touchback rules

What is a touchback?

New rule in 2018-19 – a new rule started in 2018-19 season, also treats a fair catch within the last 25 yards as a touchback and also places the ball on the 25 yard line. By rule, a fumble that goes out of bounds through a defensive team’s end zone is a touchback, and the defensive team gets the ball. Touchbacks occur in the end zone and result in the offensive team beginning play from their 20 yard line. © 2020 NFL Enterprises LLC. The most important part of football is whoever has the ball is always trying to move the ball towards the goal/end zone in order to score points. Follow Judy Battista on Twitter @judybattista. He can also let the ball go through the end zone. Judy Battista details why it'll be up to the legendary QB to ensure that the troubled receiver's arrival pans out for all parties involved.

Westhoff has designed a way for both teams to line up on kickoffs that would reduce the distance of the running start for the coverage unit, thus limiting the speed of collisions. A member of the punting team who touches the ball with a foot on or inside the goal line, even though the ball may not have entered the end zone, causes a touchback. If the touchback occurs after an interception, punt or fumble, the ball moves to the 20 yard line. Brandon Mendoza runs down five overreactions from Week 7 -- and explains why Baker Mayfield vs. Joe Burrow will be the next dominant QB rivalry of our time. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari. Every other team averaged drive starts inside the 25, including 12 teams that started from the 21-yard line or in. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Jim Trotter examines what the lopsided win means for Pittsburgh, Cleveland and the rest of the AFC. SportsLingo Goes the Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Touchback. After months of speculation, Tom Brady will soon reunite with his guy Antonio Brown in Tampa Bay. The rules are intended to produce more kick returns and dissuade teams from punting by moving the ball to the 35-yard-line on a touchback. I just don't like ... Let's not reward a decision not to compete with 5 extra yards.". If he kneels, it is a touchback, and his team gets the ball at their 20 yard line. When they started on the 25-yard line, that percentage jumped to 20.8. Some people, if they have a good coverage team and a good kicker, they'll hit the regular kickoff, but they'll take a little off it and try to pin inside the 25.".

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The touchback rule only applies to American football.

You're asking them to kick into the corner and a little bit higher. "The quintessential mortar is if, on the last play of a drive, if you had a personal foul-type penalty, you're going to kick off from the 50-yard line, you kick a high lob kick instead of getting a touchback to pin people there," said Mike Westhoff, a longtime NFL special teams coach who now consults for high-profile college teams. It is a radical idea, but one that is clearly on the horizon. The decision to trade electrifying returns for fewer collisions seems to have been made back in 2011. Wade Harle began writing professionally in 2011 and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Iowa State University. He can also let the ball go through the end zone. Once the ball goes out of bounds in the end zone, it is a touchback. The Steelers let loose an all-around dominant showing in their 38-7 win over the Browns on Sunday. Despite a 1-5 start to the season, Kyle Rudolph tells Brooke Cersosimo the Vikings have the talent to fuel a winning streak that could put the team in the playoff race. If he kneels, it is a touchback, and his team gets the ball at their 20 yard line. If the returner catches it, he can either attempt to run the ball out of the end zone or kneel down and give himself up. If you get too under it, then the ball is coming down on the 6-yard line. That is why many coaches resisted the change.

Coaches will say, 'Why the hell are we running it out from 4 yards deep?' "If it's in the game, let's kick it and return it and let's play the play. Smith details Waller's hardships and triumphs on the way to a second chance in the NFL and at life. In American football -- especially at the college and professional levels -- the player executing the kickoff often kicks the ball into the opponent's end zone.

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