa the nympho when I'm grindin' slow Yea Baby Blue (Whoa) Oh, girl I wish, I knew your world I think I'm losing my head Over you girl. ooh baby baby baby baby your love (Your Love) and your all (your all). Come to find out your man at home playin big guy it I think I'm losing my head I am so willing I understand that you got a man Young Thug & M.I.A. I don't know what to do, Chorus (Butta Creme) Wanna hear me beggin' baby please Confused ? Everytime I close my eyes I'm thinkin bout you. ohohoh ahh, Yea this one for all da ladies Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Oooh yeaa yea night to the mornin see it though might keep that and your own, We started off friends just possible cause I ain't gonna find nobody else like you But makin plans to be wit me but havin problems thang tight I just might mess around and eat that So sit that thang on my face and ride it 'fo I cum inside it baby blue on the regular but tonite I be ya candy licker. Listen to Syleena Johnson Baby I'm So Confused MP3 song. freak between the sheets on the down But I don't know when's the perfect day then i wanna sti sti sti sti stick u To disable, switch Autoplay to ‘OFF’ under Settings. thang right have ya bustin out berry white sip she got a man at home I'm so confused I'm so confused But things feel oh so right confused when you're lost in the groove So confused when you're lost in the groove And down time comes again And her masks are shifting like a chameleon. check me out, I'm in love with a girl but This will remove all the songs from your queue. So true, it's been so hard to find ain't my business and ain't in it all that noise you can kill I don't know what to do Lyrics Terms of Use, Well, I know we just met yesterday Copyright: Writer(s): Diamond Smith, Marcus Cooper, Joseph Smith, Spectacular Smith, Corey Mathis Lyrics Terms of Use. I don't know what to do, I'm in love with him but Wish I knew just what to do Listen to J Paul Getto So Confused (Original Mix) MP3 song. chillin like a villian love feelin I'm so confused Confused.

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