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He completed his schooling from Sheldon High School. Thanks for making the connection for me - I couldn't agree more. Someone make it stop! Well, not really, but during his brief acting ca... From 1978 to 1984, Craig Wasson had major roles in many high profile films and then like so many promising actors before him, drifted off t... James Hayden must have been on the Hollywood inside track because his death of a drug overdose in 1983 made national news. (During one such search I came upon a website purporting to show John Connally shooting Kennedy from the middle seat. But we say that to say this: De Palma’s SCARFACE follow-up, the ultra-sleazy and BODY DOUBLE, is not only among one of his most overlooked movies, but the overtly amalgamated REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO Hitchcock homage easily ranks his most skillfully directed films as well. I’m so glad I opted for the Audible edition of this. Craig Wasson (born March 15, 1954) is an American actor. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s not often that the main event of a book is so very far into a long book, and yet suspense is maintained throughout. I have sought him out on Facebook and he doesn't seem to be there. As it is, I think De Palma was less interested in making a statement of any kind and more interested in giving another heartfelt homage to Hitch. He draws you into the character and the story. I am sure he has already come up in this thread, but whatever became of Tim. See “butterflies’ wings”, below. I didn’t anticipate the inevitability of the fact that there were over 200 death threats against Kennedy on that Texas trip – a very relevant fact. Actor: Craig Wasson Director: Wes Craven , Nightmare on Elm Street III Dream Warriors Other films: Ghost Story with Fred Astaire, John Houseman, Don Ameche/ Brian Depalma’s Body Double . I feel a bit ashamed of the fact that I’m so surprised at the warm loveliness of some of this. ...I went to school with him and his sister....can't understand why he's not more well known. Few directors have ever had the trained eye of Brian De Palma, and BODY DOUBLE proves that even his smaller titles still tower mightily over many of his contemporaries. Sadie Dunhill. New Halloween Kills trailer starring Jamie Lee Curtis stalks online! George Amberson/Jake Epping. careens the camera so kinetically while still capturing an array of muscular imagery is among the best things BODY DOUBLE still has in its corner. He is an actor, known for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), Body Double (1984) and … Because, come on: this is a cause worthy of Don Quixote. He's currently co-starring in "Chuck". My childhood dog born during the 1980s. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Wasson debütierte als Schauspieler im Jahr 1972 in New York City, im Jahr 1975 zog er nach Los Angeles. (I’m sure I’m missing a connection there.) It’s here that the movie is most meant to emulate Hitchcock, favoring the show-me-not-tell-me mastery of the form. This doesn’t do to dwell on… In fact, this is the tale of an intelligent man – book smart, street stupid – who goes back in time with next to no preparation and doesn’t do too badly – until he really, really does. Craig Wasson gave such a memorable performance in Brian DePalma's "Body Double", he easily dominated a film that was definitely "over-the-top".And I have never forgotten him in "Four Friends" or "Ghost Story", either. He was young, smart … promising. Right you are. ( Log Out /  Also, there are a lot of creepy things in the world, and one of them is a voice like Jimmy Stewart’s voicing Stephen Kingisms. Fans of the made-for-television movies of the 1970's may remember Scott Jacoby, for he seemed to be in a lot of them. His story was not the least of it. I hate not seeing him in more films, but I was thrilled to hear him doing audiobooks. I remember my dad telling about this flick a long ass time ago about a dude who uses such a giant drill that he corkscrews a broad through up through the ceiling. “Deke” Simmons, Ellen Dockerty, the kids. Later, the Indian impales Gloria to death with the biggest Freudian phallus this side of Jimmy Stewart’s telescope in REAR WINDOW, a four-foot power-drill! Craig Wasson was born on March 15, 1954, in Eugene, Oregon, United States. My answer changes with the wind. Ever. I am listening to 11/22/63 and my God this man is amazing!What a talent. A universe of horror and loss – surrounding a single lighted stage, where mortals dance in defiance of the dark. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Of course he’s inept. Nick Groff Investigates... Death Walker and Halloween Haunts! I hadn't realized he was the dame actor I had enjoyed in several different movies. Mea culpa. He made his film debut in Rollercoaster (1977). A Little Story About Craig Wasson. Was he on Mary Tyler Moore show as Mary's neice's boyfriend? The woman who was apt to set an entire book of matches on fire when she lit a cigarette, burning her fingers or singeing her hair. Then he got his big break with the movie of "Ghost Story" but instead of leading him to bigger and better things, he went back to TV. "Body Double" is still a favorite, and I've seen it so many times. That’s the curse of the reading class: we can be seduced by a good story, even at the least opportune moments.” He is of my people. "1776" was Ed Ragozzino's summer production (at South, not VLT) and Craig sang "Momma Look Sharp". “Bonus content” for this blog post … one of my very favorite character descriptions, ever, at all: …That was it, you see: Sadie wasn’t clumsy, she was accident-prone. American actor Craig Wasson, who started his acting journey with a 1997 movie Rollercoaster gained widespread fame after his role in a 1981 film Four Friends for which the actor also was nominated for the Golden Globe Award. Eerie, Indiana - Gone But Not Forgotten Halloween Special! There’s a film adaptation coming! As an addendum to this almost silent chase scene, the use of Pino Donaggio’s throwback, Bernard Herman-style score also holds up incredibly well today. Crowley’s Department Stores. His large size was part of the reason he was noticed. He made his film debut in Rollercoaster (1977). As a librarian with an hour commute each day, I burn through them, and he is honestly one of the best readers I've heard yet. Don’t slip on that icy patch, Mildred!’”, “No wonder she looked like you could staple a string to the back of her dress and fly her like a kite.”. A series on Hulu – and filming started on June 9, 2015. A few years back, my image of Stephen King was entirely made up of killer clowns and rabid dogs and possessed cars (there’s a thought: Christine as a killer clown car…), the grandpappy of a genre I had absolutely no interest in. The janitor’s father – Dunning – sounds like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. 2.82%. Not only in this one sequence, but overall, particularly in the voyeur rooftop scenes, where the ahead-of-its-time notes remind of a whispery 90s R&B track, PM Dawn style. ( Log Out /  Theater in Eugene. Essentially, there’s a protracted, dialogue-free, 20-minute stalk-and-follow sequence where Jake tails Gloria through various locations. It’s all of a piece, I thought. He is an actor, known for A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987), Body Double (1984) and Four Friends (1981). The original screenplay co-written by De Palma and Robert J. Avrech (BLOOD BRIDE, DARK TOWER) set the story in New York, but the idea to relocate the story to Los Angeles was a sensible one – not only diegetically, as the story revolves around the fringes of Hollywood – but aesthetically as well, with the sunny allure and seduction of L.A. countering the dark, seedy, gory violence that shows up later on. Still, this is a small excusable shortcoming that hardly makes much of a difference to the way the film is received. Plot wise, the story picks up with Jake Scully (Bill Maher, I mean Craig Wasson), a middling b-movie actor, freezing up inside a coffin during a horror movie shoot. He's still a working actor, doing some amazing voice-over work in a variety of current audio books. In 1981, he played David Wanderley, a junior English professor in the film Ghost Story, in which his character has a torrid sexual relationship with a mysterious woman he later realizes is a ghost seeking vengeance. Laurence Luckinbill. I saw him performing in community theatre in Eugene, Oregon in the 70's and attending school with him. Behind it, below it, and around it: chaos. She was the girl, she told me later, who got the hem of her dress caught in a car door when she and her date arrived at the senior prom, and managed to tear her skirt right off as they headed for the gym. It’s an echo so close to perfect you can’t tell which one is the living voice and which is the ghost voice returning. Do they remain must see? He also wrote and sang the haunting folk song "Here I Am (In Vietnam)", which served as the theme song for The Boys in Company C. Craig starred in the short-lived 1980 TV series Skag. Subsequently, the actor played a role in The Outsider, Schizoid, Second Thoughts, Body Double, and more. Craig Wasson was born on March 15, 1954 in Ontario, Oregon, USA as Craig Brewster Wasson. The balletic direction and virtuosic camerawork in BODY DOUBLE is second to none, which is what you’d expect when De Palma decides to honor Hitchcock so formally and faithfully. Chia Pet. I still haven’t read much of his (all those books full of treasure – what a wonderful thought! Synopsis: An out-of-work actor becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman after spying on her through a telescope, leading to a series of nasty events. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. might not have been assassinated. THE STORY: Clearly inspired by REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO, De Palma also reportedly drew the idea of BODY DOUBLE after toiling away on the set of DRESSED TO KILL, in which Angie Dickinson required a body double for her indelible nude shower scene in the film. agoldoffish.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/112263-stephen-king-craig-wasson One night, Jake spots a creepy interloper resembling a Native American inside Gloria’s room, looting her jewelry. Of course, Freud would have an absolute field day with the phallic iconography of such a large drill that the killer sports, often between his legs, before brutally penetrating his helpless female victims. By the time Jake comes out of his trance and once again squares off with the killer, we’ve been taken out of the action by now, and for too long, for it to really mount the requisite level of suspense. For his role as Danilo Prozor in Arthur Penn's Four Friends (1981), he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. Craig Wasson is probably most remembered for his work in Brian DePalma's homage to Alfred Hitchcock in the equally loved and hated Body Double, which in the late 1980's was on television every time one turned on the TV. 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