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Finally snagged reservation to the #1 restaurant in the country per Bon Appetit 2016. At $20-36/plate, that's crazy. (If you are going to dine here, please take the time to read up on the story of The Giving Kitchen. So, be prepared if you're serious about getting here. The whole dish was topped with foam made from lemon and grapeseed. I think the sharing concept is great for 2-3 people but might be excessively expensive for more people than that. HUB 51 Brunch - Available Wednesday-Sunday. The first drink I ordered was one made with saffron and pineapple rum, I was not a fan. For a 6:30 reservation in June, weather couldn't have been better- the big fans (and cooler than normal temps) kept us very comfortable. If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page. The almonds were coated with rice congee, nearly caramelizing them. I can't figure out what all the hype is about.

It was every bit a celebration for our palates. This review is based on a visit for dinner on April 1st. We felt comfortable asking questions, no one was condescending when we asked about ingredients, and we truly enjoyed every bite. Staplehouse is the for-profit subsidiary of this charity.)

Kombucha - good palate cleanse before dessert.9. With reservations you need to make a deposit. The often humble supporting actor takes center stage with their primarily vegetarian menu (on the day I went), and the execution was on point.

First thing, it absolutely stunk, literally, having to walk past the dumpsters to get to the entrance. Get over it, trust me, it is worth it. I wasn't really excited about any particular dish I ordered at staple house. The atmosphere is cool.

What a treat- such a unique dining experience! Staplehouse also offers Sunday brunch, which falls between noon and 4 p.m. In fact there were many dishes I took one bite of and couldn't do another.

Last visit, 4 of us ordered 6 dishes and we left hungry. See all photos from Alex N. for Staplehouse. Using creative culinary technique, Chef Ryan Smith infuses added layers of flavor to the dishes. My only complaint isBecause there were 4 of us, I didn't get enough :)VERY GOOD:-The Beef, aji dulce, beets, blood orange, and garlic.This is a fancy beef tartare, fyi. I was actually still very hungry leaving this almost $600 dinner. )Because we'd booked our reservation for the patio but inclement weather was preventing anything from happening outside, we were seated upstairs this time. I only point it out because i would not order something with cucumbers but one of the courses was snapper covered with cucumbers and when i scraped those suckers off, i got a "we can note that for the future".... well, i don't want to make a big deal out of not liking them.

A light asparagus custard as the base, with shaved stalk, and baby tips, beautiful begonias, and these delicious twig looking, but sweet foraged root (?). I had the tasting menu...1. Unfortunately, (and sorry, mom and dad) I did not grow up on the elevated technique the kitchen applies at Staplehouse. I settled in, got my drink and started digging into the small plates. See all photos from Katie R. for Staplehouse. The squash dish I took a picture of was my LEAST favorite, it smelled good but the squash was extremely al dente, almost cold/hard and was covered in seeds that were an unpleasant crunch. One feels fortunate to obtain a reservation "on release" (or even better, to have one "transferred" to you from a friend, as in our case).

The flavors obviously were incredible but what I liked the most about this dish was the texture!

There are TONS of restaurants in atl that are much better than Staplehouse at fraction of costs. We got the 9-course tasting menu and I think I liked 3/9 courses, let's say 2.5/9 because a lot of the components were not the best tasting. The food was over the top creative, artistic and delicious! When researching places to eat in Atlanta, Staplehouse constantly came up, so I knew I had to try it. Everything is locally sourced and each dish was explained in detail to us as it was brought out. It was amazing.Overall, all of the dishes are intricately made with well developed layers if flavor.

Of course we had pretty high expectations after waiting months to get a reservation.

Once at the entrance, the atmosphere is lovely with a view of the restaurant garden if you sit on the patio at the entrance. Although I believe the menu is ever changing- Our favorites for the day we're the snapper and crab- and we ended up ordering doubles! Please add a review after your dining experience to help others make a decision about where to eat.

Naturally it costs an arm and a leg. There were 5 of us and it was plenty for all to share.Every morsel was amazing - seriously, the food was that good - every dish. Next the halibut. This review is based on a visit for dinner on April 1st.

I and my coworker went during same week and we both discussed having to go get "real food" afterwards. The flavors were divine! They explained how the food comes out in a paced manner and explained every player in detail when it came to the table. Staplehouse is not currently accepting reservations on Tock. Our server was not the friendliest but the other waitstaff made up for it. Probably my least Favorite dish of the night, but I took 2 pictures of it, because it was pretty :)Would I go back, yes.

This was, hands down, the best restaurant I have ever been to. 10/11/2019Jordan, Thank you for taking time to share your feedback on your dining experience at Staplehouse. On this visit, we tried: - Beef, green tomato, shiso, black garlic, radish ($18)- Crab, radicchio, tetrgonia, tomato ($18)- Chicken liver tart, peach, basil, celery ($12)- Carrots, hazelnut, vadouvan, sorrel ($16)- Cobia, cucumber, lovage, leeks, celtuce ($34)- Aged duck, eggplant, black bean miso, shallot ($36)- Peach, walnut, fig leaf, koji ($9)We will be back, and back, and back!! Blood orange "glass" and garlic puffs were served on top, and the whole plate was sprinkled with a pepper powder made from the dehydrated skin, stems, and seeds of the peppers. We hope you have a nice 21st Birthday Weekend - Staplehouse Management. The trout was served with kale, watercress, roe and dill. LOVE THAT HIP HOP! When you pay online, you will also have to pay for tax and a 20% tip (Hospitality Charge). We very much enjoyed our unique experience! So instead of even risking more disappointment with dessert, we decided to leave and go somewhere else. Of course we had pretty high expectations after waiting months to get a reservation. I can't figure out what all the hype is about. The best dish of the night I would have deemed just ok. If you want a Michelin experience in ATL, Ryan Smith and team delivers a luxurious tasting with high-class service. Now it's strictly a tasting menu pre-selected but still amazing.

We take all feedback and comments with an open mind, as food and dining are both highly subjective experiences. For dinner, Staplehouse offers two different menu formats. screaming with laughter). Their beef tartare was among the most disappointing because I've had amazing beef tartare but theirs lacked a lot of flavor and had really crunchy pieces of puffy rice that were unpleasant to chew while eating such soft meat. It is hard to get reservations though...we luckily were able to transfer from a friend.

We got everything on the menu from July 19th except 2 items. This casual neighborhood restaurant offers a seasonal menu made with only fresh ingredients.

Yes, it was worth the experience but one time for me was enough. ONLINE ORDERS MUST BE PLACED BY 12PM OR EARLIER FOR SAME DAY PICK UP. It was ok. Mark, thank you so much for this thoughtful and detailed 5-star review! drinks down, all that food and the bill came out to less than $50 each! Underwhelming considering the incredible hype. The uniqueness in every dish is draw-dropping. We can't wait to go back! I'm sorry we weren't able to discuss the seasoning of your dishes while you were dining with us.Our menu pricing is a direct reflection of our ingredient sourcing and the labor to execute our dishes. I personally loved the Cobia and the liver paté tart. We ordered the:Chicken liver tart--Way too sweet for my tasteClams potato--mehCabbage beef bushi--fancy stuffed cabbageAged duck--the best dish of the night.

The feeling is underscored when you must pay a deposit to hold your reservation (after all this is a "charity"). 2) the chicken liver mousse- I did not like this dish as a whole; however, the sliced peaches on top and the fresh basil tasted yummy.

Shout out to our wonderful server Brandon, who made sure we were taken care of all night - you really made this a great experience for us! I'll definitely admit I prefer the hustle and bustle of downstairs.

I had no expectations when I met my girlfriends for dinner at this lovely place on Edgewood. Thank you again for your comments. Located in Old Fourth Ward on Edgewood Avenue, Staplehouse is making serious waves in the food world, and not just locally. Next to Bacchanalia, this is one of our favorite places. This is a don't miss dining experience. See all photos from Pam C. for Staplehouse. Reservation are online only the 2nd Friday of every month at noon. I debate removing a star because she was a total sourpuss but everyone else was so fun and did a great job with my short term memory loss (what was in the onion again?) But, what was that even based on? Along with salty toasted sunflower seeds, crispy sunflower seed bread and shaved radishes, the carrots were served surrounding an aged beef fat rendered into foam. Liver tart - I don't love liver so I'm not going to write anything good nor bad. 4. We ordered nearly the entire menu for the night, skipping only a salad dish and two pork items.

They were whipped into mousse served on a savory pie crust and topped with a thin layer of fermented honey-yuzu gelée, heirloom corn corn nuts, dehydrated shallots, and handpicked scarlet fennel. It may have been helpful to explain with as much detail when asked about a dish before ordering, instead of saying "the menu is self-explanatory" and offering only small details. My group (party of 4) ate through the whole menu (11 items). Are they offering takeout, delivery, or both? The service was very good.

$20 per person isCharged to your credit card when you book the reservation and deducted from your bill.We ordered 6 dishes for the 4 of us.

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