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Now, point the forefinger toward the ground by tilting the wrist downward. If you want to actually make putts and lower your scores, you are going to need a good stroke to go with that nice address position. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. Place your right hand in position to complete the process. Stricker, like nearly everyone, actually arcs the putter on an inside-square-inside path, with the face remaining square to this curved path. One of the exciting things about working on your putting is how easy it is to mirror the technique of another player – even a professional. His arc is less pronounced than most, leading some to call his an SBST stroke. The stroke that Stricker uses is impressively simple and repeatable, making it an excellent model for any golfer to use. Just gripping the putter feels uncomfortable. You want to see that the shaft of the putter and the angle of your arms are forming a perfectly straight line (or very close to straight, at least). Its great to be able to address your putts with a proper stance and great grip – but that alone wont make the ball go into the hole. With each step you can take toward simplifying your putting stroke, you will get another step closer to great performance on the greens. When you watch him putt the ball, it will come as no surprise that he is able to make so many putts – his stroke looks consistent, steady, and comfortable. When you are able to putt the ball with a simple rock of your shoulders, the consistency and accuracy of your stroke will quickly improve. It might sound weird, but you have to accept the fact that you aren't going to make every putt. There also are things he does that are standard fare. By signing up, you agree to the 2020 The results weren’t impressive enough for Stricker to consider making a full-time switch, though. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or use a Try different strategies for dealing with the pressure when you are. 2 at the PGA Championship, Stricker decided to make a change, swapping his trusty putter for a Scotty Cameron GoLo 5. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. send. Steve Stricker Pro Golfer. While you probably wont reach the level of proficiency with the putter that has led Stricker to so many titles, you can still make improvements and lower your scores. In a true SBST stroke, the putter head follows a direct line away from the ball and through to the target, with the face square or perpendicular to this line the entire time. Just like any other adjustment you make in your golf game, you will need to put in some practice time before the change starts to feel comfortable. With your right hand, grab the middle of the shaft of the putter and start to gradually tilt it away from you. Coming off his second major win of 2019, Odyssey announced a putter-only deal with the 52-year-old. More Golfweek. It seems like I'm hitting some better putts with it. Spend plenty of time on the practice green so that your new putting stroke becomes natural and the old one is a thing of the past. Most people have the shaft leaning toward the target, but the cupped wrist sets the shaft in a more vertical position. To watch in a smaller size, scroll down while your video is playing. Published. For every player that kicks a putter to the curb after a few weeks, there's another who sticks it out with the same model, regardless of the results. I grip the putter in the palm of my left hand, not the fingers. Theres no denying the simple elegance of Steve Strickers golf swing. Privacy Policy. If you are able to correctly integrate these three points into your own putting performance, the ball is sure to start finding the bottom of the hole more frequently. Steve Stricker birdied the final hole for a 2-under 68 and a share of the lead Thursday in the Bridgestone Senior Players Championship. It’s without a doubt the longest-tenured club in his bag and has been a part of innumerable professional wins, including the 2019 U.S. Senior Open. It's hard to go from a static position into a fluid stroke, so this is what I do to make it smoother. shares. (Michael Cohen/Getty Images). But it's those unusual bits that just might be the keys to making a ton of birdies. When you are working on your driver swing, for example, you would not just be able to watch a video of Dustin Johnson or Rory McIlroy and copy what they are doing. Steve Stricker falls into this category. Once you start playing some rounds on the course with your new putting method, old techniques may start to creep back into your mind. Move the putter down to the ground and take your stance as if you were going to hit a putt. "It feels pretty good. Since putting is so vital to your score at the end of a round, even a minor improvement to your stroke could translate into saving a few shots on the scorecard. Although it would be easy to credit Stricker's success to world-class hand-eye coordination and years of practice, don't overlook the significance of his method. While his style is slightly unusual as compared to many other players on Tour, the results are simply incredible. When you have a hinged left wrist as part of your grip, the angle that is formed between your arms and the club is susceptible to changing during the stroke. share. Dealing with that pressure is a largely personal skill that has to be developed through trial and error. This is a great drill, and should become something that you do on a consistent basis to monitor the condition of your putting stroke. If you tend to get “handsy” with your putts or suffer from excess wrist action, try Strickers grip method. Following are three specific keys that Steve Stricker is able to meet with his putting stroke time after time. Yeah, it’ll be my old gamer back in play.”. I like to grip the putter fairly tight in my left hand, probably a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, but my right-hand grip is considerably lighter. I've made a lot of nice putts with that thing. Golf isn't about being perfect, and that is certainly true on the putting green. At address, his left wrist is unhinged – meaning, it is turned down so that the top of the. Green reading. You should have your side turned toward the mirror so that you have to look 90* to your right in order to see yourself. The deal gives Odyssey, which currently boasts more worldwide putter wins and the highest usage in professional golf, one of the premier names on the Champions Tour. There’s a reason why Stricker has continued to use the putter without a contract — until now. Would you like to get started? If you try to engage your hands in the putting stroke at any point, the ball will likely drop. The full swing is too technical to take that approach, and the longest hitters in the world possess physical capabilities that most golfers just don't have. While it shouldn't be too hard to get your left wrist into this unhinged position at address, it will likely be quite a change from your usual grip – so expect it to feel awkward at first. With that in mind, be patient and don't try to force the ball into the hole. I actually "waggle" my putter by bouncing it against the turf a little before I make a stroke. Golf Channel, All Rights Reserved. It's resting on my lifeline. Complete the routine, place your putter down behind an imaginary ball, and then turn your head to the right to check your address position. Like his full swing, Strickers putting motion is a model of simplicity. This gives me a feeling of unity between the putter's shaft and my left arm. Steve Stricker is among the best putters in the world – and he misses putts in every single round that he plays. It doesn't matter which option you use between a baseball and a tennis ball, so just find whatever is most convenient and head to the practice green at your local course. MattyO1984 397 Posted January 22. By Golfweek Staff Writer July 5, 2016 10:56 am shares. I've been practicing for a good three weeks on this putting and it's gotten worse.". Despite the fact that Stricker turned professional 25 years ago, he still remains one of the best golfers in the world thanks to that reliable and repeatable putting stroke. When done correctly, this routine should put you in a very similar position to that which Steve Stricker uses at address. Steve-Stricker-Putter. It appears your browser may be outdated. Make sure you are using the new grip that you have previously learned, and that your stance is athletic and comfortable. Simply put, this stat is an analysis of how many strokes a player gained on the rest of a tournament field by making the putts that others missed. To understand this concept, hold your left arm (right arm if you're a lefty) straight out, level with the shoulder and parallel to the ground. 1 Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. I'm just uncomfortable. different web browser. --Ron Kaspriske. Relaxed stance. Steve Stricker falls into this ... to qualify — Stricker admitted at the John Deere Classic that he no longer felt comfortable on the greens with his putter. For this drill, you will need normal golf equipment like your putter and some golf balls to putt with. Make it your goal on each putt to pick out a good line, and make a good stroke. To check and make sure you have been successful with this process, try doing it in front of a mirror. email. Even after one of the worst putting years of his career, Steve Stricker isn’t ready to ditch his trusty Odyssey White Hot No. Below are three aspects of the mental side of putting that you should be sure to focus on. For more information on Thomas Golf Putters: Stroke It Like Steve Stricker – How to Grip Putter with an Unhinged Left Wrist. Advanced Members; 397 6,516 posts; Share ; Posted January 22. tweet. To start, put a golf ball down on the green a few feet from a hole and take your normal stance.

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