the art of guerrilla warfare pdf

Front line activists directly stop fossil fuels. �6����~��*����E���; �����"F3bh�H��q����~i7e�e+fH|7ʼnP~���'� ��r�@fr���6�S��-��3=��� 5�"k�J��:���|�]n �w�I{��J^3ǁ-��巗���f^��������*7ܾ� 106 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 108 /H [ 829 243 ] /L 796659 /E 20167 /N 23 /T 794420 >> endobj xref 106 16 0000000016 00000 n 0000001694 00000 n We must stop fossil fuels to defend those you love. It is in mobility, in information, and in morale that the guerrillas can secure the advantage, and those factors are the means by which the enemy’s superior armament and numbers can best be combatted. 547 20 #35. xref We've waited decades. ?��u5Q��8r=���4���eŵ�_O��8DE��>ע�a��͛�����WE"�"�pGƇɆ,Ч�v��µ1(��������q Su�nx�jO��l1.dv;˞ Your first choice is your most important: above or underground? #42. Maximize personal & organizational effectiveness. The partisan’s motto is “Valiant yet vigilant.”. An attitude of resistance finally crystallizes in an outbreak of fighting, provoked initially by the conduct of the All Rights Reserved. This booklet (23 pages) is a good outline of a theory of guerrilla war with a few concrete guidelines. 0000002080 00000 n The pamphlet provided guidance to resistance forces behind enemy lines in occupied Europe, to assist them in guerrilla attacks and sabotage. The principles of this type of warfare are therefore: (a) Surprise first and foremost, by finding out the enemy’s plans and concealing your own intentions and movements. Guerrillas on the contrary will usually be recruited from those who have a natural aptitude or a fondness for fighting, who are accustomed to the use of weapons, to hard sleep, to movement in the dark, etc. 0000002148 00000 n trailer Guerrillas must obtain and make every effort to retain the initiative. The electric grid is uniquely vulnerable to cascading failure. Modern resisters would be looking for explosives and other tools which might be used to damage infrastructure. We must use hit and run tactics to trigger cascading failure. The enemy intelligence officers will be adept in leading prisoners into indiscretions, in installing listening sets and ‘pigeons’ in prisons, concentration camps, reading prisoners’ ingoing and outgoing mails, etc. While it is not always humane, it is human, which is more Receive updates about our research and activity. #12. 0000011670 00000 n SFF: Government and private security are unlikely to deploy the cavalry these days, but they do have planes, helicopters, drones, and the ability to mobilize forces from any direction. Become familiar with digital security tools. This work is far more conceptual than practical, and heavily influenced by Mao's theories of guerrilla war. 0000003971 00000 n @#c��ι飛Yg�;d\�Ϗv_`�e@z�+����si!��v���+��-�B���Nys&n�U�HH�Oq���/�(F�f�[>;���1P�ۭ�gή�v��*�ilA�8�����=������`�|F�T_��� 2����͘I��eFT���O��HXC.m�~c{%`B$��z ��\�w����@SeO�;8�\Ӎ9�����h��{h�� Q��� }��5���0G���)؎h��B*���\�˘����X��4�:^����ӱ��W����@F �v��H{F^e*�Xs�\`knJkS�4Z?�!�`>�A#L�QSU�A�L��D!�Vk����؅��Nk0��j�Bgm�p�4W�-��L�Job)�D�ꠓ���B^��8�\���I'�6�����2. Careful target selection of specific infrastructure is necessary. Climate change is wreaking devastation now, and will get much worse. They must be warned never to discuss the activities of the guerrillas in any circumstances whatever. #14. contact@stopfossilfuels.orgPGP encryption available. We must use our limited resources to target critical infrastructure and systems. #49. The methods and principles of guerrilla warfare must be based on a proper estimation of the relative advantages and disadvantages enjoyed by the enemy on one hand, and the guerrillas on the other, in armaments, mobility, numbers, information, morale, training, etc. To ensure underground activist safety, the movement may need to impose harsher penalties than mere public shaming of people like ELF heroin addict and snitch Jake Ferguson. 0000001050 00000 n 0000000715 00000 n Take a walk in the woods! 0000001701 00000 n The passing of information verbally and direct is clearly the safest and in many ways the most reliable means. In these conditions popular discontent expresses itself in more active forms. 0000000016 00000 n Peak oil won't reduce carbon emissions fast enough. It is most important that every opportunity to seize arms and ammunition from the enemy should be grasped. To have the initiative confers the invaluable advantage of selecting the place of operations that most favour success as regards locality, ground, time, relative strengths, etc. %%EOF There must be a strict firewall between those working aboveground and those underground. The guerrillas must impress on the people the vital necessity of withholding from the enemy all information about them however harmless it may seem; the people must be convinced that their refusal to cooperate with the enemy in this respect is of the greatest importance for the redemption of their country from the enemy’s grasp, and for the safety of their friends and relatives.

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