two notes captor setup

Tone 40 FREE presets for … By upgrading their firmware through Torpedo Remote 5, Torpedo C.A.B.

ICES-003 : 2004. I got him the 8ohm version for his fender deluxe combo. Nay. The Torpedo C.A.B. 7) From there, the Wall of Sound will guide you through the activation process.

Recording = great dsp and low latency.

Naturally, an internet connection is required for firmware updates. Get a two notes live.

Use the Space control to adjust the width of your stereo field; create subtle studio room acoustics and immense rooms for ambient soundscapes. License or activation issues with the WoS plugin.

Set the clean preamp and the power amp to create a clean pedal platform.Have the luxury of staging two high quality microphones to capture your tone, anywhere around the cabinet. Torpedo Remote gives you access to all the parameters of the studio-grade processing inside the Torpedo Captor X. When transporting the unit, care needs to be taken to avoid any shocks that could cause damage that would require the assistance of a qualified technician. M owners will upgrade their pedal to Torpedo C.A.B M+ and gain a clean preamp, new effects, and other exciting new features. Set the Noise Gate, tweak the Enhancer, play with the Twin Tracker, and get access to the tuner. thank you. M+ update brings studio grade processing direct to your pedal board, including Enhancer, Noise Gate, Reverb and a semi-parametric Equaliser.
Have full control of the miking chain from your computer or your mobile device.


Hi, I have a few questions for the 8 ohm captor I just received. For the best support, please check the FAQ and create a ticket on the.

Torpedo Wireless Remote APK for Android devices Version 1.3.8 (45 MB), Mac: Mac OSX 10.9 and higher (Intel only).

Its cool but limited.

The Torpedo Wall of Sound plugin may be used either with recorded tracks of a guitar/bass preamplifier or of a tube/solid state amp by using a loadbox (like the Two notes Torpedo Captor, Torpedo Reload, Torpedo Studio or Torpedo Live).While using the line output of a preamplifier or an amp is easy and safe, using the speaker output of a tube amplifier with no speaker requires some attention. I want to use my amp though, as I want to stay close to my regular live sound. Powered by Help Desk Software HESK, in partnership with SysAid Technologies.

Send different signals to your FOH and monitors.

The software gives access to all the parameters of Torpedo Captor X, C.A.B.

so what you are saying is the xlr output - which allows the signal to go straight into a daw, with no simulation/guitar/or bass, needs some boosting power. I got the captor to hold me over till the OX comes out . Live = the live gives a better selection of tone. Last update: 2020/07/20 09:50 torpedo_captor…

What is the built in cab sim on the Captor modeled after - Vintage 30’s/Blues/Greenbacks?

can I just use a standard 9v boss/pedal wall wart adapter?

IEC : 2008 - CISPR 22 class B. Recording = great dsp and low latency. M, Live, Studio and C.A.B. EN 60065 05/2002 + A1 05/2006.

If you want an analog speaker sim, there are cheaper options.

Torpedo Remote 5 The software gives access to all the parameters of Torpedo Captor X, C.A.B.

If I wanted to play out at a gig, and bring the captor and go straight into the board using the captor speaker sim, will it be very likely that the sound guy will have phantom power? You can load up to 32 Two notes cabinets into the Torpedo Captor X. Download the free Torpedo Remote software (Mac OS X and Windows PC) from the Two notes Audio Engineering website, and you will be able to add or remove cabinets to and from the Captor X. 3) Select "Register a Two notes device or use an Activation Code. Its too loud for not waking a baby but not loud enough to get over drums.

You will be guided step by step through the process. In order to register your Torpedo Captor and get your 16 virtual cabinets for the Wall of Sound plugin, please follow these steps : 1) Go to the Two notes Store, and create an account (or log in if you already have an account) :, 2) Go to the License and Cabinet Manager : If he's not reamping, there's no point to the Reload, in terms of spending the extra money. EN 60065 05/2002 + A1 05/2006. The captor requires processing in the computer, which is noticeably slower. slideshow: true, Rating :, All the processing is done outside the computer, which yields super low latency. Have the luxury of staging two high quality microphones to capture your tone, anywhere around the cabinet.Tweak your sound with the multi-band eq and place your rig in one of the 8 different reverb rooms. Win a Torpedo Captor X, a Victory amp and 40 DynIR cabs.

Torpedo Remote 5 operates in three modes; Simulation mode, Arcade mode and IR Loader mode.

Two notes Audio Engineering © 2019 - All rights reserved. Torpedo Wireless Remote gives you access to edit the parameters of your Torpedo Captor X and/or Torpedo C.A.B. This will generate your Wall of Sound license.

EMC directive 89/336/EEC and Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC. INFO: Two notes serial numbers are in … Work in a dedicated environment for third party Impulse Responses (IRs).Use two IRs simultaneously.Combine the preamp and the power amp for your clean tone. Frankly, it would be much cheaper to get guitar rig and avoid buying hardware, if late night jamming is your goal. Many parameters influence the sound of your guitar or bass rig when it comes to recording. Also, edit and save presets quickly. With Torpedo Remote, edit Torpedo hardware parameters via your computer (Mac OS and Windows).

Live = the live gives a better selection of tone.

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