sports afield vs liberty gun safe

CarRamrod, you got a costco membership? Below is a list of all gauges of steel, and what safes have that thickness. It would probably hold 30 comfortably. I got my liberty for 1600 shipped to the house and put in place. Quality made and stylish, Sports Afield Safes not only boast impressive features for your home or office, they also keep your guns and valuables safely secured from unwanted users. if not let me buy it for you and you can then pay me back. FirstBubba ... Three giants moved my gun safe that holds 36 long guns. Gun safe Question! ), It Sounds Like Ed Orgeron Was Pretty Happy About Getting Fired From Ole Miss. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on LSU Football and Recruiting. And don't forget to check out the latest reviews on guns and outdoor gear on You don’t want to buy a rifle and have someone with the wrong intentions set their hands on it and do regrettable damage. All times are GMT-5. In this article, we go through the sports afield 24 gun safe and its quality. It is the only one I have owned so I have nothing to compare to. They’re really convincing and will definitely work. You can rely on these gun safes. These are the best and top gun safes perfect for your rifles and firearms. Comment. Do you have an opinio on this safe. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Who Does Falcons WR Julio Jones Think Is Best WR In The NFL? However sometimes it really is hard to know which safe has what. This post was edited on 12/13 at 10:58 am, According to his new book "Flip The Script.". Take a look at this short comparison chart on Top 10 Best Gun Safes 2020 which are really good and tested. Ranging in price from just under $1,000 USD to almost $1,500 USD, there are three sizes in this series to choose from, with only a few subtle differences between them. How big of a safe are you looking for? Why put very expensive firearms in a low value safe and vice versa. Reply. Dave says . With Sports Afield, once your claim is approved we take care of all shipping charges. This list is based off of the steel in the body of the safe. Welcome to Field and Streams's Answers section. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ for information on posting and navigating the forums. For help with any issues contact us at our Toll Free Number: 1-888-792-4264. Verdict of Best Gun Safes 2020 Comparison Chart, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Black Friday Gun Safe Deals 2020- Best Offers and Discounts, Best Gun Safe for Car- Reviews & Best Picks. Here we only listed Top-Rated Gun Safes which are most popular in 2020. Sports afield gun safes are a long-term solution and fulfill your security needs to store multiple weapons with minimized risk. Mine is rated for 48 (or is it 54?) This page was generated at 12:49 AM. ), re: Liberty Safe vs Costco brand(Cannon, Sports Afield, Bighorn, etc. There are hundreds of safes on the market today, all ranging in different thicknesses of steel. The Liberty is a New Addition. Sure, I can get into your cannon with a fire axe just like a liberty. Liberty has a wide dealer network. Put a Liberty and this costco brand next to each other and I bet you could see a difference in construction and quality. I bet the costco one would be lighter. Also take a look at our Reviews of Best Gun Safes 2020. All rights reserved. Still.Thanks for this awesome post. Please keep in mind, the higher the gauge number, the thinner the steel. Liberty or Browning? Post Cancel. After reading the info you provide I am skeptical of the safe. I have the Lincoln 50. And buy one bigger than what you need you won't regret it. And buy one bigger than what you need you won't regret it. $2500 is a big arse safe. Thanks for this types article and I need these types of comparison charts more and more. I think a safe is one of the things that you get what you pay for. Copyright @2020 My thought process is that if a thief finds and steals just one of my rifles, it would pay for a safe. Browning FMJ 23 Gun Safe; Amsec Gun Safes; Sentry Gun Safe; Fort Knox Gun Safe; Steelwater Gun Safes; Fortress Gun Safe; Bulldog Gun Safe; GunVault MV 500; Heritage Gun Safes; Liberty Gun Safe; SentrySafe Gun Safe; Sports Afield gun safe; Gun Safe Accessories. What are the fire/water protection differences of the two? Cannon makes a nice safe. Even if it has Costco stamped on the door it is likely made by someone else. These are the best and top gun safes perfect for your rifles and firearms. Milldawg ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Join Date: Aug 2014; Posts: 4309; Share Tweet #7. After reading this article, I am impressed as I also do business on gun safes. Last updated on January 31st, 2020 at 01:50 pm. Those spot welds are going to let lots of super heated air in over a single solid weld. I do accept as true with all of the concepts you’ve presented in your post. Here you will find hunting, fishing, and survival tips from the editors of Field and Stream, as well as recommendations from readers like yourself. check out the. Liberty Safe vs Costco brand(Cannon, Sports Afield, Bighorn, etc. I would match the value of the safe to the value of the contents. If you want to buy a best gun safe, then you should go with this list. This types of comparisons are very important for us who are the true information seeker. guns. I won't charge you for the convenience, will just take me 2% cash back from costco. I have two walk-ins in the Shop One Liberty and One Old Diebold both hold 60 Rifles and 48 Handguns. Is a liberty safe the way to go? My wife wanted something that looked nice if it was going to be that big. Best Gun Safe Under 2000; Gun Safe Brands. Watch the Liberty safe videos. A lot of gun shops carry Liberty, and ... Costco offers a gun safe named Sports Afield 6033 Executive vault. Compare the weight of similar sized safes. If you want to buy a best gun safe,  then you should go with this list. Thanks. Be sure to check the warranty on any gun safe you’re considering, and ask yourself this question: If the company is going to charge me freight for my replacement safe, what kind of warranty is that? However, in the event of a fire, how's your protection compared to a liberty? And also we listed here our best pick gun safes in 2020 list. If I get a cheap safe, put my rifles together and they them all, what's another $1000? Tags: None. I too, focused on the fire rating when I purchased mine. Watch the Liberty safe videos. Like others have said buy one bigger than you think you need. My safe was made by Liberty but has Cabela's on the door. Verdict of Best Gun Safes 2020 Comparison Chart. I have a Liberty and I am pleased. Here we only listed Top-Rated Gun Safes which are most popular in 2020. Over buy for space if you have the room to keep it.

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