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The deals were structured for hotels, not casinos. Net worth: $1.1 billion Age: 65 Bharat Desai co-founded Syntel, along with his wife, Neerja Sethi, from their apartment in 1980, as a software staffing company, with an investment of just $2,000. "When we looked at the brand and how much we had riding on it," Buchanan says, "we wanted to make sure it ended up in the right hands.". "At first the tribe thought maybe I had lost my mind and gone crazy," Allen says. But just around the time the Seminoles were breaking ground on their new Hard Rock properties in Hollywood and Tampa, Billie was forced out amid tribal turmoil. Nation sees setback in effort to stop new Chickasaw Nation casino, Comanche From Allen's vantage point, Rank was taking advantage of the Seminoles. HawksNest's mom has appeared on his hawksnestyt Instagram account. "Whenever I do leave, I want them to be able to say that was one white guy that was honest.". He led the tribe from 1979 to 2001 before being voted out amid sexual harassment allegations (the charges were later dropped) and charges of financial malfeasance. Another 25 Hard Rock hotels are in the pipeline--from Dallas to Dubai to Shenzhen--and the company just acquired the rights to the flagship Hard Rock Las Vegas. During his reign as Seminole chief Billie enjoyed considerable riches, including a 47-foot yacht and the use of a small fleet of helicopters and planes, one of which was a jet once owned by Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. "A busy casino does $20 million to $70 million a month. As hundreds of millions of dollars flowed through the tribe over the last four decades, tribe members and their employees have been accused of everything from tax fraud and money laundering to being connected to organized crime. Allen, who calls during his lunch break after four hours of testimony in Tallahassee, is already focused on his next project: Hard Rocks west of the Mississippi. That represents an 11 percent increase from the prior year, the paper said. "I waved to him, and he didn't wave back," says Billie, who walks with a cane after a stroke but still brims with the machismo that led him to lose his right ring finger while wrestling an alligator at age 55. Beyond these energy resources, tribes also have water, timber, fisheries, grazing lands, and recreational amenities that could help pull them out of poverty. Country singer, alligator wrestler and on-again, off-again chief of the Seminole Tribe of Florida... [+] Jim Billie is widely considered to be the father of Indian gambling. And since anyone with 25% Seminole heritage can qualify for a dividend, the tribe faced a rash of "dividend babies" until about four years ago, when Chief Billie halted payments to those under 18.

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