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Would really help me.. thank you my email is Dear Talia Dykes, They promised high-quality products but rarely delivered on the pledge, if orders ever arrived, according to customers. I wanted to return the item with them sending me a prepaid label. Read up on Noom today. bw observably decreased the body weight.” Additionally, according to the journal Molecules, “Sophoricoside exhibits numerous pharmacological effects, including anti- inflammatory actions.”. I ordered 2- N95 masks from this company and the total came to $89.00 (US Dollars). DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM ZestAdsLimited! When did u order? — mini diy lathe and angle grinder sanding belt adaptor, Google Pandora Mountain View - an unauthorized charge, Kashuba Goldens - Unethical selling practices, id #9s223836xr459841d - $180.90 never received, Ipswich Buddhist Centre (aka Triratna Buddhist Centre or FWBO), Goldman McCormick PR NYC Frauds Publicist Ryan McCormick and Mark Goldman. WE LOVE to find out what's going on, and solve this case ASAP. I told them that was false advertising because the ad had said bare floors and carpeting. 28 patches in a 4 week course is implying 7 per week (1 per day). The tracking service showed several entries for processing and the last entry, "preparing" for shipment was on May 15. After more than a month, they finally responded to my initial email. Does it wore off by its self or are you the one that will remove it by yourself?. Thank you. In addition, the instructions are written in Korean, which makes it tough for the average American to understand. Can you use one patch for 3-4 weeks? My first time using it was last night, didn’t feel anything at all no discomfort or burn, but hoping it will work. Gwen. Hi Amswt. No further entries. Features: The breakdown of fat and cellulite, as well as the ability to adjust. In fact, using these across skin with stretch marks resulted in scarring and a visit to the doctor. Don't order from dcfawes.com before reading this review. You are advised to leave the warp for eight hours before removing it. I bought a camera from Zest ads. When I figured it out I email immediately to cancel my order (had not even been 30 mins) I got an email back right away saying sorry the order was already shipped...right. I’ve been wearing them for about a week so far. It did not matter that the camera was not even the resolution that was printed on the box 1920X1080 The camera would only do 320X240. The circulation of the blood and maintain normal skin temperature. I’ve opened up a PayPal dispute to get a refund...how DARE you SCAM people!!! Lesley Miles, Dear Lesley Miles, Then they said that they tried to send a refund but because it has been 5 months PayPal would not allow the refund. DO NOT BUY anything from ZestAds. You are scammers! I ordered a flashlight and it still hasn’t arrived! The information is not complete on this. The other turns on but doesn't work well or described AT ALL. They clearly stated pictures OR video. Please send us your order number by email us at [[email protected]] using the exact e-mail address which you have registered to PayPal which you have filled in the system so that we can further assist you. 4-weeks per course of treatment. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this slimming patch. How long did you use them before getting the rash? – I wish I ordered more product i love this item.”, “My very first use this is what happened I felt an Terri itch I am never allergic to any thing and this gave me the worst burning itch of my life!”, “I enjoy the product after 2 uses have seen results.”. Sincerely, They advertise on Youtube so beware all you people out there. April 20, 2020 placed an order described as Equinox for $105.90. Pagamento. But as many have said in their Mymi Wonder Patch review, there are problems with the patch. I originally purchased this through PayPal on March 2, 2020. 1030 n. delaware drive lot 50 Massage a little Salvon on the area after washing to reduce rash risk. They are only good at manipulating you into getting more money... No her son and his wife didn't know a thing about it nobody in the family... October 31, 2020 We were offered mobility scooters. Thank you that did work well. ZestAds said last year it paid Facebook more than $20 million to run ads for drones, weight loss patches, and security alarms.. See photo of the broken parts. do you have the website still? I places an order Dec 29, 2019 and I was attempting to check if my order had been shipped and I came across all of these complaints. REFUND MY MONEY I want a refund via PayPal, in the amount of $33.40, the exact amount I paid ZestAds on 4.26.2020. However, the adhesive is very strong and can eventually leave red marks. 12 Gennaio 2020Al Dettaglio Rest assured that our team will attend to your complaint fairly with HIGH PRIORITY. pls sent it to me at [email protected] search on facebook - whole sites set up by victims of this company. It seems 6 hours use and every 2nd day only, is what will avoid a lot of the sensitive skin issues. They required I send a photo of the defective product, a photo of the packaging with tracking info and a short video of the defective product. The item was clearly defective when I received it. 12 Gennaio 2020Al Dettaglio Pagamento This email is for the VERY HIGH PRIORITY cases such as yours here and treated by a separate dedicated customers support team. I looked past this and still opened and tried to use but realized I had been scammed and received super cheap Chinese equipment that I honestly wouldn't even pay $5 for let alone $150! I want a refund via PayPal, in the amount of $33.40, the exact amount I paid ZestAds on 4.26.2020. It has been shown to cause itching, pain and burning. I sent a photo of the battery compartment missing the spring, I sent a photo from PayPal records with all tracking information (I did not save the packaging after more than a month), I sent them a video showing exactly the same as the photo. Please send us your order number by email us at [[email protected]] using the exact e-mail address which you have registered to PayPal which you have filled in the system so that we can further assist you. Type of a scam Online Purchase Transaction ID: 35K570770E378273R I’m not clear on that. I ordered an iRobot in April 19 through Zestads and I have not received my order. I ordered 3 masks from them on April 6, 2020 and of June 12, 2020 I have not received the over-priced masks (53.17 for 3) - I was desperate or I would not have paid $17.72 for one)! Puts on before bed and takes off in m Taking it off and putting it back on. [protected], Dear Diane Piontek Hein, And the residue wipes off easy also. I ordered slim patches on Jan.16, 2020 have yet to receive any tracking information. Targets only fat / cellulite on and around the Belly. I filed a dispute with PayPal and asked for a refund. I resorted to taping the patches to my skin which caused me to get a painful rash. Open it and remove the film on the patch. Here is the Case ID: PP-D-[protected] for your attention and references. dnobull. I never got a response about my request for a refund! Continued 4 weeks of continuous use , You will have the perfect body! The company behind the product claims that the cocktail of ingredients will suppress your appetite and promote faster fat oxidation. Another Mymi Wonder Patch review points out that the user must purchase an authentic patch, not one that has been made by some other manufacturer, and that it must be pushed against the body very well to properly adhere. First St., San Hose, CA 95131. Never ever use them. We studied ingredients, compared them to science, and read user reviews. Same for me. Good Luck to everyone on getting your money back. But worry not, you will still be able to get your money back, all you need to do is to get in touch with PayPal for the refund processing to be done from their end directly. However, after unpacking one of them and plugging it in I discovered that it really didn't "warm" the wind, in fact it didn't work at all. They sell flashlights that is not as advertised on their website. I purchased a portable air conditioner that was advertised on Instagram for $73.90 on July 1. It took 6 weeks to arrive. They said there is nothing wrong with the product, it's not damaged so they refuse to refund my money. Claimed benefits of Mymi Wonder Patch include: The Mymi Wonder Patch instructions are as follows: It is recommended to use the Mymi Wonder Patch every other day, with one slimming patch lasting about four weeks. Do not buy from ZestAds Limited! This transaction was not authorized and I... Had my golden Aubrey for 11 years now her mom was rose bud from space buddie... Zestads - drone. We appreciate if you could send us your purchased details to our dedicated support team via email address given. IT BURNED MY SKIN. The label was from a different state, the package said California, and while it didn't come from China, this is a product that is made in China, in the Chinese language and I don't see how they keep getting away with this. I purchase the weight loss patch also. What’s the side effect for unmarried Lady’s. We are an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns since 2004. Leave it on for 6-8 hours, and then gently remove. scam company. This makes my Blood BOIL! I have attached the receipt and the video of it not working. There is some slight activity coming from this company when it comes down to resolving complaints, but so far it's neither timely, nor relevant. - negativo131,92 USD We apologized for the inconvenience encountered. Please Help Me, I am now in communication with paypal. Facebook is filled with pages of other victims of Zestads where you can get lots of ideas. This wonder patch is exactly what it says it is – a patch that is worn on the body, right on the belly, in order to help burn fat. Can you all do anything to help? After sending all of the information they ghosted me. Also if you use the baby oil trick to remove, I doubt it will stick back on next alternative day. www.zestads.com no physical address or phone number. Thank you, there is now an entire Facebook page for people subjected to this scam. We will see. Robot vacuum - ordered an equinox robo vacuum and what I got was a piece of junk. Not China. don't give up - file with your cc company and paypal to get a refund.

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