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He came up with his stage name in the mid-‘80s when he was first getting his start as a DJ. [9] She also founded the Yo-Yo School of Hip-Hop to use hip-hop in curriculum for at-risk students. Say that one five times fast. Real Name: Andre Young. She was with Shakur in the hospital shortly before he died. It’s actually kind of a sad story. ASAP Rocky exploded onto the hip-hop scene in 2011 and has been dropping acclaimed records ever since. Born Austin Post, the rapper obviously just moved his last name out front for his stage name. Before Chuck D became one of the hardest-hitting rappers alive, he studied graphic design in college and hosted a late-night college radio show, where he first used his eventual stage name as his DJ name. The stage name chosen by Rakim Mayers is certainly memorable, and the first part of it doesn’t mean what you probably think it does. Born Belcalis Almánzar, this lifelong New Yorker exploded onto the hip-hop scene in 2017 with the smash “Bodak Yellow” and has been a consistent hitmaker ever since. It also makes an appearance in The Big Bang Theory season 9 episode "The Positive Negative Reaction", where Leonard and Raj sing the song at a bar during karaoke. Yo-Yo first appeared as a guest on Ice Cube's 1990 debut studio album, AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted on the track "It's a Man's World." C’mon. while his grandfather gave him the name “Khalifa,”, he wanted to make music that “challenges the mind.”, The Hottest Toys For The 2020 Holiday Season, The 25 Newest Dog Breeds The AKC Has Recognized, The Very Worst Fast Food Items You Can Order, Groundbreaking Sports Figures That Time Has Forgotten. The song is also featured in the 2009 films The Blind Side, 17 Again, and Up in the Air (in which Young MC has a cameo performing the song),[16] and the 2017 film It. Yo-Yo dubbed her crew the IBWC, for the Intelligent Black Woman's Coalition.[2]. In the early days of his career, J. Cole performed under the names Blaza and Therapist, but thankfully changed his name in time for his 2007 debut mixtape, “The Come Up.”, One of the most memorable stage names in recent rap history belongs to Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. Houston kid Jacques Webster chose the average-sounding stage name as a tribute to a family member he admired. The Chicago rap hero got his stage name simply by shortening his first name and tacking on his job title at the end. Of his stage name, Bey said to Rolling Stone that “it’s a name that the streets taught me, a figure of speech that was given to me by the culture and by my environment.” The name Mos Def is shorthand for “most definitely.”, This one doesn’t take a lot of detective work to figure out. While he mostly prefers to go by his birth name, André Benjamin, these days, Outkast fans know him best as André 3000 or simply “Three Stacks.” The acclaimed Grammy-winning entertainer started out simply rhyming under the name Andre for Outkast’s first few albums in the mid-‘90s. Yo-Yo also appeared on other TV shows, including the Fox network's New York Undercover. Much of Yo-Yo's music advocates for female empowerment and denouncing the frequent sexism and misogyny in hip-hop music. This one came from “Freeway” Ricky Ross, a famous cocaine dealer from 1980s Los Angeles. Rocky isn’t the only performer who uses the ASAP initials at the start of his name; others in the collective include “Plain Jane” rapper ASAP Ferg. She came up with the name Cardi B as a spin on a nickname friends gave her growing up. Each of the videos for the singles from the album were directed by Okuwah Garrett of Power Films. It won the 1990 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance.It appeared on his album Stone Cold Rhymin' and was his biggest hit, reaching number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topping the charts in Australia.The song stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 for 39 weeks and 20 weeks in the top 40 alone.

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