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Replace the truffle.js file with this new content: 3. If you like to help, you can contact us.

For this, we will directly send some TOMO tokens to the Crowdsale contract address, and the smart contract must send back the new TRC20 token we created, MYT. 0.547976, $ // production: true // Treats this network as if it was a public net. This means that we will have all the functionality of those smart contracts plus the code we add to our file MyToken.sol. 20 TOMO were sent, and the contract sent 10'000 MYT back to the buyer wallet. The team successfully addressing community questions and concerns in Telegram and is active in Twitter. * More information about configuration can be found at: *, * To deploy via Infura you'll need a wallet provider (like truffle-hdwallet-provider), * to sign your transactions before they're sent to a remote public node. Using Truffle framework and OpenZeppelin code framework, Writing a TRC20 token (TomoChain) smart contract, Deploying your ICO smart contract to TomoChain testnet or Ethereum/Ropsten (it is totally compatible!). This will be needed later. If you agree to our use of cookies, please continue to use our site or press the accept button. }, // Another network with more advanced options... // port: 8777, // Custom port, // network_id: 1342, // Custom network, // gas: 8500000, // Gas sent with each transaction (default: ~6700000), // gasPrice: 20000000000, // 20 gwei (in wei) (default: 100 gwei), // from:

, // Account to send txs from (default: accounts[0]), // websockets: true // Enable EventEmitter interface for web3 (default: false).

Click the Send button. For this tutorial, my wallet address (testnet) is: My recovery phrase (12-word mnemonic) is: Write them down.

import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/crowdsale/Crowdsale.sol"; import "openzeppelin-solidity/contracts/crowdsale/emission/AllowanceCrowdsale.sol";contract MyTokenCrowdsale is Crowdsale, AllowanceCrowdsale { constructor(. About. Investors may need to register with some documents, to comply with some countries regulations, KYC/AML…. All time low: $ 0.13982488 . Solution: edit truffle.js and add more gas/gasPrice to deploy. Next, we tell MyToken to approve the MyTokenCrowdsale address to access 8'000'000 MYT. Useful for putting your KYC / AML whitelist on-chain. An efficient blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications, token issuance and integration. The idea of a crowdsale, ICO, or a token sale is simple. We believe the idea behind Tomocoin is huge. Moreover, Tomo doesn’t ask for exceptionally positive reviews, twits, comments but rather constrictive and interesting. In the new Wave of ICO backed by ERC-20 Token, Tomochain introduced its token i.e. Deploy locally (local Eth node/Ganache/Ropsten/etc) and test it. contracts to create more secure Dapps in less time. Select Custom Token, paste the token address and hit Next. Tomo is building offchain infrastructure aimed at scaling and being compatible with Ethereum blockchain.

Circulating supply: 65,230,800 .

Here Choose network and select TomoChain TestNet or TomoChain [mainnet]. Then start a new. Now you can visit the Token Holders list, and you will find two holders: To see your new tokens on MetaMask, click the Menu icon on top left (below the Fox face). Solution: you need more funds in your wallet to deploy, go to faucet and get more tokens. Tomochain’s vision is to create a network consisting of chains that utilizes instant confirmations, and has virtually no transaction fees associated. round for private investors with some bonus, and later a public, sale. Guides. Create a new directory in your development folder of choice and then move inside it. For this to work, we need to install web3-utils.

If you're publishing your code to GitHub make sure you load this. This means that participants have to register in advance to participate in the ICO sale. We will show how to do it on both TomoChain Testnet and Mainnet. !

To see your new tokens on MetaMask, click the, icon on top left (below the Fox face). ⚠️ Warning: In production, we highly recommend storing the mnemonic in another secret file (loaded from environment variables or a secure secret management system), to reduce the risk of the mnemonic becoming known. If someone knows your mnemonic, they have all of your addresses and private keys! For instance, you can: add an openingTime and closingTime to your crowdsale. Better, create a new TOMO wallet, to separate roles. contract MyToken is ERC20, ERC20Detailed, Ownable {. In the search field, type in the contract address you want to see. 1 ETH = 10¹⁸ wei.

Token Metrics ICO score is 79,77%, risk — medium. . Write down the 12-word recovery phrase. The deployment fees have costed 27.32 TOMO. // network_id: 2111, // This network is yours, in the cloud. Back to MetaMask, click on the top-right circle and select Import Account. Otherwise, now it’s a good time to do it with, Back in our terminal, migrate the contract to, network (remember that you need some testnet, (but first you need a Ropsten wallet with some, > Block gas limit: 840000001_initial_migration.js, ======================Deploying 'Migrations', > transaction hash: 0xb04b1a80cfedbcb8248817301c0c9384ee41099a4c25266a61cae87c76cafc05, > contract address: 0xf227316d891D0D83a04d5C6EE0A745585DdAE1a7, > account: 0x169397F515Af9E93539e0F483f8A6FC115de660C. Lition will become a key division of TomoChain and continue to… With the _mint() instruction we are pre-minting (creating) all the initialSupply (the total amount of tokens that will be created). Exactly. The acquisition includes the Berlin-based startup’s core blockchain business, technology, human resources, treasury, and digital properties. Back to MetaMask, click on the top-right circle and select. Always keep your private key and recovery phrase secret! Remember to update the truffle.js file using your own wallet recovery phrase. 4. In addition Tomocoin will be used as the native payment method within Tomoapp and other third-party services.
Increasing transaction fees for smart contract creation is one of the ways TomoChain offers to defend against spamming attacks. If you want to verify that your contracts were deployed successfully, you can check on TomoScan testnet (or mainnet). ICO rounds are similar to venture capitalists (VC) rounds. By default, MetaMask will create a new Ethereum address for you. You can ask a truffle command to use a specific, * $ truffle test --network , // Useful for testing. Investors buy the new ICO token, normally with preexisting digital tokens like TOMO.

1. const infuraKey = "a93ffc..."; Our Solidity code works perfectly on Ethereum (deploying to, : In production, we highly recommend storing the. Tung Hoang who is a co-founder and product manager in Tomo also used to work for CityMe, his profile in Linkedin looks messy with the word “developer” misspelled. Error: insufficient funds for gas * price + value. There is a strong need for offchain solution that would increase dramatically transaction speed of Ethereum while maintaining high level of security and transparency. All the tokens will be sent to the wallet address of the MyToken contract.
Useful for putting your KYC / AML whitelist on-chain! We sent 20 TOMO and we got back 10'000 MYT. Copy the 12 words obtained previously and paste it as the value of the mnemonic variable. You have already deployed your ICO smart contracts to TomoChain. Select the Transaction Fee (gas, gas price) and click Next. In the contracts/ folder, add a new file called MyTokenCrowdsale (or the name you like).

Go to faucet and collect 60 TOMO.

Why?Increasing transaction fees for smart contract creation is one of the ways TomoChain offers to defend against spamming attacks. The TRC20 token standard defines a common list of rules for all TomoChain tokens to follow, similar to the ERC20 standard in Ethereum. To check the balance of a wallet address, use, Create 2 different TOMO wallets, both with some tokens. Tomoapp — social network focused on Q&As will be the fist app running on Tomochain. Here you can see your wallet’s private key and the 12-word recovery phrase.

TomoChain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem of the Ethereum blockchain, and other current blockchain platforms. Currently, see the first few lines? folder and auditing your code to prevent bugs or hacks. Tomocoin will be used as a governance instrument of Tomo Network. . Now that we are on TomoChain network we can import TomoChain wallets.

The CEO of Tomochain Long Vuong can be viewed as a star. Copy the private key of your buyer wallet. It's seeded with some.

We will now buy some MyToken (MYT) from the ICO Crowdsale contract. * common settings for different networks and features like migrations, * compilation and testing. Tomochain will use Proof of Authority consensus which is the least decentralized consensus algorithm. We have chosen the symbol MYT for this token. TomoChain reached its highest price on April 29, 2018, when it was trading at its all-time high of $ 2.30. Let’s now connect MetaMask to TomoChain (testnet). The network name at the top will switch to say “TomoChain testnet”. Write them down. TomoChain price today is $0.665601 with a 24-hour trading volume of $8,164,437. 0.547282, $ in another secret file (loaded from environment variables or a secure secret management system), to reduce the risk of the mnemonic becoming known. 2. The TOMO price is up 0.45% in the last 24 hours. Even though we don’t understand who is responsible for marketing in Tomo, he or she seems to do a good job. You can edit here the migration settings: networks, chain IDs, gas... You have multiple networks to migrate your ICO, you can deploy: locally, to, official TomoChain documentation — Networks, * Use this file to configure your truffle project. Click, You can and should customize these two smart contracts. If you want to use Ropsten (Ethereum) to deploy, you should update your infuraKey. For instance, a PreSale round for private investors with some bonus, and later a public Crowdsale.

Investors buy the new ICO token, normally with preexisting digital tokens like TOMO. Tokens are essentially smart contracts that make use of the TomoChain blockchain.

You’ve deployed your ICO smart contract and TRC20 token to TomoChain using Truffle and OpenZeppelin. Then we deploy MyTokenCrowdsale. Release date: 02-28-2018 Tomochain Social media feeds @TomoCoin_io. 2.

You don’t have enough tokens in your wallet for gas fees. In fact, the scenario for an ICO is more complicated and needs to be tested and audited to prevent bugs. * phrase from a file you've .gitignored so it doesn't accidentally become public. OpenZeppelin comes with a wide array of smart contracts for various important functions. ICOs can have one or multiple rounds.

​Truffle, a world class development environment, testing framework and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), aiming to make life as a developer easier. This code will initialize the token values like name, symbol, decimals (we do this using ERC20Detailed). Son Nguyen and Minh Chu both have some relevant experience, but we cannot call them stars.

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