uses of electricity for class 6

An electric cell is a device which produces a small amount of electricity. Without electricity, it would be very difficult for us to carry on our daily activities. It is an element of the electrical circuit which is used to on or off the current flow in the circuit. Insulator opposes the flow of current through it. Author of this website, Mrs Shilpi Nagpal is MSc (Hons, Chemistry) and BSc (Hons, Chemistry) from Delhi University, B.Ed (I. P. University) and has many years of experience in teaching. The metal disc is basically the negative terminal. Calculate the resistance of 2 m length of this wire? How many electrons pass through a lamp in one minute if the current be 220 mA? Electrical --------> chemical ---------> light, Chemical --------> electrical ----------> light, Electrical --------> light ---------> chemical, Light --------> chemical---------> electrical. The torch bulb lights up when its metal tip and metal case are connected to a cell through wires. It has low resistance. An electric bulb may be fuse due to many reasons. A break in the filament of an electric bulb will prove to be a break in the path of the current between the terminals of the electric cell. Question 1 State few appliances used in everyday life which work with electricity? It is the heating effect produced by the electricity from the cell which makes a torch bulb works and produce light. 8) Electric trains runs with electricity. Living Organisms and their Surroundings.. Are Animals Born With The Ability To Count? Electric cell: Electric cell is a source of electricity. CBSE Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 12 Electricity and Circuits. An electric bulb has a filament which is connected to the two terminals. The bare ends of electric wires can be connected to the two terminals of a cell by using rubber bands or adhesive tapes used by electricians. In case you want to be notified about school in your locality then please register here. The two terminals of the electric cell have to be connected to the two terminals of the bulb. Question 2 State any two dangers of electricity if handles carelessly? 2) The thin wire inside the body is called filament of the bulb. For electrical circuits, we have to connect one terminal of the electric cell to the other terminal through wires which are passing to and fro from the electric bulb. The progress of a country partially depends on the amount of cheap electricity it can produce. Nice post, thanku for amazing notes of electricity, Your email address will not be published. Two bulbs have ratings 100 W, 220 V and 60 W, 220 V respectively. n an electric circuit the direction of current is taken to be from ________ to __________ Calculate the power rating of the heater coil when used on 220V supply taking 5 Amps. 6)Electricity is used to pump underground water from tube wells for irrigation in field. Power station: Electricity that we use at homes, in our factories, is supplied from a power station. 5)The metal tip at the base of the bulb and the metal case of the bulb are the two terminals of the torch bulb. Class 6 Physics Electricity and Circuits: Electricity: Electricity is the flow of electric charge. In order to use electric wires in electric circuits, some of the insulation from both ends each piece of wire has to be removed to get bare wires for making connections. This may happen as the bulb has fused. Improper handling of electricity can also cause fires. A switch is basically a simple device that either breaks the circuit or completes it. When the two terminals of a cell are connected to the two terminals of a torch bulb by using wires, the electric current passes through the filament of the bulb and it starts glowing. Electricity is the main resource which is required for factories to run. There is also a positive (+) sign and a negative (–) sign marked on the electric cell. Metal case of the torch bulb is shaped like a screw so that it can be fixed in the bulb holder. Last Updated on March 20, 2019 By Mrs Shilpi Nagpal 3 Comments. When the terminals of the bulb are connected to the electric cell through wires, current will pass through the filament of the bulb. Electricity is useful because it can be converted easily into various other forms of energy such heat energy, light energy ,mechanical energy, sound energy and magnetism. It is called dry cell because it does not contain any liquid chemical. We all use electricity for many purposes. A torch bulb converts electricity into light. We should never join the two terminals of a cell directly by a wire because if we join the two terminals of a cell directly by wire only, then the chemicals present in the cell get used up very fast, the cell gets damaged quickly. Question 5 Explain why we should never join the two terminals of a cell by wire only? All Rights Reserved. The electric circuit provides a complete path for electricity to pass between the two terminals of the electric cell. A single electric cell usually provides only 1.5 volts of electricity whereas the electricity from power plants which is used in our homes is 220 volts. Question 8 Which part of the torch bulb gives off light when it is connected to a cell by wires? Question 3 State few uses of electricity? The electric circuit provides a complete path for electricity to pass between the two terminals of the electric cell. Which terminal of the electric cell is the metal cap? In an electric circuit, the direction of current has to be taken from the positive to the negative terminal of the electric cell. The electric cells or batteries used in cars ,cameras, mobile phones can be recharged again and again for many years. Electricity to the bulb is generally provided by the electric cell. Electric cells are used as a source of electricity in torches ,wristwatches, alarm clocks, transistor, radios ,TV remotes ,cameras ,mobile phone ,toys and many other devices.. Filament is usually made of very thin tungsten wire. When the path of current starting from one terminal to another terminal is open what it is called? Question 6 Draw the sketch of a torch bulb? Required fields are marked *, We can use an electric cell to get electricity that is safe for performing experiment. We may have noticed that the cell has a small metal cap on one side and a metal disc on the other side. We can use an electric cell to get electricity that is safe for performing experiment. The electric cell produces electricity from the chemicals stored inside it. It is very helpful for teachers and students. One reason for a bulb to fuse is a filament break A break in the filament of an electric bulb will prove to be a break in the path of the current between the terminals of the electric cell. All electric cells generally have two terminals; a positive terminal and a negative terminal. Geography Chapter 6 Manufacturing Industries – Notes & Study Material, Geography Chapter 5 Mineral and Energy Resources – Notes & Study Material.

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