why graffiti should be legal

Though graffiti represents a challenge to the law — and sometimes serves as social commentary about the subjectivity of laws — it can simultaneously serve a public good through its nuanced social commentary and its artistry. All in all, graffiti should remain illegal...However I continue to stand behind graffiti artists and their statements. Lu Olivero is the director of Aerosol Carioca and the author of the forthcoming "Cidade Grafitada: A Journey Inside Rioʼs Graffiti Culture.". Graffiti, like it or not, is art. Too often the law is written with only the interest of those with money in mind. Arguments for legalization seem to ignore the simple fact that these acts are committed on someone else's property. For example, in Brazil, during late 1990s, it was common for graffiti artists to be harassed or shot at by the police. Had graffiti artists in Brazil painted inside the lines of the law, many internationally acclaimed artists would never have existed. Because of that (and that only), I believe graffiti should remain illegal. Graffiti is the vandalization of someone else's property. It doesn't mean destroy property or vandalize a wall. Today, many of the same officers support graffiti initiatives for city beautification, and as a crime deterrent. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. It completely destroys the beauty and purpose of anything that it is on (unless that objects original purpose was to get graffitied). Considering graffiti as destruction of property is arguable because the property still functions as it did before and graffiti has no real connection to any other crime. Those that aren't used to seeing graffiti (rich people) often perceive it to be associated with other crimes. In the city of Rio de Janeiro, many leading street artists have put graffiti to good use for social development, founding art schools in low-income neighborhoods and partnering with the police to paint murals in run-down areas. Graffiti is often used by the poor to deter rich people from moving into their neighborhood and driving rent up. I think that there are two types of graffiti, there is art graffiti and written. While distinguishing between art and gang symbols may be difficult, this graffiti adds culture to a bland industrial landscape. Art has never hurt anyone, ever. If I come to your house and want to paint a smiley face on the back of your new ride, you should be lucky and consider yourself tagged and proud cause I shared my art work with you and everyone that sees it. Without graffiti many would be left unheard. Many people express their opinions with graffiti, also graffiti art is very creative in what they would want to say or express and I think that it should stay in the world for people to enjoy. Even on public property, it ruins what the object could look like to all of us who have any shred of class or consideration for others. I personally enjoy graffiti and love seeing it...I find much of it beautiful, inspiring and deep...But that does not override the fact that it is vandalizing another person's property. Property is one of the inalienable rights, after all. If you take the word graffiti to its Italian roots, it means "to scratch". If it's not on your property, it is vandalism. There is a difference in graffiti and vandalism. Legalizing graffiti is essentially doing away with yet ANOTHER personal freedom, which is the freedom to own and protect property. Graffiti is beautiful, and I honestly wish it didn't have to be illegal. No argument saying "but it's art!" And lets face it, most of it is tasteful. Some people may not like the message, or how it is manifested, but that doesn’t mean the message – and the medium – don’t have value. There should be specific places for artists to utilize as graffiti canvases, and it should be understood that graffiti is not always an act of aggression or rebellion. Is graffiti art or vandalism? Places need more livening up as some places look really dull whereas if you get a good graffiti artist you could really liven up your building otherwise people might not want to go there. But it does. It takes the cooperation and permission from a community and/or the building owner. There is all sorts of canvas and materials to utilize for art. Graffiti would be everywhere and it wouldn't be as special anymore because it legal. The reason why its so interesting is because Its against the law. The best way to accommodate graffiti artists is to allow them legal space on the streets to create their art. While I strongly believe that graffiti is art and that it should be considered as such, I cannot agree that it should be legal. Graffiti is illegal because it is considered a form of vandalism or criminal mischief, according to Graffiti Hurts. I love graffiti with all my heart,don't get me wrong. Yes, it can be art, and quite interesting art at that, but that's not the point - it should not be legal at the expense of someone else's property. It has had such an effect that this year the mayor of Rio announced the legalization of graffiti on city property that is not historical. However, graffiti straddles the line between pure art and pure vandalism. His work is often highly satirical of establishment rules and politics. Some artists make a beautiful statement in their community. Should graffiti be legal? Of course governments side with the rich because they supply more revenue to the city and ultimately more tax dollars. Graffiti has been around for how long now? Also, I think it should be tolerated on the owners property only. This is where innovation is born, and this is what pushes the art to evolve. is anything but childish. The growth of graffiti in Brazil, and its role in challenging the status quo, demonstrates the power of art, and its ability to create dialogue. Thirty years ago hip-hop music was labeled “noise,” and graffiti will follow the same trajectory. The truth is that despite the acceptance of graffiti, it needs the law so that it can function outside of it. Spice walls up and make them more alive with street art and graffiti!Graffiti should be legalized all around the world. They host large events and festivals, which bring in tourists. It is a voice for the voiceless. NYTimes.com no longer supports Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Depending on the community, permission is needed because if the job is done improperly it can make the value of homes go down and people lose money because of that. Enter Banksy: a British street artist, and self-described vandal, who has become a celebrated figure in the world of elite art. The canvas is the issue. Also this could be used for terrorism and other acts against certain people and even against the government. Graffiti is also a way to be creative and express your self. And honestly, when has graffiti harmed another person? First of all, it just shows a visual melancholy of obnoxious colors and miscellaneous shapes and words. More experienced or well known painters can squire "territory" which they patrol and protect. It is vandalism of public or private property and is wrong. Therefore lawmakers attack symptoms such as graffiti in the interest of the rich. Graffiti should be legalized all... Graffiti is art and it doesn't hurt anyone. There would have to be certain places where people who would find it "offensive" would not see it, and the... Reason 2. They understand that graffiti can be a career opportunity for youth in low-income neighborhoods. Cool, if you caught me doing it you would prosecute me for vandalism. Graffiti should definitely be illegal. Why is it that Banksy’s work is gobbled up by the same people he is critical of — yet his contemporaries are looked at as “criminals"? That is not the problem. For some people graffiti is an escape because they are living in a situation where they are exposed to drugs and gangs but they choose their art form instead. I don't understand why anyone would say it should be legal. However, it is an extremely minor offense, and should have a much lighter punishment than it currently does. People have a right to choose what they see, and graffiti takes away that right. Graffiti is visual clutter. The arbitrary nature of how graffiti is removed or preserved highlights an interesting dissonance: the social-political oligarchy rejects the artist, and the conditions that create the art, unless the art is somehow accepted on the establishment’s terms. It’s Young, Cool, Creative – Let It Happen. In urban communities there is a hierarchy among artists. Graffiti artwork is tagged on buildings without the … Citizens have the right to their property, and unfortunately, so does the state. The world can never be perfect, there will never be one religion, one race, one lifestyle and that is what makes us who we are! Please upgrade your browser. Lets keep it that way. Vandalism is expression and that is what makes it art. People would be allowed to put their own art on public walls, and this would give people the ability to spread their religion, and this will cause major issues with people that don't believe in that particular religion. They want their "territory" to be filled with meaningful art and to be the best. Perceptions about street art have already drastically changed. Sadly this graffiti will never be recognized as true art. From which to give the okay. Banksy’s work has unintentionally reignited the “art or vandalism” debate: though the British government has been vigilant in removing his trademark stencil art, labeling it “vandalism,” his original works and knockoffs have skyrocketed in price over the last decade. Why are they judged so differently? The truth is that despite the acceptance of graffiti, it needs the law so that it can function outside of it. This is where innovation is born, and this is what pushes the art to evolve. If graffiti was legal the place would be a mess. Graffiti is a very beautiful art form that is unappreciated because of laws against it. Wanton damage of property should not be encouraged but I have seen some fine examples that could be photographed and placed in a museum. "Graffiti" is only graffiti when done illegally.From the picture though thats "Graffiti art" not graffiti "Graffiti art" is based on graffiti and stenciling techniques to create art but graffiti itself is usually just vandalismIn which case there are ways to do it legally but most people find its too bothersome. If someone places a piece using explicit language or vulgar themes in their area, it will be removed by the "owner" of the territory. I've been taking pictures of graffiti for 4 Years now and this question gets ran by me a lot. Were all different and we should not be ashamed of who we are, and it should not be forgotten in our heads, and this is expressed by some people and we like to call it graffiti. No one should be thrown behind bars for expressing themselves artistically, regardless of its legality. Graffiti is beautiful part of the outside world, it's art that isn't contained by a canvas, and in my opinion is the purest, most unfiltered form of self expression.

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