winchester la gard safe lock problems

Post it to YouTube. Just stick one end to each post on the battery. Don't panic. Thankfully he didn't put any of his guns in it yet. Put a screw driver in the same hole as the wire and tap the back with a hammer and see if it will wake up the internal lock, customer service told me that one time before I told them my orginal problem be careful not to crush the wire. Winchester needs to pick up the tab for the locksmith. Moral of the story, buy dial locks! The women really like the electronic locks. So the hammer of THOR was the great equalizer in our garage along with a barrage of words that cant even be bleeped on here. Remove the Phillips head screw and open the cover. View information about your warranty, register your warranty, or transfer warranty. I try the lock daily thinking its just a bad dream, I changed the password on it the other day, and it will let you it just won't open. He contacted the company,  the keypad went bad. Electronic Lock Help LP Winchester Safes Follow these instructions for the LP lock to reset your electronic lock and get into. most electronic entry safes have a fallback 2nd (and different) key in the event the keypad fails. all the key does is lock the safe...again.. i had the same issue as you. Sounds like the electronic key pad isn't the problem, the locking guts just broke. My translation of their response is: "To bad about your safe, and good luck in finding one in the future.". if he tries it million and a half times it will pop eventually. Any suggestions on which one to put power to. they are picky on batteries. A1abdj...What is a sign that the mechanical lock needs service. If you enter your code and hear two (2) beeps and no motor sound, please change battery. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I do not want to hijack this thread but if someone has already prevented it please PM me. I know yours isn't a Sentry but it's probably similar. Add to Cart Compare. Man if you could bring the safe to my place (Baytown) I would help out. I can tell you one thing. I change the battery once a year. w/a torch..I think it. Ive seen a grinder go through the side of ome like butter, it can be opened just depends on how bad you need in it. Worked fine for a day. Have owned one digital lock out of four safes. Once open, extend the locking bolts completely so that the door remains open. I'll give it a try this evening and go from there. Winchester Safes Advantage. This is a pretty amazing thread in that Winchester will not make good on the safe and be done with it. freaked out. Can have a locksmith do it for $50 or do it yourself with directions. The one I have is now completely disabled and I use it as nothing but a glorified cabinet to store ammunition only. A lot of time circuit boards will crap out when the solder of one of the connections breaks. I bought the Winchester 24 gun which they have on sale for $599.00. I know a torch or grinder will get it open, I just don't want any sparks hitting the lining inside. Form instructions to have your lock’s combination reset. He said 3 beeps  at one point. VIEW GUN SAFES; Legacy Series. Qty in Cart: 0. Trying to find a lighter side to this story! Find answers to the most frequently asked Winchester Safes questions. Hey Coot what model winchester safe do you got ? The part in the video where they stick battery direct to the plug via two leads stuck in the plug and open it doesn't work on my safe. Dont know why but it worked. Like I said earlier, screw the batteries. Gun Safe wDigital Lock Problem – 1911Forum Gun Safe wDigital Lock Problem General Gun Discussion. Winchester said the locksmith will fix the hole, not real sure about that one. I pay my way boys but God damn, why throw something in the fucking garbage when it could be so easily repaired and someone get some good out of it? I offered $100 for it, as is, a couple of days ago. Rather just hide my guns under my bed than put them in a box I can't open. I even pryed on the door anywhere I could while trying the keypad to open it. [ARFCOM NEWS] Bloomberg Runs Out Of Money + NJ Man Arrested For Turning In Silencer + Moar ATF BS, [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Locked out of winchester safe with keypad Lagard, right? Winchester claims this is a rare problem that the only problems they normally have are battery issues. I just talked to a locksmith that is a member of the Safe and Vault Tech. Try that. If that occurs, do not lock the safe! I'd also send a link to this post to Winchester Safe customer service. I'm gonna call them tomorrow. Well, 4 1/2 hours and 2 holes in the safe later, it's still not open. If you do not hear a double beep, leave the door open and start over at step 2. After reading this I guess I will spring the extra 75 bucks for an additional 9 years worth of warranty on the lock. They act like I had something to hide. The electronic lock on this safe worked flawlessly for 2 years, and then I started having to enter the correct code twice almost every time in order to gain access. Wow! Dumb question time, your sure you have the batteries in right + to +, - to -? Good luck, Coot and do let us know how you come out in this mess. I just about bent the handle trying to get it unlocked. Right now, its nothing but a paper weight so my thinking is to beat the hell out of it at the bind point, which should be where the pins go into the frame right. combos take way too long to gain access. Fails within a week, contact our Technical Service at (877-9-GUNSAFE ). Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. Quick view. I just talked to a locksmith in Spring, Tx. Don. It has been good to me and no problems but this thread makes me want to sell it and get a liberty. Mine has a lifetime. A sign that a problem is developing is when you have to enter the numbers more than once to get it to open. I've got 4 wires. yes you can. Present FACTS only. No beeps? I hate my dial safe because it takes too long to gain entry. Next day I put in the code and didn’t hear any beep as I pushed the numbers. … Do you think the trucking company didn't eat that SOB? . 507 lbs vs 304. Enter your existing six (6) digit combination. View instructions for using your mechanical lock dial. I have a lagard lock on me gun safe. Download Catalog. Submit your information to register your Winchester Safe. bought another duracell with a better expiration date and BAM works every time. Just wow. Battery install, lock troubleshooting, warranty support, and more. If done correctly, you will hear a double beep. Do the guy's at Winchester not realize that there are 46K poterntial customers on this site and that thousands of them have read this "blog". Can you set your own combination on a dial lock safe? When you enter the code it acts like it recognizes it but its not unlocking and it's not giving any kind of series of beeps indicating something is wrong. I won't be laid a-hand on. Those fuckers got compensated in some fashion for that safe. It seems to be that the electrical components are working in so far as to say it recognizes your code and attempts to do its job. Then sell it as "scratch and dent" or just recycle it as scrap metal. If your 'smith said it's a relocker, then it's not electrical, unless the lock case came loose and fired the internal one. They are insinuating that I have something inside of it jamming it up. Told them that their customer service was poor at best and that it will cost them more in lost sales than it would have to have replaced this safe and have the defective one opened. Learn more about dormakaba Americas. i used to sell winchesters on here. Your last combination will still be active. Joined Apr 24, 2005 Messages 37,354 Likes 15,260. Winchester should look at warranties like Dillon's "No B.S." One thing I can't stand is a Company that won't stand behind their product. Learn how to safely and securely fasten down your safe. Home 7; Home 12; About Our Safes. Lagard 2200 series key operated safe lock keys 3" (inches) in length,This is a set of 5 keys all cut to the same code. 5 0 0. if it is your own fault the internal parts broke, i dont wanna be responsible. I changed my code. If they would have said we will help in anyway, I wouldn't have touched it. I had the same problem but mine was eating new batteries every 2 times I opened and I called winchester and they sent me a new lock and I installed it my self and got in my safe but mine is still under warranty . Winchester should still be standing behind it though since it has thier name on it. Find answers to the most frequently asked Winchester Safes questions. After an hour, it's red hot to the touch. They recommended calling a locksmith to come drill a hole in it and unlock it! Have had for 2 years and no problem with the lock. What all of you fellows have written was why I purchased a Canon years past..and they said if it broke or there was a fire they would come and fix it free..that was over 10 yrs. SKU: LG3802-5715SC UPC: Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. Although The High Road has attempted to provide accurate information on the forum, The High Road assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Just got this safe on the 11th. Its going to cost alot more than $50. I read through this and remember you saying you tried to hit it with a rubber mallet. I think I may have won one today, but I ll get some pics up tomorrow and see what y all think. I told him what my keypad is doing and he said the same thing Winchester said. Submit your information to register your Winchester Safe. If you enter your code and hear three (3) beeps. how in the heck are we supposed to be responsible for stuff we cant touch or see? I say once you get it open, sell it, buy a Liberty, and never look back. Again thinking outside the box, I say screw the AA's or what ever you're using and just hook an external DC power supply with the correct voltage, or one just, thats why ya dont by sentry safes lol...especially electric lol. I have read that response from Winchester many of times. I'm thinking Winchester dropped the ball on this one big time but they apparently don't care about the bad press they are getting.

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