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You are unable to obtain credit or a loan because of an unexplainable bad credit rating. She informed she was from the "National Review Team" advising me about changes to superannuation policies and asking about whether I had received a letter from my superannuation fund. Shred all documents containing personal information, such as credit card applications and bank statements. 2x Financial services. If superannuation fund members have any concerns about the security of their account, they should contact either their fund or APRA on 1300 13 1060 or the Australian Taxation Office in … In return, Greg would get 10% of Jasmine's super balance. Possible phone number formats are +61 488 822 904, 0061488822904, 0488 822 904, 0488822904, +61488822904, tel:+61-488-822-904, +61 488822904, 488822904. Identity theft is a type of fraud that involves using someone else's identity to steal money or gain other benefits. If someone offers to withdraw your super or move it to a self-managed super fund (SMSF) so you can access the money, it's probably a scam. I sent a text message asking them to explain why they were calling. (Scam call). The 20 best Superannuation Funds in 2020 ranked based on 6,382 reviews - Find consumer reviews on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. This email will not be publicly visible. Log directly on to a website that you are interested in rather than clicking on links provided in an email. 1x Call centre. 2x Unsolicited call. Learn how to spot a superannuation scam, and where to report it. 4hrs later....still no response, Scam, I thought it was positive, close to another number, misread, Read up about this number everywhere says block this number so I (Scam call), Block this number or lose your life savings, From "something" Reviews centre (Telemarketer), They said they had an announcement about my super annuation. When she went on to say they were offering "a review" of my mortgage I told her I wasn't interested in scams and hung up. Make sure your super fund has your correct mobile number, email and postal address. If filled we could contact you if necessary. Superannuation Advice Australia (SAA) is a great organisation. Don’t share your myGov account details with anyone. Cookies help us to deliver our services. Explore SCAMwatch to find out more about scams and tips on how to protect yourself. The Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law, Senator Nick Sherry, recently issued a warning for Australian workers to exercise extra care in protecting their superannuation account statements and personal details. Regularly check your super balance by logging into your account through your super fund's website. There are simple steps you can take to help stop someone stealing your identity — for example, shredding your documents, and being careful on social media. Asked I’ve id received a superannuation letter, I didn’t continue the call, Asking questions about my age and amount in my super fund. If you receive a call from your bank or any other organisation, don’t provide your personal details—instead ask for their name and a contact number. They may then use this to transfer your super to an account they can access, like a fake SMSF. He was running the SMSF as a scam to fund his gambling problem. A scammer will not have a licence to set up or manage super funds. Refer to these for more information. Thank you and have a nice day! Identity theft works in a range of ways, from simple methods to well organised scams. A caller pushes you to provide personal information and discourages you from checking whetehr it's a genuine request. Calculator disclaimers and assumptions can be found under each calculator. If you are experiencing difficulties with money, the following pages can help: How to find lost super and what to do next, Combine your super into one account to save, How super contributions and withdrawals are taxed, Find out your super balance at retirement, Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, Mobile phone, tablet and laptop insurance, Complain about a financial product or service, advertisements promoting early access to super, offers of quick and easy ways to access or 'unlock' super. If from these pages only it is pointless to add a review. All she needed to do was sign some papers to transfer the money into his SMSF. They told her that other people had made complaints to ASIC about Greg. Phone number 0488822904 has negative rating. Write short and clear description of the number. I hung up, Fishing for personal information (Scam call), knew my name and work place, superannuation scam (Scam call), knew my name and work place, superannuation scam, Hang up if you say you have less than 25k in your Superfund send you scam link if you say you have more, Reported by my phone system as a potential scam, Top 5 phone scams that Americans fall for, All you need to know about the Should I Answer app (in one minute), How to get rid of voice mails from telemarketers. Knowing when you can legally get your super protects you from these kinds of scams. By leaving your personal information readily available, scammers will have easy access to this information. See identity theft. The offenders then open bank accounts and arrange for cash to be 'rolled over' from legitimate funds into the fraudulent accounts.

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